Wednesday, January 04, 2006

10:08pm not a very good day for the 2nd day back for a new year but I ended up doing $455 on OTH. So I think I was the lowest total in the room. Rob never said anything. I decided I’m going to go for the emergent meeting on the 21st and work that week afternoons and evenings. Because Transit has reduced service now over the “holidays” bus servicse is at a premium. I was late getting home because I normally would, if it’s there, catch that #183 Abbotsfield bus but I didn’t see it even there and it pulled out of the terminal and I ened upwaiting for ten minutes before the Northgate bus pulled out. Seemed longer

Anyway, I’m home and just waiting for Anne. I usually have from 9:45pm until 11pm when Anne gets home to make me some “lunch”. I watch the news for half an hour and back on-line from 11:30pmiah until 1amish. Spend somne time with my wife, and if I’m not tired I’ll either listen to Coast if it’s any good, or watch Dave. I lnow if I say his last name, keyword analysis would go through the roof. Basically I’m online,about 4hrs/day and more on the weekends.
Also, I did a bsl reading at 8:05pm and I was at 9.4 Very surprised at that. I think its been above 9 all day. Not good. So, this is the last week in our old office. Kind of sad really. I spent a good 5.2 years of my life there in that place. Lots of laughs and good memories. It’s where I met my wife. It’s going to be hard to get to the new place.

Looks like Anne is spending an all nighter there at her job and she might not be back until 11pmish or so. That’s all for now.


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