Wednesday, January 18, 2006

mouth feeling better today
well, my toothache is gone but it’s swollen under my top lip. It’s a little abseesed but it feels okay now. As long as I don’t bite down on it.

Okay, what’s on my plate today? Not much. I’m still in email with Markus trying to get FileZilla to open my config php file. I can open the file at OS in my file manager. It’s all there. I can change and move the file but it’s all the stuff there in between that kind of confuses me. I’ll get it though but FZ is an ftp client but I don’t quite understand it.

It looks overcast out there from here and temp’s are supposed to drop over the next few days but nothing like -20 or anything like that and back up to -4, by the weekend. I still have to give Neil a call and find out what’s going on for Saturday’s emergent meeting. Other then that, tonight will be a typical day on the job.

Some of us are still unhappy with this company “social fund”. More then likely it’s going towards someones retirement fund. I won’t name any names but I’m not too happy about it.
Doug, one of the guys at work was saying that in a way, Alberta Health Care is paying for my insulin even though I have to take it out of pocket, it’s $38 bucks a month (subsidy) I don’t have to pay for. Now if I had to pay, then that might be another story. For those reading this yes our health care is covered if we qualify for a subsidy. But otherwise it’s still $38 month for singles and $44 bucks a month for couples. I don’t know what it is for families. If Dave is here tonight, I’ll ask. Also an ambulance ride is still a bill in the mail. Blue cross covers a lot of stuff but it’s still a monthly payment. So who gets medicare for free? Well, if your on Welfare, then everything is free. If your on a “medical” unemployment insurance, or UIC as we used to call it, you still need to be on a medical plan of some sort. Maybe what I should introduce on my website is a rants and whines collunm.

Okay, when I come home from work tonight, if I feel better, then I’ll be working on “Underworld” type ins. Maybe I can get Chapter 11-12 done tonight before bed but that might be a long shot.

Sleep wize, well, despite the toothache and all, I slept right through until 5am. It was tough going eating my ceral for the insulin and I took a bsl reading earlier and I was at 11.4 and a bsl reading an hour ago down to 8.2. I keep records. I went back to bed after I shut down the computer and slept until about 11:45am and I guess I had a good 7hrs sleep. Mouth is still a bit tender but I’m feeling better. That’s about all for now.


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