Thursday, January 05, 2006

10:10pm anyway I had a better night at work. Even a different dialer and ended up doing $840 lhr+

Right now it’s +5* out thre. Nice and windy. It feels like spring out there. I love it. If we can keep going on like this until the end of jan then all that’s left is Feb and half of March, by the end of March the weather improves.

I kept on thinking about that magical day back in 1979 with Ellen. I wish I knew what month it was in but it seems this was in the evening. I know that for a fact and it was May or June and sometime around 7-9pm at night but it was light out. I recall that easy enough. I seem to equate it with early May. I think this year, just for April and may. I’m going to work mornings only and go back to that field on 170th st. I was 26 and she was, well I won’t say what her age was. I’m sure Helga knew what was going on. I recall the leaves were a young green so this had to be early May. Before Richard and before we knew anything about the OTO. Also, I remember this was a weeknight. Not a Friday night. Wllwn was still in school at the time. I’d say it was in early May. First or Second week in May.

Anyway, I called Neil at 5:20pm and mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the Lodge tonight but I’ll be at the emergent meeting on the 21st. It’s going to be in two halfs and were going to try and squeeze in 15 people. Should be interesting.
Also I did a bsl reading shortly before break and I was at 5.9/ The lowest bsl reading I’ve been able to do in awhile. For the past few days, my blood sugar levels have been around 8-10. Very high. I treeted myself to a kit kat candy bar around 8:30. So lets see, what I’m at now.

10:41pm okay I tested my bsl with another lancette and I dropped down from 5-9 to 5.5 and that’s how I want to remain.

Okay I’m going to publish this to my blog, Anne’s going to get ready and make me some lunch and I’ll watch the News until 11:30ish, I might come back to add a few more last minute items.


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