Sunday, January 22, 2006

we got into
bed about 2:30 and Coast was about Bible codes and ET but tonight Coast has Art Bell returning with Michao Kaku, so that should be a good one. Anyway, I got up at 6am and came in by 7am and fell fast asleep. So I figure I got a good 7:5-8hrs in, at least. Nothing from markus on the technical side of website design yet but he did respond from another email about Robert Sawyer, autographs and that sort of thing and I got a this week in AGF. Wish I could get rid of those.

With nothing on my plate today, I plan on working on Underworld. Well, Anne and I are going for a walk most likely after brunch and then I’ll work on Underworld after that. I feel a lot better once I get some sleep and all.

Anyway, we haven’t had severe winter yet. No -20* days or anything like that. We might have had it down to -20* overnight and came close to -18*, once but nothing long term or serious or anything like that yet. For snow, we’re lucky if we got a ¼ of an inch out there. Sun sets at 4:58pm or something like that.

I’ve got a book here called “20 master plots” the thing about these “plots” is they don’t all have to be book length. I can use more then one in a book. Lb though seems to be taking shape, slowly. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to write it. I’m going to start hopefully March first and have it done by the end of April. Losts of writers prefer to work without a safety net/outline, but eventually an outline needs to be done to present to a publisher eventually.

Well, tomorrow is election day here in Canada and it seems Harper is taking a lead in the polls by a good 10%, but it was the undecided vote that turned the tied for the last Federal election for Martin. Personally I hope the Liberals get in. Conservatives are good for Alberta and bad news Nationally. Harper seems to be anti-Kyoto, which is good news for Alberta, but I’m afraid the economy will slow down because of a Conservative Govt the same way it did in the US because of Bush. GWB has got another what 3 years in office. Also, people for the most part are afraid of change. Now I don’t know how much of an effect a Conservative Govt will affect Alberta’s economy. Through out the 1980’s we had Joe Clark Conservative then John Turner, then Brian Mulroney. Mulroney was the only one in the 1980’s that was a real “statesman.” Clark, Turner and Campbell were embarrassments.

But I did okay in the 1980’s under Turner and Mulroney. Yhe Alberta economy despite whoe ever gets in will continue to roll along regardless. Brian Mulroney’s big claim to fame was the Charletown accord and the GST. But Kim Campbel only lasted for 42 days.

But even with Brian Mulroney 1984-93, the years were good. That wasn’t a reflection on him but a reflection on Alberta's economy. I was working steadily for the first 5 years and even during those topsy turvey days of 1989-94, I was still doing reasonably well. I didn’t need to be on UIC in the early 1990’s but I needed the break in between the Telerama and Camp He Ho Ha. Basically the political landscape on a Federal level has no affect on me personally. I was still in my 30’s in the early 1990’s.

More later.


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