Friday, January 20, 2006

hey, I got a reply from
Robert Sawyer’s Blog in the comments part about him coming to town on the 29th. It’ll be easy for me to get there because all I do is to walk down to the train and up the stairs and I'm right there Churchill square library. Easy. The reading, is at 2pm, so I need to be up at 12:30pm so I can walk down there to find my way around where he’s going to be. Also I want to get a copy of his book “Mindscan” if he’s going to be reading from that.

Anyway, I slept easy enough but short from about 5:30-11:30am because the caretakes knocked on our door to do the suite inspection. I got 6hrs and that’s enough for me.
I’ve got an hour to try and see what to do with this ftp thingy today and I want to do some bloging and work a little on Underworld. I want to try and get the initial edit out of the way by the weekend. Then I work on the Time aspects of the book. I’m going to highlight everything in green where Time is a factor to the story, right now it’s back to Underworld.

More later.


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