Friday, January 06, 2006

10:46pm anyway I took the bus down to Clairview station and because I didn’t need to wait for Anne, I decided to take a trip over to the Health Sciences center station. Or the end of the line. For now. Apprently it’s all going to be above grounf to Heritage mall.

I took the rest of the train to Carona and caught the bus outside of Money Mart and into work. Work went slow. I ended up doing only just over $200 by break. My emotions were mixed and sad about leaving the old place. It’s where I met my wife, and where I negotiated to get Sparky and Sporty. During the second half I did much better. I ended up doing $575 for my last night on Jasper Ave and we booked off shortly after 8pm. I was trying to get to $600 so my line hour would be salvaged. I packed my stuff up and reported my total and went to the washroom for a pee and out the door and met Dave at the bus shelter. My last time there for anything to do for work. The bus came and took us to Carona by FEP and Dave and I had a bit of a wait but the Clairview train came by and I was home about 9:20pm and fired up the computer. Anne came in shortly after.

I got another expected email from Markus and I ended up downloading something called Zipgenuise. I installed the wrong FilZilla, then I downloaded the exe file and that works a lt better. I haven’t made a connection to the server yet but I plan on doing this when I have more time. Probably tomorrow.

Speaking of which I’m heading up to get my haircut and then over to Subway to get their chicken bacon Sub and then maybe into Walmart to get a book or something and maybe some stationary. More later.


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