Monday, January 23, 2006

well, I stayed up past 4am
and I decided to stay up anyway until 5:30am answering posts and going over a jfk thread in the ng and got to bed about 5:30ish. I past out right away with enough sleep from the night before and I got 6hrs all in all today, even after getting up several times to pee.

It’s a very windy day out there, or so the temps suggest. They say, 50-70mph, which is why the temp is so high today and supposedly going up to a +10* for tomorrow.

No word yet from Markus on how to proceed with this Weaverslave/FileZilla,which means I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee and work on Chapter2 rewrite.

I’ve got a kind of a neat way of doing this. The typed copy sits on the left and a blank sheet of lined paper sits on the right. In pencil. Chapter number and date on the top like in a diary format. So the only thing that changes today is the date. On the right side of the lined paper is the page number of the work on the left side. As I go down I add numbers to the left hand side in the margin on of the typed copy and again on the lined paper so they match and I rewrite accordingly on the lined paper. I’m going to do this twice and put all these notes in binder format for future refrence. And I’m going to rewrite first before I make the changes. Now as for the stuff I had writen before on the back of the type copy, that gets rewritten to in pencil on the lined paper because the stuff in the initial edit is basicly to correct obvious errors. This first rewrite, I look for Time and space anomalies within the manuscript and to detect early chracterization traits and redundancies in the initial edit. There are lots redundancies. The above process gets repeated,except for the second rewrite I’ll be looking for chracterization and word usuage/grammar plot mechanical errors before the book is rounded out to a nice unit.

Anyway, it’s back to work. Underworld that is.


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