Friday, January 20, 2006

well, I met Anne at
the train and we rode in together. There was something going on at Rexall place tonight. She got off at her stop and I went to Audrey’s and bought a copy of Mindscan. I like the first person pov. Also,they had these clip on earplug kind of night lights. Suitible for reading in bed. I like them and I’m considering getting one next time I go in but I didn’t have the $20. They just clip on behind the ear and provide light right on the page.

I had a great night. I was just under $500 by the break and I kept on getting these $30-$35 sales and I had a smoking evening after that. I ended up with $1,040 for a 3.5hr shift for me is unheard of. I ended up with the top total and I got a $15 bonus on my check for next week. I can handle that. So I left at 8:30pm and headed through the parking lot behind fep building and around the corner to catch the lrt but because of whatever was going on they had extra trains on tonight. I got in about 40 min ago and had that other cinnamon roll Anne left for me and wolfed that down. Then I did a bsl right after that and I was only at 6.5. Perfect. When I crossed the street out here it was snowing, but only light snow coming down pretty good.

Anyway, I’m going to get my suit ready for tomorrow morning when I get up to meet Neil. But Anne will probably make me a bit to eat and I’ll listen to a bit of open lines. I’m looking forward to going to lodge tomorrow.

I gave Anne the $10 I had left over and she gave me the $20. I thought the book (paperback) was going to be about $6-8 dollars. I was surprised to learn after gst that it was $10 and some change. I haven’t bought a book in a long time but I have $10 left over to buy Neil a beer and me some lunch at the festive board. Then I’m coming home to maybe have a nap and watch the news and work on my Weaverslave/website stuff and work on Underworld some more and go to bed. I want to start reading “Mindscan” beginning on Sunday and hopefully finish the book by the end of the week. That’s all for now.


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