Monday, January 30, 2006

Anne came into my office saying,
I don’t think you want to go into work tonight. “Our checks came in.” No doubt. SO I decided to stay and while Anne went to the bank to cash them I stayed here and worked on Chapter 5. She came home and handed me $400 bucks less $10 bucks because I bought us some Pizza Hut Pizza. We watched the news and enjoyed our meal and I watched wrestling finished doing the rewrite for Chapter 5. Now I’m doing Chapter 6 and into the first few pages of that. But because I’ll be working tomorrow afternoon/evening=7hrs and over Shoppers to get my test strips. Well, that’s the idea.So tomorrow might be a slow Blog day for me but I’ll place something down.


looks kind of grey
out there. It is lodge week coming up and on Thur is our annual financial report. So I want to be there and that means I need to be at work today. And I want to put in at least 3 afternoons as well this week. I want to start getting 24.5hrs in/week. Most working people put in a 40hr work week. But right now I want to get working on Underworld.

1:28pm Wu who! ! ! The $400 bucks came in. Ralph's rebate prosperity checks are here and sure enough at the end of Jan. Just like the Premier said. Every man woman and child here in Alberta get's one. Except prisoners incarcerated in jail of course and those that did not file a 2005 income tax return. So families that have children they get one lump sum. Great now I can pay for my lodge dues this week and hopefully get myself a digital camera today! The resource checks are a one time prosperity payment. Mainly they represent oil and gas revenues over the years and payback time for Albertan's that went through difficult times cutbacks and privitization durring the early1990's.


the cat woke
me up from a deep sleep. I looked at my watch and it was 5:30am. Huh? So I got up to feed the cats and take my insulin and cereal and here I am. Nothing else to report right now. No email from Markus this morning. No reponse about the screen shot and the css file. Oh well.

I’m getting out of here at 3:30pm today so I can go get those test strips and I want to head into work as well. In theory. I don’t mind a long weekend once a month but three long weekends in a month is a bit nuts.

Also I’m about 40% of the way into Underworld rewrite #1. I’m at a slow part here. The passege is tough to handle but it needs working and I can’t take it out. Page 82/308. This rewrite is challenging but interesting. Except where I am now and it’s only one parragraph.
Anne is encouraging me to stay in for tonight. I wouldn’t mind just going in and get my test strips and come back and try and finish off Chapter 5 watch wrestling tonight and show up Tuesday for the 1pm shift. That’s probably what I’m going to end up doing. Run out of here at 10 or so and go pick those up and come back home, watch the news and hopefully do some more website coding and like I said finish Underworld.

Btw, the guest book is open. If your a regular reader of this Blog or even if your not drop in and say Hi. It's easier then you think and word verification is off though I edit out spam of course. See sidebar above the pixi weather boy.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

uggh. I got up
at 5:30am came out to fire up the computer and pee feed the cats wash my hands get my cereal, take my insulin. I’m going to wake Anne up at noon, she’s going to make us a fast breakfast so I can eat and be out on the platform by 1pm for the lrt train to go down to the public library. I haven’t been in there in years. Hopefully there’s a good turnout. I’ll bring my copy of Mindscan to get it autographed, if I can. After that, I’m going down to catch a #5 down to shoppers and get my test strips because I wont Monday as I will be working and I’ll want to get home in time to watch Raw. So this will be about it until I come back

Early in the morning Anne asked me to stay home because she wasn’t feeling well. All this talk how “I’m dying” crap. So unfortunately I wasn’t able to go see Robert Sawyer this afternoon. I hope though they had a good turn out. I didn’t even get a chance to get down to Shopper’s for test strips but I did get a remarkable amount of rewriting done today. Almost done with Chapter5 and came up with some good stuff as well.

Also, I watched an excellent Oiler hockey game. There was 2.2 seconds left on the clock. The Oilers were down 3-2 but they pulled their goal tender and on a one timer by Pronger they scored to tie the game sending it into OT. If that was exciting and unbelievable enough they won 2-1 in a shoot out to win 3 in a row. Right now, the Oilers are 3rd in penalty killing and the #1 road team in the NHL! After that Anne made supper and I had a nice rack of baby back ribs. Excellent. All in all, today wasn’t have bad. Except for missing Robert Sawyer. But tomorrow, I’m going into work for the evening shift and this week, I’m going to try and see if I can come in from 3:pm-4:30 and get at least an hour and a half in. That way, I get 5.5hrs. But we’ll see.

e. Jim

I got up at 5:30am came out to fire up the computer; pee, feed the cats, wash my hands get my cereal and take my insulin. I’m going to wake Anne up at noon, she’s going to make us a fast breakfast so I can eat and be out on the platform by 1pm for the lrt train to go down to the public library. I haven’t been in there in years. Hopefully there’s a good turnout. I’ll bring my copy of Mindscan to get it autographed, if I can. After that, I’m going down to catch a #5 down to shoppers and get my test strips because I wont Monday as I will be working and I’ll want to get home in time to watch Raw. So this will be about it until I come back


Saturday, January 28, 2006

I ended up rewriting
Chapter 4. That took about 2 hrs of work. It’s starting to take shape but my right wrist was getting soar from writing by hand. Not used to that. But the story is taking shape and that’s good news. I hope to rewrite Chapter 5 tomorrow before the hockey game. So if I can write one chapter during the week and two on the weekends then that’s 3/week. I should have the first rewrite done by the end of Feb. Including type ins. Then the second rewrite done by the end of March. The final edit and polish and agent query letter should be ready by May 1st. This is consistant with my big plan for 2006. I think for now, I’m going to work more on Lb.


I don’t feel to badly.
hey hey I finaly have this ftp thing figured out and how it works with my html editor. It’s easy. I edited the search form { and that works. But I need to go in the other way in FileZilla. Works great. So, I’ll be playing around with this today and having fun and my writing. If I get to it.

I managed a bit of sleep, More then anything I need to get out to a gym. I’m not getting any exercise except walking through the parking lot and beginning Monday I’m going to walk around the Jasper Ave street side of the building and around the corner and into work that way.
Okay, weather is still crapy out there. It’s -6 but there is a -11 windchill so it’s colder then it looks. No Ralph bucks in this weekend but that’s okay. I think this week for sure. I might even get a mid priced digital camera and a low priced flat bed scanner. So say, $300 and the rest for my lodge dues. I was thinking about getting an xbox360 but not many places don't have them in stock and I want to wait for at least a year until the prices go down or the bugs have been ironed out in the initial run.

As for a cell phone, I’d like to have a psp or pda type device, camera phone, satelite local radio. Wifi capability, tv ready, Mp3 with media card capability, text messaging. All the functions of a pda including the software. All menu driven and able to access the internet. When they make a cell phone like that, then I’ll be ready to buy at the local future shop. What would be even better is if I can play Everquest on the thing as well because I’m also supposed to be about not just scifi but also fantasy as well.

Of course the big news is I got this ftp thing more or less figured out thanks to Markus. Markus goes down in the ejimshannon/ hall of fame for people that have contributed to the construction of my Website and Blog. People like Thur and others, I’ve come into contact with.
Next, I’m going to try and theme my website and to get my logo up and running.

Alos, I began to work on Chapter 4 of the rewrite of Underworld earlier this morning. It goes slow, but it’s fun and this is what I’m going to get at now after I do a bsl reading.

2:55pm not looking good. I’m sitting at 9.3. I should go out for a bit of a walk around the building a few times. That will lower it right fast. Writing on pause for a bit.

3:18pm I went around the back and up the street to the first set of light. I was clipping along pretty good out there but even after that brief workout my bsl was barely able to drop to 8.5. I was breaking a good sweat as well there. Still not to bad. Anyway, that’s about it from here. I’m going to go get a shower and work on Underworld for as long as I can until Anne gets back from the veggie market and starts supper. Sorry for any spello's.


Friday, January 27, 2006

a rather hazy
kind of a overcast day out there but its not cold at -4*

Anyway, people are getting their prosperity checks in the mail. Who knows, we could have ours in today. In which case, I have enough for my digital camera and my lodge dues. So, I'm looking forward to getting that check. I've never owned a camera before much less a digital one. It's going to be fun learning how to use it and getting pictures to my Blog. So stay tuned over the next few weeks there could be an influx of pictures here. You've been warned :-) That'd be nice if we get the checks in today though. Not that I have any time to go out and shop but there's always tomorrow. I'd really like to get a X7 mp camera for say $200 and then get Word student teacher. But I know I want a digital camera. I haven't shopped around for anything yet but Future Shop has a great sellection in all price ranges. As for my lodge dues, well I have up until Feb 16th, which is why I want to put some more hours in at work to cover them.

Anyway, I fell asleep ok about 5:30am, about 5:45am and got up at about 11:30am. I watched the news and the markets. Oil climbed to over a buck sitting around $67US and change. That's what I like to see. Not only doe's it keep the local economy strong but if the price of oil remains high again through out the summer and fall, we could be in for another prosperity check this time next year. Yippy!

Earlier this am, I tried to sleep but it was getting onto about 3:45am and I figured well, let's stay up for an hour or so. I completed the rewrite of Chapter 3 and I'm ready to start on Chapter4 to hopefully get that done by the end of the weekend. If I can rewrite 3 Chapters/week, then I should have the initial rewrite done by Feb28th. 15 Chapters in all. I figure 1 week for type in's. Of course, this pass, I want to work on time and space as it relates overal to the story. The only thing that could slow me down is I want to put more hours in at work. At least 3 days 1:30-9. If I can do that for a couple of months then Rob will hook me up and pay me what everyone else is getting. But I can bring my writing into work and work on it at my break and between shifts and of course at home. I figure I can still get 3 Chapters of rewriting/week during the second pass. By April 15th long weekend I will have completed the book. The rest of April I hope to be at the polish and finale edit phase and an agent querry letter ready to go. And of course the type in's. New target date is May 1st That's in theory and if everything works well. I also want to take the first week off in May. So this will help on my next project: Lodge brothers. I want to write that June 1st. I'm only going to do 2 rewrites per book. The rough draft if all goes well, should be done by July 30th. August, Sept, Oct will be used for rewrites and editing and polishing/query letter and of course finale type in's. But of course if an agent picks me up, so much the better. I might even do a 3rd Ace Valorous novel in between this time. We'll see what the rest of the year brings.

Back to work


I had a pretty good night
on the job. We were doing Alberta Association for the Deaf. AAD. I ended up doing $580 and a few $100 sales and a $100 on a credit card. Not to shaby. I did $125 in credit cards tonight and $160 in credit cards for a total this week alone. Not to bad if I say so myself. My employer paid me $136 and that includes a $15 bonus as well. After that we did OTH and I got another $50 in sales. I had a great night and I went home happy and feeling good with my paycheck. I got in to watch the rest of the 3rd period Oiler game. Actually the 2nd period was just winding down to the last 3 min. They were in LA on the road and got a short handed goal. The Oilers won, 5-3. Excellent. They needed that win and that's 2 wins in a row. I then watched the rest of Smackdown and I had a pretty good time. Anne made me a nice lunch and in an hour we’ll retire and I’ll listen to Coast and pass out. I lead a tough life :-)

On the weekend, Art Bell has a pretty good set of shows. He’ll be discusing HAARP on Saturday night and on Sunday Art again doing a show on alien bases. Good stuff and right now I'm enjoying a beer.

More later.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

I edited a couple of pages
out of Underworld. Not much time to do anything else. I don't know if I'm going to watch wrestling tonight. I feel like working on Underworld until lunch. We'll see how it goes though.


Got up on the late side
12:30am I had a slow night at work. So did most people in our tap section. Rob came by and razed on me. “You’ll get $800 by the end of the night right James?” Yeah, uh huh sure. I was at $135 at the time and I had 3 credit cards of $60. So I covered my wages. I ended up with $455. Rob is just frustrated with me because “Everyone else is making $10 hr there.” Yeah right. So, it doesn’t look good from his pov that a guy that makes $8 is out producing a guy making $10 on most given nights.

Anyway, I got into bed around 5:30 and other then to get up and pee several times through out the morning, I slept very well. I think I got up about 12:45pm. Yikes. I slept from 1:30-3:30 when Anne came in at 3:45amish and I found it difficult to sleep after that so I went to the office fired up the PC and went on that for awhile. The rewrite goes slow for Underworld. I’m going to pick it up right now and work for the next hour that I have.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

working on Chapter 3. Slightly reworking my idea. Instead of using pencil I’m thinking of just typing it out and print the hard copy as I go.

Hey, I’m back in contact with Markus and he’s helping me out again. Well, Anne and I separtly, her in the bedroom me in the living room were watching a movie, (2003) Cunterstrike until 3:am but I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d stay up to rad and then take my insulin around 4am, this time and I checked my bsl reading and I found I was at 10.3. Yikes. What I liked about the movie was it’s technical aspects and submarine shots and the action wasn’t bad but predictble as in where have we seen this before?

On another sad note, back in 1978, when I was working at Army & Navy, we had this fellow working with us, Darryl Lakusta. Darryl was a short Ukrainian guy. I recalled how he was an accordian player in a local band called The Rhythm Kings. I never saw him play but I think I did see pictures of him and he kept saying that he played often at the “Red Barn”. Darryl was a likeable sort, allways smoked these Cuban style cigars and often wore this touqe like in Bob and Doug Mckenzie, from the SCTV days. Some of the things that Darryl did pissed me off because he kept on getting me into trouble with Sam Warhaft, our boss. Sam was a great guy and allways hired me back when I needed work. I remember a night out when I first started working there and got my first paycheck, Darryl, Mark Baker and what I thought was Darryl’s wife as he promoted, we were all at the Beachcombers. This was a Tiki type Polynisian estabishment, where the Scotia Place now stands. This would be Nov.1978. Also, Darryl sponsored me for my first and only bank account in this City. This was before Pin numbers and crap like that. Darryl was a nice guy but fancied himself as a foreman to Sam. This was even before the Lepage building behind where my wife works when it was just a gravel parking lot. We used to walk through there to the “Brown bagger”, a little olace where they had cheep burgers. Darryl was also part of my life in 1980 when I ran into a bit of trouble, but that’s something I can’t talk about here. Not trouble with him but something else in my life, with Ellen and of course he was exterior to the scen going down in 1980. When I returned to work in 1982, Darryl had moved on in his life and over the years more recently, I had allways wondered what had happened to him. Quite often though, I see names on the screen at work when we call Edmonton, and there are various spelling changes of Lakusta. Last night however, I got the name on my screen. An elderly woman. I asked her if she has a Son named Darryl. She said she had but he had died from complications relating to diabeties 6.5 years ago. We talked for a bit and just to make sure I had the right Darryl, she confirmed everyting I had asked, like his toque, the Rhythym Kings, his accordian, that type of thing and it was the same guy. Poor Darryl. So a bit of my life has some closure to it.

Anyhow, time to do some brief blogging here while I can.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I finally got to sleep
when Anne got up and woke me up, an hour later had to get up do a security check and had me up to pee and then she had to go in and stink up the place forcing me to hold it in.

I couldn’t sleep after that and I’m tired enough to do so, except I know I’ll be up in a few hours later to feed the cats take my shot and hopefuly I’ll get 7 hrs sleep. Then Anne tells me the health inspectors are coming in to drop poison pellets or some Goddam thing behind the fridge or the like. Another thing that’s going to interupt my sleep. Well I had 7 hrs Sun night, Mon morning so what do I need huh?

Okay, I’ll stop whining now.

Currently I’m working on the rewrite of Underworld. The only thing I’ve changed in my system is to use ink instead of pencil. But I’m going to wait until all Chapters are done before I do the type ins. Anyhow, that’s all for now.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Anne came back with a Pizza
Hut large piazza. It was great and I started watching the election results. My guy came in 3rd Edmonton-Sherwood park, voted Conservative. Nationaly it is a Conservative Minoraty, 123 seats-103 seats Lib but Harper needed 155 seats and he can’t get that now, which is good news. Basicaly the Canadian people voted for change.

Earlier, before pizza I worked on Chapter 2 and I’m about to work on Chapter 3 this hour as Anne is over at Superstore getting water. Well, at least that’s over. The only thing we’re waiting for this month is for those resource chcks to come in.

Next month, we’ve got Valintynes day, Family day long weekend and that’s basicly about it. March is Annes birthday. Other then that not much going on. Well except my writing of course but that’s all for now.

At least my stat counter is back.


well, I stayed up past 4am
and I decided to stay up anyway until 5:30am answering posts and going over a jfk thread in the ng and got to bed about 5:30ish. I past out right away with enough sleep from the night before and I got 6hrs all in all today, even after getting up several times to pee.

It’s a very windy day out there, or so the temps suggest. They say, 50-70mph, which is why the temp is so high today and supposedly going up to a +10* for tomorrow.

No word yet from Markus on how to proceed with this Weaverslave/FileZilla,which means I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee and work on Chapter2 rewrite.

I’ve got a kind of a neat way of doing this. The typed copy sits on the left and a blank sheet of lined paper sits on the right. In pencil. Chapter number and date on the top like in a diary format. So the only thing that changes today is the date. On the right side of the lined paper is the page number of the work on the left side. As I go down I add numbers to the left hand side in the margin on of the typed copy and again on the lined paper so they match and I rewrite accordingly on the lined paper. I’m going to do this twice and put all these notes in binder format for future refrence. And I’m going to rewrite first before I make the changes. Now as for the stuff I had writen before on the back of the type copy, that gets rewritten to in pencil on the lined paper because the stuff in the initial edit is basicly to correct obvious errors. This first rewrite, I look for Time and space anomalies within the manuscript and to detect early chracterization traits and redundancies in the initial edit. There are lots redundancies. The above process gets repeated,except for the second rewrite I’ll be looking for chracterization and word usuage/grammar plot mechanical errors before the book is rounded out to a nice unit.

Anyway, it’s back to work. Underworld that is.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Anne and I
never did go out for that walk but we will tomorrow when we go out and vote.
After brunch I began to watch that old John Wayne movie “The Wings of Eagles.” it was pretty good and I came in to do some blogging after that. Most importantly I completed the initial edit for Underworld. Now comes the first rewrite. Also, I got my printer work which had been off line for the month of Dec, so I got that to working and I printed off a hard copy of Chapter1, which I hadn’t had for some reason or other. So, now all 15 Chapters, 86,000 words are together. I want to get Underworld up to 100k and the first rewrite is ahead of me. I hope to get that done in Feb. If all goes well, I hope to do the second rewrite in March, edit, polish, cover letter all ready and done by the end of April and out to the first agent by May first. Now I have the whole evening ahead of me. So if all goes well, I hope to have the first querry letter out the door by April 30th.

7:27pm I created a new link for my Blog called “My Big Plan for 2006” Well, publishing plan that is. I hope to have three books ready and including cover letters for each one of them by Dec 31st. I feel like putting in a rants page on my site but that’s going to take more energy then I have time for.

9:02pm One of the guys at the lodge was telling me how I don’t need to use the flash to use the digital camera but will the pics turn out okay. That’s one of the things I’m going to have to experiment with. Anyway, we’re having a late supper here tonight. Shephards pie.


we got into
bed about 2:30 and Coast was about Bible codes and ET but tonight Coast has Art Bell returning with Michao Kaku, so that should be a good one. Anyway, I got up at 6am and came in by 7am and fell fast asleep. So I figure I got a good 7:5-8hrs in, at least. Nothing from markus on the technical side of website design yet but he did respond from another email about Robert Sawyer, autographs and that sort of thing and I got a this week in AGF. Wish I could get rid of those.

With nothing on my plate today, I plan on working on Underworld. Well, Anne and I are going for a walk most likely after brunch and then I’ll work on Underworld after that. I feel a lot better once I get some sleep and all.

Anyway, we haven’t had severe winter yet. No -20* days or anything like that. We might have had it down to -20* overnight and came close to -18*, once but nothing long term or serious or anything like that yet. For snow, we’re lucky if we got a ¼ of an inch out there. Sun sets at 4:58pm or something like that.

I’ve got a book here called “20 master plots” the thing about these “plots” is they don’t all have to be book length. I can use more then one in a book. Lb though seems to be taking shape, slowly. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to write it. I’m going to start hopefully March first and have it done by the end of April. Losts of writers prefer to work without a safety net/outline, but eventually an outline needs to be done to present to a publisher eventually.

Well, tomorrow is election day here in Canada and it seems Harper is taking a lead in the polls by a good 10%, but it was the undecided vote that turned the tied for the last Federal election for Martin. Personally I hope the Liberals get in. Conservatives are good for Alberta and bad news Nationally. Harper seems to be anti-Kyoto, which is good news for Alberta, but I’m afraid the economy will slow down because of a Conservative Govt the same way it did in the US because of Bush. GWB has got another what 3 years in office. Also, people for the most part are afraid of change. Now I don’t know how much of an effect a Conservative Govt will affect Alberta’s economy. Through out the 1980’s we had Joe Clark Conservative then John Turner, then Brian Mulroney. Mulroney was the only one in the 1980’s that was a real “statesman.” Clark, Turner and Campbell were embarrassments.

But I did okay in the 1980’s under Turner and Mulroney. Yhe Alberta economy despite whoe ever gets in will continue to roll along regardless. Brian Mulroney’s big claim to fame was the Charletown accord and the GST. But Kim Campbel only lasted for 42 days.

But even with Brian Mulroney 1984-93, the years were good. That wasn’t a reflection on him but a reflection on Alberta's economy. I was working steadily for the first 5 years and even during those topsy turvey days of 1989-94, I was still doing reasonably well. I didn’t need to be on UIC in the early 1990’s but I needed the break in between the Telerama and Camp He Ho Ha. Basically the political landscape on a Federal level has no affect on me personally. I was still in my 30’s in the early 1990’s.

More later.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

the Oiler game is on pay per view tonight and I already had bought a Subway earlier and I don't feel like spending the $10 bucks and change for the game. Last year they had maybe 10 ppv games per season, now they are having a lot more. If the only Oiler games I could watch were on CBC there might be about 6 games through out the year on tv. But TSN also has Oiler games durring the week as well. Maybe. Just as well, this will give me a chance to work on Chapter 13 of Underworld and finalize 14-15 for tomorrow and maybe even get a chance to do some more work on my website. I'm getting down and dirty with some of the changes.

I know one thing, I do need a second passive income and I've been through the Amway's and other mlm's and I'm not about ready to get into another scam or get rich quick scheme. I'm net savy enough to know a scam when I see it. Most are but this carrier route has potential. I like the idea of using it to get my exercise and that's appealing, but I don't like the idea of having to go out into the cold weather to do it but like how cold has it been lately here anyway? But the thing is it would be a commitment. Last time I did a carrier route was in 1997-1999, for two years.

But I want to get new glasses and get a new printer and other things as well, that just working where I am won't cut it. I'm lucky if I get $10 week and I spent $10 on a book yesterday. I did get that online survey link up there on my desktop for Anne, to see if she wants to do it. She expressed an interest in maybe doing that yesterday. It's something for her to do on the other computer but we need a laptop so she doesn't tie up this computer. These online surveys are somewhat flaky anyway and I wonder how many people are making any money from them here in Canada. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Anyway, that whale that was roaming in the Thames river in London apparently died, out of water. People there were trying to get it to deeper waters. They should have left the poor thing alone unless it beached itself some where. Very sad.

Well, that's about it for me in here. I'm going to post this and see if Markus replied and do some website work, read some more on Mindscan and or work on Underworld. Anne is upstairs working on doing the laundry.

More later.


uggh. Well, Neil
came by to pick me up and at 9:30am and we headed to lodge. We had a good turn out for an emergent Saturday morning meeting at 10 am. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my 3 years I’ve been there, March 2002. This will be my 4th year coming up.

Anyway some interesting developments. Neil had said how he take on a carrier route and he’s up at 4:30am. He said how he needs the exercise, so he figured why not do both and get a carrier route. Then I asked how if he has to do his own collections? Apparently they don’t do it that way anymore. It is contracted out to another organization called Geco. Apparently he’s getting $600/month. He also, delivers the Jounal and Sun and Financial Post. The thing is Neil is 63 yrs old but he doesn’t know how much longer he’s going to be able to do the job. For $600/morning and for only delivering 110 papers, I should do the job. No more Danny. That is if there is an opening in my area. But the economy the way it is and all today, they probably could use some people too. Thing is, this is every morning. There are some mornings where I’m not feeling well, and I don’t want to do a run. I don’t know, it’s something to think about. Even an extra $400/month for just say going out for an hour every morning.

The meeting went by well enough. We had 5 guys this morning and they had another whack of guys this afternoon. Neil had to duck out for another commitment related to this elsewhere and I thought he would be staying at least for the whole of the 2nd half, so I felt awkward if I left with him so I decided to stick around for at least the rest of the first half and then leave during the break in which case I asked Nathan if he could shuttle me off over to my place in between the break. I did not bring a coat as I thought Neil was going to stick around otherwise I would have just took the bus home. I had cash on me but I was stranded and I hated facing the prospect of me braving the colder weather waiting for that #8 to Rexall Place. Not that it was severe winter at all, it was it would feel that way for me being without a jacket or anything and looking silly in my suit. I decided to pay Nathan $4 for his lunch. He had bought me a few times and this would take him out of his way. He said it wasn’t necessary, but I insisted and as we were pulling out off the lot there was that #8 still who knows how long I would have waited.
I crawled in shortly after noon, tired and drowsy. I took my suit off and climbed into bed waking my wife up whom was half a wake anyway and commented on how fast that was. Then she went out and got me a Subway sand’ I had closed my eye’s for what seemed like a second Talk about fast. I wolfed that down as she had to go out to “Giant Tiger” and I decided to go back to bed and I got 2hrs and I went to the couch with the weather channel on and woke up to that an hour latter. Uggh. So that’s been my day so far.

If this all seems to dry, well, it’s the stuff that goes into my daily diary anyway. I get repetitive, I know. Some stuff of course I leave out like sensitive lodge stuff and extremely personal material. My diary from within the 80’s-90’s is rife with the stuff anyway.
Speaking of which, I’d love to get a cheep scanner so I can scan this stuff in. I’d also like to get one of those fire proof storage chests found at the Army & Navy they used to sell years ago and store the diaries in loose leaf and binder format before I got smart and made the switch over to electronic format.

Anyway, this is a long entry for me so this could be it for now, unless something else happens. Damn that morning delivery job looks good. I should investigate this. I mean I’m up in the morning anyway, even though I’m not outside but in the summer this could be the ideal side job. More later. .


I got up a bit
early, as I couldn’t sleep from there. This was about 45 min earlier then I needed to be. I hope we will be out of there by 3pm at the earliest. I know, I’m going to be exhausted, so I’m going to get ready, have my shower shave and change. I’ll do that in about 15 min when I’m done here.
When we get our Ralph bucks coming in anytime now I’m seriously thinking about getting that digital camera and then with what’s left over, pay my lodge dues. The other thing nagging at me is to get some glasses and not reading glasses but regular eyewear. We’ve been in the new office now for about 2 weeks and I haven’t put in any extra hours yet. I’m seriously considering this

Tuesday of this week so I can put some extra hours in for those glasses. It’s not that I’m going blind or anything but small type like newsprint is hard to read without squinting. Getting the new glasses, well that’ll take a month at least. Say by the end of Feb.
But that’s all for now.


Friday, January 20, 2006

well, I met Anne at
the train and we rode in together. There was something going on at Rexall place tonight. She got off at her stop and I went to Audrey’s and bought a copy of Mindscan. I like the first person pov. Also,they had these clip on earplug kind of night lights. Suitible for reading in bed. I like them and I’m considering getting one next time I go in but I didn’t have the $20. They just clip on behind the ear and provide light right on the page.

I had a great night. I was just under $500 by the break and I kept on getting these $30-$35 sales and I had a smoking evening after that. I ended up with $1,040 for a 3.5hr shift for me is unheard of. I ended up with the top total and I got a $15 bonus on my check for next week. I can handle that. So I left at 8:30pm and headed through the parking lot behind fep building and around the corner to catch the lrt but because of whatever was going on they had extra trains on tonight. I got in about 40 min ago and had that other cinnamon roll Anne left for me and wolfed that down. Then I did a bsl right after that and I was only at 6.5. Perfect. When I crossed the street out here it was snowing, but only light snow coming down pretty good.

Anyway, I’m going to get my suit ready for tomorrow morning when I get up to meet Neil. But Anne will probably make me a bit to eat and I’ll listen to a bit of open lines. I’m looking forward to going to lodge tomorrow.

I gave Anne the $10 I had left over and she gave me the $20. I thought the book (paperback) was going to be about $6-8 dollars. I was surprised to learn after gst that it was $10 and some change. I haven’t bought a book in a long time but I have $10 left over to buy Neil a beer and me some lunch at the festive board. Then I’m coming home to maybe have a nap and watch the news and work on my Weaverslave/website stuff and work on Underworld some more and go to bed. I want to start reading “Mindscan” beginning on Sunday and hopefully finish the book by the end of the week. That’s all for now.


I went and did my
Blogging today and fooled around with Weaverslave and I found where I had downloaded my public html and I can, at last, edit that config php line, properly. I think I'm going to like this. But I did go through all my blog links just now, if it was only to just scan the entries. Keith is talking about intelligent design and other interesting stuff. As for me, well I'm about ready to post this and then get my shower and a bite to eat and head 'er on into the job thing.

Jan is turning into a busy but interesting month, what with moving the office, the anticipated resource checks coming in hopefully soon, the emergent meeting tomorrow in the morning no less. I haven't been up that early to do anything on a Saturday morning no less since about June when I was actually working Saturdays. No More Saturday's. Also, we got the election on Monday and on the 29th Robert Sawyer is coming to town. This month is chalk full of good stuff.
Now If I can just get a story sold. LoL!!!


hey, I got a reply from
Robert Sawyer’s Blog in the comments part about him coming to town on the 29th. It’ll be easy for me to get there because all I do is to walk down to the train and up the stairs and I'm right there Churchill square library. Easy. The reading, is at 2pm, so I need to be up at 12:30pm so I can walk down there to find my way around where he’s going to be. Also I want to get a copy of his book “Mindscan” if he’s going to be reading from that.

Anyway, I slept easy enough but short from about 5:30-11:30am because the caretakes knocked on our door to do the suite inspection. I got 6hrs and that’s enough for me.
I’ve got an hour to try and see what to do with this ftp thingy today and I want to do some bloging and work a little on Underworld. I want to try and get the initial edit out of the way by the weekend. Then I work on the Time aspects of the book. I’m going to highlight everything in green where Time is a factor to the story, right now it’s back to Underworld.

More later.


last night I went
into work alone while Anne remained behind in case the caretakers decided to come in while we were away. Somebody had to be here. So I got my diet Coke and my paycheck at work and asked Rob for my bank report because everyone else seemed to be getting there’s. He seemed quite happy and said how it was one of the better ones. I banked $64G and they only paid me $8,100. The bank report is money I actually raise for the company/charities for 2005. The ratio would be about 8-1 in my favor and that's only part time.

Anyway, I came home with a bit of a headache watched wrestling and a bit of computer. I tried going to bed but I couldn’t sleep but I’m tired enough now where after I take my insulin and feed the cats, I’m there.

I also called Neil and he’s going to go for the early part for the emergent meeting Sat and I should meet him at 9:30am outside here and I’m not going to be doing anything but to be a body in a seat. That’s okay. We might have some lunch after that, at the festive board. Then it’s home and maybe have a nap and after that I’m going to watch the Oiler game. Work a bit more on Underworld.

Also, Pat brought me a note from the Library that Robert Sawyer will be in town on the 29th of this month reading from one of his books. Probably Mindscan. It’s 2pm. Now if we get our resource checks in and I get the digital camera that I've been looking at buying, I might just go in and pay a visit and maybe get a photo of us standing together. I never met the man before and it might be kind of fun to meet a published prophesional sf writer face to face. If I can get past the crowds wanting to do the same thing that is. Even without the camera, I still plan on going. Anyway, that's all for now.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

This was suposed to be from earlier:
I just did the edit on Chapter 12 of Underworld, making sure that dialog tags were correct and lines were indented and where I added small bits of type, I added those in. The firs rewriting is done, I just want to examine it some more Chapter by Chapter too see the significant changes the rewrite will do to the story. Check things for dialoge and most important, to take a green marker and highlite anything that mentions Time and space. That’s my next part of the edit before I input any rewrite. I want to make sure my timing is right. Not pacing but the novels timing. Where it says ewo days one place and not a week in others so everyone is on the same page. I don’t want one charactert in the group saying one thing and somebody else saying something completely different. In other words, I want everyone in pyche.
Then I can add the rewrite and drill down the rewrite data.

9:54pm I had a great night, maybe not toal wise but I found out by asking Rob for my bank report and I banked $64G. Not bad considering they paid me $8! More later.


I just did the edit
on Chapter 12 of Underworld, making sure that dialog tags were correct and lines were indented and where I added small bits of type, I added those in. The firs rewriting is done, I just want to examine it some more Chapter by Chapter too see the significant changes the rewrite will do to the story. Check things for dialoge and most important, to take a green marker and highlite anything that mentions Time and space. That’s my next part of the edit before I input any rewrite. I want to make sure my timing is right. Not pacing but the novels timing. Wher it says ewo days one place and not a week in others so everyone is on the same page. I don’t want one charactert in the group saying one thing and somebody else saying something completely different. In other words, I want everyone in pyche.

Then I can add the rewrite and drill down the rewrite data.


I just did the edit on Chapter 12 of Underworld, making sure that dialog tags were correct and lines were indented and where I added small bits of type, I added those in. The firs rewriting is done, I just want to examine it some more Chapter by Chapter too see the significant changes the rewrite will do to the story. Check things for dialoge and most important, to take a green marker and highlite anything that mentions Time and space. That’s my next part of the edit before I input any rewrite. I want to make sure my timing is right. Not pacing but the novels timing. Wher it says ewo days one place and not a week in others so everyone is on the same page. I don’t want one charactert in the group saying one thing and somebody else saying something completely different. In other words, I want everyone in pyche.

Then I can add the rewrite and drill down the rewrite data.


I just did the edit
on Chapter 12 of Underworld, making sure that dialog tags were correct and lines were indented and where I added small bits of type, I added those in. The firs rewriting is done, I just want to examine it some more Chapter by Chapter too see the significant changes the rewrite will do to the story. Check things for dialoge and most important, to take a green marker and highlite anything that mentions Time and space. That’s my next part of the edit before I input any rewrite. I want to make sure my timing is right. Not pacing but the novels timing. Wher it says ewo days one place and not a week in others so everyone is on the same page. I don’t want one charactert in the group saying one thing and somebody else saying something completely different. In other words, I want everyone in pyche.

Then I can add the rewrite and drill down the rewrite data.


well, I went to bed
just after 5am and I slept right through until noon. Seven hrs. That was good. Then I watched a bit of the news and relaxed, read and answered my email did some Bloging on other peoples Blogs, see links right. I’ve still got one or two more to get into and I might even get to do the brief edit on Chapter 12 this afternoon. I completed the brief edit on Chapter 11 early this morning.

Anyway, my mout feels a lot better. No pain, nothing. My wife got her pay check in her bank direct bank deposit and my company still hands out checks every Thur. I get paid once a week and have been getting a weekly paycheck since Sept 2000, where I work now. That’s all for now. Tonight, there’s wrestling and I might catch that. We’ll see. The Oilers are playing as well.

Also, I want to call Neil at work and see what he’s doing for the Lodge for Sat. If he’s going for the morning or the evening part. I hope he’s going for the morning one because I want to catch the hockey game Sat night.


I'm up again.
Coast was wasn’t too bad tonight. Alex Jones, well, some stuff he makes sense but others he’s a little whacked out. He’s one of these conspiracy theorist’s types. Not that I have anything against conspiracy theories and even I enjoy a good CT romp now and then. They're fun. My fav ones are the 9-11, Moon Landing hoax, the Kennedy assassination is fertal ground for all kinds of CT’s. Richard Hoagland is great for CT stuff especially his number 11 frolics. Great fun. Even my own name, e. Jim Shannon counts to 11. Oh my. I also like the CT about the US dollar bill. That’s a fav as well an oldie but a goody and of course Planet X. I love that one. Area 51 is another and same with Roswell and of course the Big daddy of them all; The X files. No surprise there. Of course one can’t escape the subject of CT’s with out touching upon the topic of The New World Order and the illuminati.

Anyway, the reason why I’m up, well, I can’t sleep and we got a notice just as we were leaving out the apartment for work at 3:45pm, that the caretakers want to come inside the suite to check for "needed repairs". They need to give a 24hr notice. Plus I had such a good sleep last night and all, I decided to stay up for a few hours and blog and work on the rest of Chapter 11 of Underworld. Hopefully.

Well, my tooth went abcessed and formed a red blob under the inside of my upper lip about 7pm last night. Then it broke on me and I headed into the bathroom to spit it out. It kept coming back for most of the first half of the night. Right now, it's gone. It's just that my gum under my upper lip is a bit tender. I think I got most of the toxic out of my mouth and I never swallowed anything. I think an abcessed tooth affect people differently. Right now, I'm in no pain, no skin rash, no blacking out or swelling or anything else. So far so good. I've had teeth go abcessed before.

I’m also working on Lb as well and I’ve got some more info on that as ideas develop. Besides I’ll be up at 5am taking my insulin and feeding the cats and who knows when the caretakers will be knocking on the door to inspect the place in the morning. That’s all for now.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

mouth feeling better today
well, my toothache is gone but it’s swollen under my top lip. It’s a little abseesed but it feels okay now. As long as I don’t bite down on it.

Okay, what’s on my plate today? Not much. I’m still in email with Markus trying to get FileZilla to open my config php file. I can open the file at OS in my file manager. It’s all there. I can change and move the file but it’s all the stuff there in between that kind of confuses me. I’ll get it though but FZ is an ftp client but I don’t quite understand it.

It looks overcast out there from here and temp’s are supposed to drop over the next few days but nothing like -20 or anything like that and back up to -4, by the weekend. I still have to give Neil a call and find out what’s going on for Saturday’s emergent meeting. Other then that, tonight will be a typical day on the job.

Some of us are still unhappy with this company “social fund”. More then likely it’s going towards someones retirement fund. I won’t name any names but I’m not too happy about it.
Doug, one of the guys at work was saying that in a way, Alberta Health Care is paying for my insulin even though I have to take it out of pocket, it’s $38 bucks a month (subsidy) I don’t have to pay for. Now if I had to pay, then that might be another story. For those reading this yes our health care is covered if we qualify for a subsidy. But otherwise it’s still $38 month for singles and $44 bucks a month for couples. I don’t know what it is for families. If Dave is here tonight, I’ll ask. Also an ambulance ride is still a bill in the mail. Blue cross covers a lot of stuff but it’s still a monthly payment. So who gets medicare for free? Well, if your on Welfare, then everything is free. If your on a “medical” unemployment insurance, or UIC as we used to call it, you still need to be on a medical plan of some sort. Maybe what I should introduce on my website is a rants and whines collunm.

Okay, when I come home from work tonight, if I feel better, then I’ll be working on “Underworld” type ins. Maybe I can get Chapter 11-12 done tonight before bed but that might be a long shot.

Sleep wize, well, despite the toothache and all, I slept right through until 5am. It was tough going eating my ceral for the insulin and I took a bsl reading earlier and I was at 11.4 and a bsl reading an hour ago down to 8.2. I keep records. I went back to bed after I shut down the computer and slept until about 11:45am and I guess I had a good 7hrs sleep. Mouth is still a bit tender but I’m feeling better. That’s about all for now.


Owie a toothache today
it’s that time of year again. Yes I got the toothache blues. You wonder why I don’t expose my peraly white teeth? Because there aren’t any and my front teeth (what little I have left) but this wasn’t ( iope) as bad as it was last year this time with my back molar. This time it’s my front tooth where it was cracked and filled. The filling broke within the first year, plus in August 2004 my left front tooth was broken off eating some tough Chinese food of all things. Well, that wasn’t as stupid as the woman that got herself stuck in her chimney yesterday.

Anyway, I don’t know how much bloging I’m going to get done today. At lest my email is back but I’m going to check my email and then go to bed while I can. More later. I hope.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

what a day.
I don’t feel to worse for wear right now. Anne and I went into work feeling rather drained and tired. I went the rest of the way into the Health Sciences center at the UofA and back. I climbed the stairs up and into work. Rob wasn’t there tonight and Dale was running the shift. Good stuff. I eneded up on a great night, doing $1,250 and a $10 bonus for anyone that did hit $1000 tonight. I got there by 7:30pm. I forgot my headphones for my Mp3 player. I boarded a crowded train home and I’m glad to be here. I’m exhausted and I hope to get into bed early. 1am is early for me.

I wanted to get Chapter 11 done for today but that’s not going to happen. Work just burned me out for tonight but if I’m up about 5am taking my insulin and feeding the cats then I’ll proceed. These are just the preliminary editing chorses, not the main revisions.

Anyway, my email is back. I’ve got something from the t93 newsgroup, so that’s okay. Anyway, I’d like to thanks those of you for dropping by to stay and read this dribble. Some of you are returning on a daily basis and many are reading for an hour or more! Wow. Either my rambling is amusing or I’m the only thing on tonight. Either way, I appreciate it it and btw, no one is making any money from this. It’s just me at the helm speaking off the top of my head.

The reason for this Blog is to keep “my readers” up to date on any stories which I publish and links to those stories and the whacky things that go on in my life and if I get something like a novel published, I’ll let you know that too. Lots of webzines pay bare min, like $10/$25story. The novels pay a bit more though if you can get them published in the big leagues like Tor. Ha, knowing me, I’ll be on my deathbed and my agent will let my estate know of my first sale. “Jim, I don’t know if you can hear me in this coma drug induced state youor in, but I have your first novel in my hands.” The story of my life. LOL.
‘night all.


lack of sleep and stuff
I have a better understanding of ftp now thanks to Markus providing me with the FZ tutorial but I still can’t drop any files onto my webspace. I don’t know what’s going on.

Wrestling was way better then that friggin Oiler game.

I had a lousy sleep. I didn’t get into bed until 3am, and I tried to sleep but when 4am rolled around I was still wide awake. The topic on Coast was boring and couldn't hold my interest long enough to listen beyond the first half hour anyway. the only good part was when Richard Hoagland came on. I figured if I wasn’t going to get any sleep I may as well be up for awhile until I felt sufficiently drowsy enough to come back to bed.

So I did around 5:30am and then Anne kept on getting up or the cats were bugging me on the bed and she was coughing away, with coughing episodes here and there. I think I managed to get 3-5hrs sleep but more likely 3 and it was a bit here and a bit there and of course I had to get up and pee every hour, which didn’t help much.

Then around 8am I got this kind of a nifty idea for Lodge brothers and it works. I like the way the story could go. It has potentual. So I came out to the office and wrote something down on paper reflecting my thoughts on the story's overal premise.

Earlier when emailing Markus back and fourth there around 4;30amish or so my email went down. I had trouble making a connection, so I got up just before noon to watch the news and try and wake up and fired up this slow machine and composed a test email to myself and it came through okay. But that doesn't mean my email is back to normal either.

I was having some trouble with learning how to work this ftp this morning. The concept is pretty simple enough but I can’t open the friggen config php file. I can do it at OS hosting on Marks server and I know it’s there. Maybe that’s all it’s supposed to do is sit there and not on my website. After all Mark is hosting GL for me.

So Markus if your reading this, or anybody leave a comment, as my email lets me know a comment was left on my Blog. Markus, if you got your ears on please leave a comment on my Blog or try and send another message. We’ll get this thing ftp thingy working yet. Sorry if this reads kind of rough around the edges folks. I don't usually play the blame game, but in this case, I blame my lack of sleep on me and me alone, and that's not on my wife or anything either. Also, sorry about the typo's and spell-o's. Uggh, and I got to go into work tonight? Uggh.


Monday, January 16, 2006

friggin Oilers tonight
what’s the matter with the Oilers? They lost 3 in a row now. The only good thing tonight was The Wild lost which kept things pretty well as they were.

The good news is I worked on Chapter 10 earlier before the hockey game. The Oilers were doing pretty good and the 2nd period was fantastic but the Oilers had 17 min of penalties and that did them in as well.

Oh well, lets hope wrestling is any better More later.


Ahh, another day off and a three day weekend

I had an uninterrupted sleep from 2:30am-7:15am. That was close to 4.5 hrs of strati sleep, well other then to get up from the bathroom and all. I fed the cats took my insulin and did a bsl reading and I was still sitting at 9.3. Still realtivley high. I couldn’t believe how even a 20 min walk lowed my bsl dow so significantly. I treid going back to sleep but sleep came har. I think I just dozed off here and there. I might have got an extra 2.5. Alltogether, that makes 7hrs sleep. More or less.

Right now, I’ve got my first coffee. I fired up this computer when I got up around 12:30pm and went to watch a bit of the news. They were saying how Vancouver has received 28 days of strait rainfall in a row. So from about Dec. 20th to Jan 16th, the people of Vancouver/lower mainland has received a record of 28 days of u ninterupted rain. Amazing. Here in Edmonton, it’s -2c* and sunny. But we’ve had an overcast weekend.

What kept me from getting to sleep this morning after 7:30am this morning was ideas I kept on getting for Lodge brothers. I didn’t write them down or anything because they were not fully developed, just one or two word concepts but today I want to work on Chapter’s 9-10 of “Underworld.” These changes are the basic editing parts. Some revisions from notes I’ve taken at work when the calls were coming in slow. That’s why I like my job. I tried security guard work several times. It’s great exercise and all but very little opportunity to sit down. But that depends on the site one works at. When I was working with Whacken Hut, in 1994 at Pacific Rim Mall, the mall was small, with just a few shops and one floor and the Marco Polo resturant. I think it was closde down for health violation purposes. But when Iw as there, it was a very easy place to work at. I sat down most of the time, except when I had to do my rounds but each “round” was something like 20 min. or less.

I did not reactivate my writing until Dec of 1994 and it was sparodicly at best. I don’t think I even had a computer to use back then except for my little Atari ST. When I was taking my achedemia upgrading at AVC now Norquest College. (that’s an older pic of Nq because there is an apartment complex left of those trees there, but the building is the same shape.) Anyway, when I was working at Whacken Hut, here in Edmonton at the PRM, I had all kinds of opportunity to write but I mostly read. I’d love a security guard job again where all I had to do was make a 10 min round all inside and I had a nice desk to do my writing etc. The only problem is there are not many of those jobs around. Security guard work these days is tough going and allways on your feet. Well at least it was on my last outing back in that cold winter of 1999/2000. I’d love a nice sit down evening security guard job again but I don’t think my wife would appreciate me coming home at 8am. Well, More later.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

I went out for a nice evening stroll. A bit on the cool side. It was about 7pm and I walked up to 40th st just east of me here and headed south to 136th and made a circuit heading down to Sifton school and I toke the back way home just out behind us here. My bsl was sitting at 11.3 before I left but thanks to the exercise I took it again and I was at 4.8! It went down by 7. Wow. Anne made us a great meatloaf and the mash potaoes had no lumps in them what-so-ever and baby peas. For desert a nice homemade blueberry pie. I’m going to test my bsl in an hour just before the news. I might not bother with it. I’d like to work on Chapter 7 and I think I’m going to do that instead.


I added a few more folk to my list of Blogs. J Alan Erwine and Keith Graham. Hard working people. Check out their Blogs. Great reading.

e. Jim

I had a pretty good afternoon but I didn’t get up until 12:30pm and then brunch and tv and I got started on the type-ins at 3:30pm so I’m running a bit late today. I hope to do Chapter7-8 later tonight. No hockey game or anything like that to distract me

I’m taking tomorrow off. Who knows maybe we might get our reseource checks in this week. I’m still torn between buying a digital camera or an entry level monochrome laserjet printer. I don’t need a color one for what I need it to do. Color is expensive anyway.

So by taking tomorrow off, and I was thinking about going down to Canada Place to get my taxes done, but I might just have another extended weekend instead and do more work on "Underworld." I'm too lasy to get up and out to go anywhere and I think I'd just like to stay inside and work. There's an Oiler game later on and of course wrestling after for tomorrow night. Great fun. The game is on at 7pm and wrestling is on at 10pm. Perfect.

This means I can work on Underworld and do the type-ins and possibly do 9 and Chapter 10 for tomorrow afternoon. Five more to go and the first revision is done. Then comes the expansion parts. Actually, I enjoy rewriting and revising. I can come up with some “amazing” things during this process. I might even have the first revision done before next Saturdays emergent meeting and the second revision might even be done by the end of this month. Be still my heart. I might have, the intire ms done including a agent querry letter before the end of Feb. I may faint. And, if an agent picks me up. Wow. What more could I expect for 2006? Maybe a couple of stories sold in the meantime. Wouldn’t it be great if I can end the year with a book contract? If that ever happened for this year, I think I might have a heart attack from the surprise and shock of it all.

Well, I’m about to post this, check my email and get ready to watch the news. See what’s going on around this great city of mine.


I got an out of the blue email and an invitation to send one of my stories out to an ezine. I like webzines. I got the two Blog links and I left a comment on each. Thanks Keith.

Anyway, I was listening to Coast earlier and Ian had Tracey Twyman discussing the Masons and the US dollar bill. Very enjoyable. I listened until 3am when the show was over, our time. Preiviously to that I watched the Oiler game and they lost to Ottawa, 5-3. They were doing pretty good there for awhile and were tied at 2 but the 2nd period did them in. Then I watched “Smith & Smith” and “Knight Rider” and that’s when the kids down the hall again began pulling the fire alarms again. I thought I'd go up a couple of floors to see if I could I spot them and identify them. I met the security guard in the hallway keeping an eye on things. He's on top of things and they haven’t been bugging us since. I tried to sleep but it’s been so hot in our bedroom even with the fan on.

It was 3:35am and I couldn’t sleep seeing as how I’d be up in about an hour and before that just as Coast was coming to a close Silky my grey angora cat leaps off the dresser beside me and lands right on my bare arm and scratches me as I reacted with a yell. That’s the second night in a row now that he jumped on me. The pic of him in that photo is from about 4 years ago but the link won't open. I need to get some pics of our cats up.

I took another bsl reading and my bsl has gone up to 11.8! It hasn’t been that high in awhile.

As for the Oilers well, they play I think Buffalo Sabers are coming into town and that will be on Monday. Calgary beat out Minnesota Wild so that preserves the Oilers finale playoff spot anyway. I think. But the Oilers need to beat teams like Ottawa to get anywhere if they want to make it past the 2nd round of the playoofs. If they get in.

Yesterday I worked on the type-ins to “Underworld.” Chapters1-5. These were mainly minor changes. The real big stuff comes latter on. Still that’s quite a significant move. I hope to do another 5 Chapters later today, which is why I’m getting my Bloging done now. I may pop in during the evening for a bit. So, this is about it for me. I may pop in latter on though.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

12:01am that felt a lot better. Anne made me a great hot hamburger sandwhich and fries. My bsl rating climbed back up to 6.3 and I like it between 6-8 is fine.

3:38pm been doing Underworld type-ins for a few hours this afternoon. Chapters 1-4. It’s going well but it’s going to get worse later on. I’ve got Chapter 5 ready to go next. I might not get much bloging done today. This may be about it for now. Anyway I had enough sleep more or less. I didn’t get to bed until just after 5am and I woke up about 10:30am and couldn’t sleep from there.

I decided I’m going to go with that color laser printer and pay my Lodge dues. Hopefully we will get the resource checks before the end of the month. I’m still going to sign up with the Royal Arch but that won’t be until the spring. I’d like to take my RA initiation in May.
Anne’s out right now doing shopping. Like I said tonight I plan on watching that hockey game later on. Coast was pretty good last night for the first part of the show and tonight looks pretty good as well.

Weather wise out here its grey and a bit of snow. Nothing coming down right now though. I think there’s a windchill in the air. Very little snow on the ground. Just a slight dusting.
I went into my server’s file manager and began to edit the config.php the way Markus had suggest. Mark on his site said it would be okay. So I edited the changes and nothing happened. I then went and uploaded the changes after even placing the link into my documents but still nothing. Strange.

Still no noice from Anti-muse ”Lift-Off” and my most recent submission “5th Di” where I sent “Crosshairs.” But that was only less then 3 weeks ago. At the moment I’m quite content working on “Underworld” and coming up with ideas for “Lodge brothers.” But that’s all for now.


Friday, January 13, 2006

10:25pm still no credit cards this year. Tonight was a slow night. Mostly doing OTH. I ended up with $380. A bit better then I did last night. Because we caught the bus a bit early I was able to go to the end of the line and back in time to the job site at about 4:35pm. The shift was slow but I was sitting beside Doug and we got to talking about the JFK case and stuff and that helped to speed it up. One of my favorite topics. A couple of pee breaks and I left out of there at 8:30pm. What I like about getting out at that hour is I can go across the street to Audrey’s books and do some shopping before they close at 9pm. I brought $10 with me which I never spent. Also I took the train back to the end of the line, not knowing when the Clairview train would arrive. So I just listened to my Clash tunes and was a happy camper.

Okay I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. I might just do computer work and or do the type ins for Underworld. There’s an Oiler game on tomorrow night so that should be okay. Monday Anne and I are going down to Canada Place to Revenu Canada so we can get our taxes set up before my place of emplyment begins to deduct that $44 off my check each month. Sometimes even more then once a month. Once the income tax is filed then we can wait for the letter of assesment. Or LOS. The LOS is what Alberta Health care needs to determin if we qualify for subsidy. I want to get tha out of the way before we find any more surprises on my already thin pay check. But that’s all for now.


12:37am well, last night while I was at work The New York Rangers retired Mark Messier’s #11 Jersey. Messier of course first entered as an Edmonton Oiler born here in 45 years ago. The Oilers won their first Stanley Cup May 19th 1984. I was 31 yrs old and living at Trudy’s place in the basement. Kind of a magical night last night. Messier may have been an Oiler for 1979-1990 but in those 11 years as an Oiler were his most productive.

12:47pm uggh. Anne gave me a gravel pillto help me sleep and I took it about 1:45am and watched Adam-12 and by 2:30, I was exhausted enough and I slept until 6am, fed the cats took my insulin and went right back to bed. I slept up until noon. I had a good 3.5hrs plus 5.5hrs after I went back to bed. A total of 9hrs. Not bad. There was no banging from upstairs. For once I got some decent sleep.

2:05pm still uggh. That gravil is still in my system. I’m bringing Chapter 9 of Underworld to work. I’m also, considering keeping the title because this is my Underworld. I just did another bsl reading and I’m at 8.9. It’ll stabalize after supper and drop.

Other then that, all I’m doing today is to head into work at 4pm and come home. Let the weekend begin. I don’t really have any plans except for watching the hockey game. I think Anne and I want to go out to dinner and a movie but I’d like to go out this weekend. Maybe Monday night before wrestling.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

10:03am the people above us are having dome repairs done to their premises which woke me up about 8:30am. I think I had just about 3hrs sleep and it looks like that’s all I’m going to get today. Thanks for nothing. For the most part they are quiet enough tenants except for today and, this might go on for a couple of days or just all day. If those caretakers were worth what their paid should have let the people above and below the repairs know in advance what to expect over the next couple of days. I call that just being rude.

9:46pm Yeesh, well this is a good news bad news day. Today Anne got her Vacaton pay, which was a nice unexpected blessing and the banging and construction ended around 1pm. Anne made us a nice pork chop potatoe dinner and we went to work. I was tired and wiped out and couldn’t make it to the Health Sciences station as I like to just relax on my way in so I got there early. Just before break Rob sort of lowered the boom on me and admonished me for taking ion the cans. I made a comment and Andrew squeeled on me so Rob called me into the Office. We had a talk and the whole idea of collecting the cans was to help build up a company sosical fund. I can understand that and I also said that how he could have fired me at anytime because my totals were low etc and he said he won’t do that because I’m part of the “Family” I understand though what he means. So, Anne’s going to be a bit upset by this but she’ll get over it.
Also on the good side, they over charged me by an extra 3 hours so I got 18.5hrs instead of the 15.5 I was ordinarily supposed to get plus I got my stat pay. If I get a good sleep then I might come in for tomorrow afternoon. This way I’ll get 18.5 next week and my $15 bonus.
Otherwise, I had a slow night, with doing only $350. That’s okay Rob knows I can do the job. He’s not to worried. I’ll always have a job there that’s for sure.

Earlier when the calls were coming in slow I tried to do some writing of Chapter 8 of Underworld but the calls spead up again. Anyway, onto wrestling. That’s all for now


10:00pm I had a great night for a Wednesday and I got a $15 bonus as well writing $885 tonight. Not to shabby. If I had another hr and $135 more I would have had over $1,000 but still no credit cards. I had $300+ this time last year so I’m down. The new office is growing on me. The location is easier to get to. I think on Fri I’m going to go in for the afternoon shift. That will get me 18.5hrs in for the week. Next week I will put more hrs in.

11:56pm Markus made some intresting changes to my GL website, which is still under construction. Anne within the hour had made me some K-D and hotdogs for my lunch.
Well, Mark Messier announced his official press confrence in NY today, ready to retire his sweater #11 when the Oilers are in town for tomorrow night.5 of his 6 Stanely Cups were won here in Edmonton with his 5th one in 1990. What’s more is this is an end of another hockey era. There was even some mention before the NHL CBA that MM might return to play one more season here in Edmonton. What I’d really like to see happen is for the Oiler organization to make him an offer to become assistant coach to Craig McTavish. Now that would be something.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not much going on today, except heading back into work. I slept on the couch because Annw was up for awhile hacking and wheezing with a bronchial condition. I stayed up until 5am when I went back to bed but that’s when all this began and I had trouble sleeping anyway so I went to t the couch and slept on the couch. Or tried to. I think I might have about 4hrs sleep today but I don’t feel to bad at the moment.

I’m getting plenty of tech help from Markus I gave him root rights to my website. There isn’t much there right now but it’s still a work in progress as I’m just learning this from scratch. Also, I’m considering changing the title of Underworld to The Insiders. Yes I’m aware of the novel of the same name. I might slightly change it to something like Insyderz. I realize there is a Gospel/Ska band of a similar name as well. I’ll keep looking. Tonight when I come home, I’ll be working on the first type ins for Underworld. That’s it from here for today.

e. Jim

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I was expecting to have thw boom lowered down on me for missing yesterday when rob called me into the office while he was on the phone as I came in off the stairs into the office. The place is impressive. It’s got natural lighting and the atmosphere is very cozy. I sat beside Pat and our lines were crossed so I had tech support issues all night up until the break. The tech guy and I were trouble shooting the calls and finally just before the break we got the issue straitened away. I ended up pulling ahead to $420. Not too bad considering I missed a good 45 min. Dale ran the room tonight and Robb did the kick off. About 8:30, Anne came in and paid me a visit. I was happy to see my sweety and introduced her to some of the guys. I had a bit of trouble getting off the elevator but only because I wasn’t aware that there were double door openings.

Anyway, we got our first skiff of snow, in more then a few days but I don’t think it’s going to amount to very much. After totals I ended up walking to through the parking lot behind fep and into Carona and a brief wait and I caught my train and home.

I also came up with a few good ideas for Lb and I filed them into my Chapter outline. I don’t have the idea for the climax of the story yet and I’m buy no means anywhere near where I can get this thing to begin writing. I also want to put together another short story for this month but I have no ideas brewing up for this. I might just get started on WWW or revise AON. I kind of like the idea of doing that and I hope I can get ready and find a market for that or work on something else altogether.

Also, the Oilers won in Pensylvania 3-1 and Horcroff ended up with his first ever hatrick. That was excellent news. Also, Calgary is in NY playing the Rangers so I hope they’ll lose. It’s a wiled and whackey night in the NHL. Well, that’s about it from me for tonight.


I slept pretty good after I went to bed about 2;15am. I got into watching this movie based on the Kennedy assassination called the "2nd gunman." It wasn’t so much based on the events of jfk but it did show Dealey plaza. I stayed with it until the end. It wasn’t bad.

I listened to a bit of Coast. George had the guy from skeptics magazine/on-line. It wasn’t bad. I was asleep by 2:30 and Anne had given me a gravel pil to help me sleep. I woke up again about 6am and took my insulin fed the cats and went back to bed. I think I got 3hrs sleep and I slept from 6:30until noon. I’m still a bit drowsy but I want to go into work for my 5pm shift as I haven’t seen the new office yet.

I was watching the news at noon there and there was a story about how teenagers these days have more disposible income then they know what to do with. Because of the extended family like their step mom and step dads etc. So they get money from 4 different sources. Not all kids but a lot do. I heard a figure of $25/week. Now this isn’t all regions of the country but it does speak well of the economy here in Alberta. I remember in the 60’s when I did get an anllowence and it wasn’t always I was lucky to get $2bucks a week. But mom was at home and Dad was out working holding down a job. We didn’t need to have two incomes. Mom did not start work until she came to Alberta in 1973 and it wasn’t because we needed the money. No wonder why our place of employment needs people at night. During the day to if they can get it, is because the economy is so strong. Add to that and the resource checks coming out this month we’ve got money to burn out here. Not me, because I’m trading that money for time off.

Anyway. I’ve got a possible title change for Underworld. I’m thinking about calling it “Down there.” Seeing as how there is already a popular movie called Underworld out right now. But if I could gather all the novels with that title, I’d image there are more then one novel with that same title. I'm not exactly sure either. But this month I'm going to work on the type-ins for Underworld and that happens this week. More later.


Monday, January 09, 2006

3:30pm I had enough sleep after I went to bed around 5am working on ideas for Lb. I’ll be posting a graphic up soon and taking down some others. Anyway after I got back to bed at about 5:15am I was able to sleep right through until noon. Anne talked me into taking tonight off. I’ll go in for the afternoon tomorrow and work 7hr shifts this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get 27.5 hrs in.

So tonight then its wrestling and more work on Lb. I’ve been working on the jfk assassination newsgroup advancing my theory of a non-LN Oswald theory under the Castro thread.

9:15pm I managed to log into my ftp and there are files there but I can’t find where my GL files are. So I emailed Markus for some help. I’m not sure if config.php is supposed to be uploaded into my admin navigation. If so once config.php is there how do I enable it so I can use it? Same for other files. Mainly I need to know how to use ftp.
The good news I have my Neo counter back. Sort of.

Wrestling was good tonight.

Tomorrow my Bloging will be at a premium. Might even be so for the rest of the week, as I want to begin some afternoon hrs. Tomorrow, I’m up at 10am, which will give me an hr and a half on-line. Then I get from about 9:45pm until 11pm. That’s 1hr 15min. Then I can go from 11:30-1am. So, just over 3hrs 15min/day, during the day’s I’m actually at the job from 1:30-9pm. Normaly I get about 4hrs/day Mon-Fri. If not a bit more on Friday. I’d about 16hrs Mon-Fri. On the weekends I’m usually on-line 8hrs Sun & Mon. So basically 32hrs/week.


4:42am we watched Knight Rider and I had some soup and a bun and we managed to get into bed about 2:30 when some F$cking kids from this hall began playing with the hallway fire alarm waking everybody up.The fire dept came over and Checked everything out. I hope the caretakers get a fine. They were no where to be found according to Anne. One tenant even had his cat in a cat cage outside she told me as the fire trucks came in. The lady across the hall from us had her daughter up and it was the same kids banging on our door running down the hallway she said and knocked some pictures off her wall. I never could get back to bed. We ended up listening to Coast on a rebroadcast of Arts show and I’m about ready to post this, take my insulin go to bed and try and get some sleep. Anne suggested I stay home if I want to but what with the new office opened up and all, I figure I better show up. Besides I want to make some more cash this week so I can save up for my lodge dues.

About “Revenge of the Sith” I’d rate that about a 6-10. It was okay but nothing spectacular. I don’t think any of the recent round of the new Star Wars installment was all that great. I’d rate them all about the same. I think the best Sci-fi movie of the last year was “I Robot.” and I think it was a 2004 release. Prior to that was the release of “The Matrix.” Nyhow that’s all for now. I’m getting way to tired.


12:26am Anne made me a nice light supper earlier and we ordered “Revenge of the Syth Star Wars Episode 2.” this is where they tye everything together. What a great series. And that’s why I listed Star Wars as my #1 rated movie of all time. Most certainly my #1 rated SF movie of all time.

It certainly gave me some ideas for Lb. I’m also going to use my own implant as a prop in Lb. Anyway, I want a shower before Knight Rider.
More later.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

1:32pm we’ve got a bit of frost on the ground. Anyway, I got up at 6amish and worked answering some email and a JFK response up until7am and went back to bed and I slept right away and up 12:15pm. I’ve had 7.5hrs sleep and except for a sore neck, I feel that I’ve got enough sleep.

Were a bit colder today but nothing like -22C or anything like that yet. Well, tomorrow, I’m in at the new office, 5pm sharp. Well a bit early now. Anne suggested because I don’t have the extra leg to go by bus fromCarona, I can leave a bit later. Not reall, I like to get there by 4:30pm just as the afternoon crew are leaving but I’m usually there at Carona about 4:15 or earlier. I could actually even get off the train with her and just walk down from 103rd to 106th.But I don’t like crossing at the lights there. With getting off at Carona I can even just walk through the parking lot and walk across the street. It’s probably better for me to go arounf the building on Jasper Ave from Carona, cross and walk the block down past Smitties. I know after work, I can just walk through the parking lot and into Carona. Best part about it is, as long as we shut the dialers down by 8:55 and call totals, I’ll always be able to catch that 9:15pm train.

I don’t know now about getting that digital camera. I want to pay my lodge dues coming up this month on the 21st when we initiate all those candidates. I’d like to bring my lodge dues in for that weekend and get them out of the way.

This week I’m going to try and do 31hrs so I’ll have enough for the lodge dues and by working the same the following week, when the resouce checks come in, I should have enough to get a X7 digital camera. They probably work like MP3 players except they take pictures. I hope they come with a USB cable.

I think I’ve got a good concept working with “Lodge brothers.” it’s kind of “Star War-ish” but with Occult twists in a sci fi background. Of course right now, it's kind of SW ish but I plan on fixing this. I’ve got a few good concepts. There is romance in this as well and a secret society.

I’m also going to try and work that ftp program and see how that will work for me. I’m going to first try and connect with the seerver and then try and upload the config php file into my my GL admin navigation. I don’t want users accessing the back end of this thing. I also want to check on the various GL themes and see if I can upload one of them using ftp. More on this later.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

10:10pm I’ve been working on an in depth “About me” all day except when I broke for the Oiler’s hosting the Leafs at the Rex. This makes it 8-4 now for the Leafs and about half of the fans that are ordinarily Oiler fans cheer for the Leafs. Now people pay their money they can cheer for whoever they want to but whey they find that the Oilers couldn’t make the play off cut at the end of the regular season by one point and wonder gee what went wrong, maybe they should be looking at the way they turned on the Oilers earlier this evening. It’s no secret that the fans in any team sport are the extra player. Next time they come into toen, next year, I’m not going to bother watching the game. The Wild won, the AV’s won and right now Calgary and the Canusks are tied in the 3rd. They could each walk out a point.

Anyway, I did another bsl reading and I’m at 8.0. No more chocolate for me unless my blood sugar is really going down.

I put “Lodge brothers” notes, or what I have to date into a folder.


3:40pm I went up to “Great Clips” up by Walmart and got my haircut. $13 bucks for a haircut. I recall back in the 1980’s Ron Reed had his little two chair barber shop. For his regular customers he’d charge $7 in the basement of the Ceicil hotel. The Ceicil was torn down a couple of months ago. Another Edmonton landmark gone. I also bought some duo tangs, which I use for story ideas. Great deal. 3 for a buck. I bought 4 pkgs and took a look at where the little strip mall section part they were building all summer. From where I was it only shows 3 stores. I also poped into Moores and got a price on their Tuxedo ties, $10. They have regular Tux’s going for $300-$500 bucks and this is something I might want to invest in. I also wanted to have a look at their car coats as well. Outer wear for over the Tux. I could easily spend a good $800-$1000 on suits alone. But out of Rakph’s money I want to get myself a digital camera when the resource checks come out this month. I might need an extra $200 for a good camera. So, figure on about $600. More after the Oiler/Leafs game, which begins in an hour. Why do I bother? It’ll be a Leaf win anyway. Half of Edmonton fans come out and cheer on the Leafs. Once a year when they play here.


Friday, January 06, 2006

10:46pm anyway I took the bus down to Clairview station and because I didn’t need to wait for Anne, I decided to take a trip over to the Health Sciences center station. Or the end of the line. For now. Apprently it’s all going to be above grounf to Heritage mall.

I took the rest of the train to Carona and caught the bus outside of Money Mart and into work. Work went slow. I ended up doing only just over $200 by break. My emotions were mixed and sad about leaving the old place. It’s where I met my wife, and where I negotiated to get Sparky and Sporty. During the second half I did much better. I ended up doing $575 for my last night on Jasper Ave and we booked off shortly after 8pm. I was trying to get to $600 so my line hour would be salvaged. I packed my stuff up and reported my total and went to the washroom for a pee and out the door and met Dave at the bus shelter. My last time there for anything to do for work. The bus came and took us to Carona by FEP and Dave and I had a bit of a wait but the Clairview train came by and I was home about 9:20pm and fired up the computer. Anne came in shortly after.

I got another expected email from Markus and I ended up downloading something called Zipgenuise. I installed the wrong FilZilla, then I downloaded the exe file and that works a lt better. I haven’t made a connection to the server yet but I plan on doing this when I have more time. Probably tomorrow.

Speaking of which I’m heading up to get my haircut and then over to Subway to get their chicken bacon Sub and then maybe into Walmart to get a book or something and maybe some stationary. More later.


1:10pm I slept great from when I got back to bed until just shortly before 1pm. I had some trouble getting back to sleep from about 7:15amish or so and lost an hour just lying in bed dozing off. But I’m pretty sure I got to sleep pjust before 8am. So that gave me a good 7.5hrs. I’m a happy guy. I’ve got a coffee here and I’m rarin’ to go. Oh, btw, I'm back on-line.

Anne left my paycheck here and when I came into the office to fire up my computer I noticed that the computer had been adjusted. She put the keyboard ontop of he monitor over the plastic covering wher I had it down from earlier. Good girl. So, this tells me she received her pay from work and left my check behind.

Now if I get that $20 and the $20 I got here, I’m going to pay Grant MacCewan College (GM) a call, possibly tonight to not only check out their operation and possibly to buy a one year membership. Hopefully this will give me access to everyting. I figure I can get off at 9pm as they are closed at 10:30pm. This will give me at least an hour work out every day. And they are not that far away from me as well. I can walk down 1 block from 106th to Audreys books and walk from Jasper Ave to GM in about 10 min. Go to my locker get changed and ready for my work out from 9:30pm-10:30pm. I can go 4 nights a week and on Sat for a longer workout. But at $38 bucks a month, I don't know yet. I should see if they just have a pay as you go kind of a thing. I can also do my writing like I normaly do still work the extra hours and do both lodges when I get ready to sign up for the Royal Arch.

Also, if I need any books, I can get them from Audreys go the other direction off the train instead of the First Edmonton Place building. The new office isn’t going to be so bad. We’re going to be right behind the FEP building, where evreynight, I’ll be walking through the ghost of the old Hobbit’s fantasy shop location.

What’s going to be great about this approach to my new life this year is I will have plenty of time, to Blog and diary work because it’s virtually one and the same thing. Most of what you read here is in my personaly diary, except I open my diary up with, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” and close it up with, Love is the law, love under will” Well, because I am a Thelemite of course. Basicly it’s Thelema/Masonic/Neo Pagan Conservative. I should get a link to all of that. Ahem, anyway, I’ll be able to spend a lot of time working on my writing/internet and still have time to do my workout and have my weekends off and do my writing and work the extra hrs. This will still give me my 25hrs/week online and everything else.

More later.


6:16am I woke up only 10 min ago after 2.5hrs sleep.

Sigh, this is the last Friday night for our current office. The thing I don’t like is there is no windows. We’ll we were in this current location for 6 years. Five years in there for me and it was about that time when head office began to pay employees on a weekly basis.

So far the big stories this week are the miners that died in in the coal mine and Israel’s PM had a stroke and seems to be in a coma.

When I received my paycheck last night I received all my hrs and my stat pay as welland when we get to the new office I’m going to put more hours in, at least 25 min/week like I mentioned. Now, if I do say Mon4hrs, Tues4hrs, Wed7hrs, Thurs7hrs, Fri3.5hrs is 25.5 That’s mainly 2 afternoons/week and I’d have my Sat off.

Everyday, I’m mucking around with “Lodge brothers” I’m doing something and last night I laid out a complete Chapter synopsis ready to edit. Anyway, I’m going to post this and get ready for bed. Maybe I can grab at least another 5hr if possible.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

10:10pm anyway I had a better night at work. Even a different dialer and ended up doing $840 lhr+

Right now it’s +5* out thre. Nice and windy. It feels like spring out there. I love it. If we can keep going on like this until the end of jan then all that’s left is Feb and half of March, by the end of March the weather improves.

I kept on thinking about that magical day back in 1979 with Ellen. I wish I knew what month it was in but it seems this was in the evening. I know that for a fact and it was May or June and sometime around 7-9pm at night but it was light out. I recall that easy enough. I seem to equate it with early May. I think this year, just for April and may. I’m going to work mornings only and go back to that field on 170th st. I was 26 and she was, well I won’t say what her age was. I’m sure Helga knew what was going on. I recall the leaves were a young green so this had to be early May. Before Richard and before we knew anything about the OTO. Also, I remember this was a weeknight. Not a Friday night. Wllwn was still in school at the time. I’d say it was in early May. First or Second week in May.

Anyway, I called Neil at 5:20pm and mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the Lodge tonight but I’ll be at the emergent meeting on the 21st. It’s going to be in two halfs and were going to try and squeeze in 15 people. Should be interesting.
Also I did a bsl reading shortly before break and I was at 5.9/ The lowest bsl reading I’ve been able to do in awhile. For the past few days, my blood sugar levels have been around 8-10. Very high. I treeted myself to a kit kat candy bar around 8:30. So lets see, what I’m at now.

10:41pm okay I tested my bsl with another lancette and I dropped down from 5-9 to 5.5 and that’s how I want to remain.

Okay I’m going to publish this to my blog, Anne’s going to get ready and make me some lunch and I’ll watch the News until 11:30ish, I might come back to add a few more last minute items.


1:55am I’m making some good headway with Geeklog. It’s very intresting. They have about 89 different themes tio use. I checked some of them out using the Theme tester Markus gave me.
4:26am I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up until 2am to watch Adam-12 and then I went to bed and listed to a bit of Coast. A very good show tonight. Also something surprising apparently a date coming up June 6th 2006. 666, I don’t know how many times this number sequence has turned up in history but I imagine quite a lot.
1:55pm I’m getting some great help and website advice from Markus. Great stuff. I downloaded Weaverslave and t’s interesting. Don’t quite know how to work this just yet.
Anyway when I went back to bed about 5:30ish or so I couldn’t sleep right away. I must have got up about 6 times from when I finally went to bed until when I got up just after noon and I ketp my poor wife up with all my snoring.
However I produced a sort of three act timeline or Chapter by Chapter layout within the Timeline for Lodge brothers.

Well big news this week is that the Health Sciences extension of the lrt is now open. This project began back in Feb 2003. It took three years to complete and the next leg will go to 76th Ave and South Campus and that will be done by the end of 2008. More on this later. But it’s time to go do some Bloging. More after work when I get back.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

10:08pm not a very good day for the 2nd day back for a new year but I ended up doing $455 on OTH. So I think I was the lowest total in the room. Rob never said anything. I decided I’m going to go for the emergent meeting on the 21st and work that week afternoons and evenings. Because Transit has reduced service now over the “holidays” bus servicse is at a premium. I was late getting home because I normally would, if it’s there, catch that #183 Abbotsfield bus but I didn’t see it even there and it pulled out of the terminal and I ened upwaiting for ten minutes before the Northgate bus pulled out. Seemed longer

Anyway, I’m home and just waiting for Anne. I usually have from 9:45pm until 11pm when Anne gets home to make me some “lunch”. I watch the news for half an hour and back on-line from 11:30pmiah until 1amish. Spend somne time with my wife, and if I’m not tired I’ll either listen to Coast if it’s any good, or watch Dave. I lnow if I say his last name, keyword analysis would go through the roof. Basically I’m online,about 4hrs/day and more on the weekends.
Also, I did a bsl reading at 8:05pm and I was at 9.4 Very surprised at that. I think its been above 9 all day. Not good. So, this is the last week in our old office. Kind of sad really. I spent a good 5.2 years of my life there in that place. Lots of laughs and good memories. It’s where I met my wife. It’s going to be hard to get to the new place.

Looks like Anne is spending an all nighter there at her job and she might not be back until 11pmish or so. That’s all for now.


Doing lots of tech support stuff lately and not much writing. I signed back on with Geeklog and I’ve got the bare bones of that up and running. That’s just the thing. I was mentioning to Markus that when a story gets published the magazine owns the story not me. I would still need to ask the magazine’s permission to include some part of the story on my website even though I wrote the story, they own it. I can’t even put it up for my readers to read while it’s being considered for publication. And most of my stories are in that murky legal area. But I am going to get stories that are just for the website. Some of my earlier work like “Signpost” and “Blue Array” for example. But I need a scanner because the copies I have of those stories are in hard copy only.

Okay it’s off to do some Blog reading for the balance of my time online, and then it’s into work. Oh, and tomorrow night is my lodge night. First lodge night for 2006. Happy days.