Monday, January 23, 2006

Anne came back with a Pizza
Hut large piazza. It was great and I started watching the election results. My guy came in 3rd Edmonton-Sherwood park, voted Conservative. Nationaly it is a Conservative Minoraty, 123 seats-103 seats Lib but Harper needed 155 seats and he can’t get that now, which is good news. Basicaly the Canadian people voted for change.

Earlier, before pizza I worked on Chapter 2 and I’m about to work on Chapter 3 this hour as Anne is over at Superstore getting water. Well, at least that’s over. The only thing we’re waiting for this month is for those resource chcks to come in.

Next month, we’ve got Valintynes day, Family day long weekend and that’s basicly about it. March is Annes birthday. Other then that not much going on. Well except my writing of course but that’s all for now.

At least my stat counter is back.


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