Monday, January 30, 2006

the cat woke
me up from a deep sleep. I looked at my watch and it was 5:30am. Huh? So I got up to feed the cats and take my insulin and cereal and here I am. Nothing else to report right now. No email from Markus this morning. No reponse about the screen shot and the css file. Oh well.

I’m getting out of here at 3:30pm today so I can go get those test strips and I want to head into work as well. In theory. I don’t mind a long weekend once a month but three long weekends in a month is a bit nuts.

Also I’m about 40% of the way into Underworld rewrite #1. I’m at a slow part here. The passege is tough to handle but it needs working and I can’t take it out. Page 82/308. This rewrite is challenging but interesting. Except where I am now and it’s only one parragraph.
Anne is encouraging me to stay in for tonight. I wouldn’t mind just going in and get my test strips and come back and try and finish off Chapter 5 watch wrestling tonight and show up Tuesday for the 1pm shift. That’s probably what I’m going to end up doing. Run out of here at 10 or so and go pick those up and come back home, watch the news and hopefully do some more website coding and like I said finish Underworld.

Btw, the guest book is open. If your a regular reader of this Blog or even if your not drop in and say Hi. It's easier then you think and word verification is off though I edit out spam of course. See sidebar above the pixi weather boy.


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