Sunday, January 15, 2006

I had a pretty good afternoon but I didn’t get up until 12:30pm and then brunch and tv and I got started on the type-ins at 3:30pm so I’m running a bit late today. I hope to do Chapter7-8 later tonight. No hockey game or anything like that to distract me

I’m taking tomorrow off. Who knows maybe we might get our reseource checks in this week. I’m still torn between buying a digital camera or an entry level monochrome laserjet printer. I don’t need a color one for what I need it to do. Color is expensive anyway.

So by taking tomorrow off, and I was thinking about going down to Canada Place to get my taxes done, but I might just have another extended weekend instead and do more work on "Underworld." I'm too lasy to get up and out to go anywhere and I think I'd just like to stay inside and work. There's an Oiler game later on and of course wrestling after for tomorrow night. Great fun. The game is on at 7pm and wrestling is on at 10pm. Perfect.

This means I can work on Underworld and do the type-ins and possibly do 9 and Chapter 10 for tomorrow afternoon. Five more to go and the first revision is done. Then comes the expansion parts. Actually, I enjoy rewriting and revising. I can come up with some “amazing” things during this process. I might even have the first revision done before next Saturdays emergent meeting and the second revision might even be done by the end of this month. Be still my heart. I might have, the intire ms done including a agent querry letter before the end of Feb. I may faint. And, if an agent picks me up. Wow. What more could I expect for 2006? Maybe a couple of stories sold in the meantime. Wouldn’t it be great if I can end the year with a book contract? If that ever happened for this year, I think I might have a heart attack from the surprise and shock of it all.

Well, I’m about to post this, check my email and get ready to watch the news. See what’s going on around this great city of mine.


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