Friday, January 27, 2006

a rather hazy
kind of a overcast day out there but its not cold at -4*

Anyway, people are getting their prosperity checks in the mail. Who knows, we could have ours in today. In which case, I have enough for my digital camera and my lodge dues. So, I'm looking forward to getting that check. I've never owned a camera before much less a digital one. It's going to be fun learning how to use it and getting pictures to my Blog. So stay tuned over the next few weeks there could be an influx of pictures here. You've been warned :-) That'd be nice if we get the checks in today though. Not that I have any time to go out and shop but there's always tomorrow. I'd really like to get a X7 mp camera for say $200 and then get Word student teacher. But I know I want a digital camera. I haven't shopped around for anything yet but Future Shop has a great sellection in all price ranges. As for my lodge dues, well I have up until Feb 16th, which is why I want to put some more hours in at work to cover them.

Anyway, I fell asleep ok about 5:30am, about 5:45am and got up at about 11:30am. I watched the news and the markets. Oil climbed to over a buck sitting around $67US and change. That's what I like to see. Not only doe's it keep the local economy strong but if the price of oil remains high again through out the summer and fall, we could be in for another prosperity check this time next year. Yippy!

Earlier this am, I tried to sleep but it was getting onto about 3:45am and I figured well, let's stay up for an hour or so. I completed the rewrite of Chapter 3 and I'm ready to start on Chapter4 to hopefully get that done by the end of the weekend. If I can rewrite 3 Chapters/week, then I should have the initial rewrite done by Feb28th. 15 Chapters in all. I figure 1 week for type in's. Of course, this pass, I want to work on time and space as it relates overal to the story. The only thing that could slow me down is I want to put more hours in at work. At least 3 days 1:30-9. If I can do that for a couple of months then Rob will hook me up and pay me what everyone else is getting. But I can bring my writing into work and work on it at my break and between shifts and of course at home. I figure I can still get 3 Chapters of rewriting/week during the second pass. By April 15th long weekend I will have completed the book. The rest of April I hope to be at the polish and finale edit phase and an agent querry letter ready to go. And of course the type in's. New target date is May 1st That's in theory and if everything works well. I also want to take the first week off in May. So this will help on my next project: Lodge brothers. I want to write that June 1st. I'm only going to do 2 rewrites per book. The rough draft if all goes well, should be done by July 30th. August, Sept, Oct will be used for rewrites and editing and polishing/query letter and of course finale type in's. But of course if an agent picks me up, so much the better. I might even do a 3rd Ace Valorous novel in between this time. We'll see what the rest of the year brings.

Back to work


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