Wednesday, May 31, 2006

my wife didn’t
put out my cereal for me overnight but made sure I had the cat food alright. I was a bit peeved but I’m over it now but when I'm up feeding the cats etc I'm half awake so it would have made things easier on me. No big deal. I just did the cbi thing and reading a bit of Swain. I think, overnight I got 4 hours sleep and I’ll go back to bed soon for the rest. I’m going to read a bit more and head into bed.

well, that was an exercise in futility. After heading back to bed I kept turning and tossing. I think I slept for an hour and then back to T&T until 11am and the cats started coming in. Anne got up, I got up yeesh, so I went to the couch and put the weather channel on and my feet up and slept through that until just before noon.

Inxis was here last night at Rexall place while the Oilers get ready to face off either Carolina or Buffalo. June 5th We already know my team. For once in as many days now Rexall Place had something else to cheer about other then the Oilers.

So Daniel Craig is the recent James Bond in Casino Royale, which is in production. It seems this is a darker Bond then the rest of them but I still think Pierce Bronson played the best Bond. James bond is one of my favorite movie franchise. Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond. Out of all the James Bond actors Roger Moore played in more Bond flims and is my 2nd favorite Bond character. Roger Moore was in 7 Bond films. More then any other actor, even Sean Conerry. So this new guy has a lot of pressure. The movie could be out later this year.

Just having my first coffee and Anne went up to Walmart. We’d like to get one of those 50” Plasma TV’s but they cost a heck of a lot of money. Basically I’ve seen them for just under $2000G. I've seen the smaller screens but the 50" is just about right. I’m looking at the LG brand because of their viewing technology. If we get any more resource cheques from Ralph this year, we’re putting our money aside and take out a grand for one. I think the tv isn’t enough though. We have to get the tuner from our service provider and that’s a monthly expense. Does that mean we aren’t going to get one? Of course not. We already pay including Internet, $107. An extra $10/20 month isn’t going to kill us.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sure looks
like a nice day out there even though there is a lot of cloud. I couldn’t sleep very well last night. I think I dozed off there a bit during Coast. I got into bed about 4am and I had trouble sleeping but I think I past out about 4:30am and woke up about 6:30am to do the cbi thing and I past out and slept until 11:30am to watch the Rifleman. That and HGWT are about the two best of the old B&W Westerns, although I do like Annie Oakley and Roy Rogers. I like the half hour Westerns. They pack a lot in the limited time frame they have. Great stories. They don’t make tv like that anymore. I used to like the Space Channel before they merged it with horror elements.

Drinking my first coffee and dreading my way into work this afternoon. I hope I don’t run into Fantini. But if they want to send me home and suspend me for 2 weeks, I’ll take it. My wife has been wanting me to take a week or two off for a long time now. Since I came out of the hospital with having diabetes of June of ’04. I was so tired coming into bed after the cbi thing, I was grateful to work evenings. Still am. But if I get a suspension then I’ll pop into Anne’s work on the way home explain what went down and then I’ll go put my name in at other places and I’ll be looking at changing my job during that time. This always happens when Anne suggests I take the night off like I did yesterday and I’m left with the same sense of dread heading into work to face the music. Think I’d know better. I'm sure everything will work out okay tonight.

Anyway, not much on the writing front. I'm going to revise my last short story, "Crosshairs" after reading what I'm learning now. I'll make it a lot stronger and submit it not to the web but to print media. Anyway, that's all for now.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Anne talked
me into staying home tonight. Not that I really wouldn't mind going into work and all but well, ok. Since I'm not able to go to lodge Thursday because I don't have the lodge dues until at least June 8th. But I will be going to the emergent meeting.

Okay, I got to bed around 2am and I listened to Coast but I couldn't sleep. I stayed up watching tv for awhile and finally went to bed around 4:15am. I had a good 3 hrs sleep did the cbi thing and went back to bed about 7:45am and couldn't sleep right off. Finally around 8:20am or so, I managed to sleep until about 11:20am. I think I got a total of 7hrs sleep. Since I became diabetic I've never had a full 8hrs sleep. Some days I feel like I want to stay up until say 5am and sleep from 5-1pm. Uninterrupted. No distractions (other then to pee)

At about 4:45pm, I'm calling in saying I'm not feeling well. Bad back and all. I hope I can avoid Rob and the waterworks. I want to put some more hours in this week anyway. But tonight, I'm watching my 7pm wrestling and relaxing and reading Swain. I might be exaggerating though about the waterworks etc though. Hopefully I'll jusreceptionisteptioninst and I'll just talk to her. Or Will. Sigh. Other then that, not much going on for today. Just kind of laid back. I've got very little energy to put in another 4 hr shift today.

Weather wise, it's not bad out there. Overcast, breezy kind of day. We just paid our rent and Anne is going out for Pizza. Id like to put in some extra hours in this week starting tomorrow and do 1:30-9pm. Do that Tue, Wed, Thu including Fri night and Sat and I'll have 28.5hrs in.

As for now, I'm going to post this and make my Blog rounds. Finally, I'd like to take this time to thank all of my returning visitors for redribblethAnddrible. and to all that have stayed around 5 min or so to browse and read and to thank my subscribers as well. Thanks all for dropping by. I'm not out here to use this Blog to make money. I have a daily diary that I've kept up since May 12th 1980 and this Blog is taken out from what I'normallying normaly in that diary. Less of course personal or sensitive items. As long as I'm able to write in my diary, I'll keep Bloging here as long as Google makes this a free service.

Anyhow, that's all for today unless something else come up.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

I went to bed
about 1:20am after that half can of beer and listened to a bit of Coast and passed out. It was a good show for a Sat, I’m having my first coffee. I was up about 6;30am and I did the cbi thing, 13.7. Yikes. My bsl is always up at that hour in the morning anyway. No real surprise there. I went right back to bed and slept until just after 11am. I fixed my coffee had a sneezing episode here and a nature called and a bowel movement there. Whew. I’m back.

It seems there was a lot of action going on Whyte Ave last night. The crowds were still partying it down well into the mid-wee hours of the morning. The City closed off Whyte Ave to all traffic. There must have been ten-fifty thousand people down there. I heard on the news about 2am some nuts were on the roof of a local business on Whyte Ave and set a small fire. Fire crews were dispatched and quickly put the small blaze out. It seems also phone booths and bush shelters where smashed and some business had the windows broken. 15 Arrests were made five facing criminal records. More reports well be coming in at the noon news.

Anyway, here’s what’s on my plate today. Do my blog reading until brunch. Daniel Boone, Read Swain, go out for a walk, Swain, supper and round out the rest of Sunday night. Sundays are laid back for me. Anne is usually out and about but today is laundry day. We have out own washer/dryer set up here and because the dryer tumbler is smaller then the ones in the building it takes us longer to do the drying. Also, I’d like to watch the Sabers/Canes game sometime today. That might be in at 5pm.

I’m excited the Oilers have a “chance” to win the Stanley Cup. They haven’t been here since 1990. It’s a momentous occasion for the fans and the City as well. Game #1 of that series could begin Monday June 5th and it could be over by the 13th. Regardless I’m going to see the Oilers in a Stanley Cup finale game. The Copper & Blue will have 8 days off if the series stars June 5th. This one, Oilers in 7 and that will be a Saturday night game, June 17th it’ll be done. However if the Oilers take the first 2 games in Buffalo/Carolina, then I’d say, the Oilers in 5 and the Stanley Cup game could be on June 13th but the Oilers won’t win it on home ice. I still think this could go 7 games.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

the Edmonton Oilers
are going to the Stanley Cup Finale, and the City is going nuts out there.

The Oilers won 2-1 although it was a real nail biter the last 2 min. The horns are honking out there like crazy. Whyte Ave is Party Central. Now the team can have a few days off and face the next series for the Cup itself. Incredible, they beat out The top team in the NHL regular season, then they beat out SJ and if that wasn’t enough, they beat out Anaheim Ducks tonight. Now they wait until whoever comes out of the Buffalo Sabers/Carolina Hurricanes series. I’d like to see a Doug Weight, Ryan Smyth match up in the finale. I think the Prince of Wales Confrence is tied at two games right now. I think if that series goes 7 games, then the Stanley Cup finale could beging June 5th.

I'm one happy camper


well, work
went along fine. Will brought the “$2 donuts” in early and first half I had $520. Second half $930 was what I was left with but Will gave us 20 minutes on the break probably because he went outside to smoke a dooby. That’s not my bag but whatever floats your boat. Anyway, I had a “good time” on the job even though I did not qualify for any of the bonuses on the white board. What bugs me is the front 20, the cheap seats, they get a $10 bonus no less for the first person to $100. Yeesh.

Finally 2pm rolled around and I got out of there. I had a bit of a wait for the bus to Shoppers and I got my test strips. Then a longer wait for the next beus but I didn’t see the bus until the last second at the light as I was passing it, I could have got on but the light was changing. I let it go and waited as long if not longer for the next one then waiting for my test strips. I got the train without incident and home. Anne was still in bed just waking up and tired but wanted to go to the vegie market. I thought I could have a nap. No way. The cats woke me up scratching the door and I did manage to sleep but it was more then a rest.

Anhow Anne came home and relayed an experience she had on the mini bus with an unattended mountain bike when left unatended inside the bus no less. The driver swerved and the rear tire caught Anne just below her knee. The driver took down our phone number in case she needed medical attention or if there was an investigation needed. Those mountain bikes or any kind of a bike should not be on those buses unattended or otherwise. They take up way to much room and should not be allowed. Really pisses me off. Anne’s alright but her leg hurts like hell. Anyway, I’m going to go watch the news and get a drink, to get ready for the hocky game in just under an hour.

That’s all for now,

Go Oilers Go!


anyway I went
to bed about 2am and sleep came hard but I got some. How much, I don’t know. Maybe 5 hours. Okay, this is what’s on my plate today: In about half an hour, I’m out of here and into work 10-2pm this afternoon. Then I’m hopping on a bus to Shoppers by the old job site for my test strips and back to Carona station and then home. If I’m tired, then I’ll have a nap and then watch the Oiler game. If they win tonight, then I’ll be one happy camper but I think momentum has swung the Ducks way but the Oilers also play pretty good on the road. We’ll see. Then after the 7pm game I’ll continue reading Swain and round out the evening,

Yesterday when I got home, I was watching the movie called Dangerous journey, It had Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan and even Allan Hale, There was a lot of German dialogue, Of course black and white but it was a pretty good escape yarn.

Ooops, got to run, back later before the game.


Friday, May 26, 2006

okay yeah
the Oilers lost last night. The Ducks won 6-3. Ouch.

I go into work feeling fine enough and got my cheque. First thing that went wrong was I didn’t get my attendance bonus but everything else was there. Then, we had a total of 13 people and I doubt we’ll get our cheques on Thur anytime soon because of that. Also, the tap shooters that were there myself, Bud, Pat, had to do hard copy taps. Comedy Fest Saskatoon no less. I had all the $10/$15 taps while Pat and Bud had the larger ones but they didn’t do much with it either. I tried to get all of the $15 taps I could and there were a few $20 ones in there and by the end of the night, I still had a lot of $15 taps remain. I ended up doing $410. Not great. We were sent over to the business section and I had my radio on listening to the game on my tiny headphones. 1-0 Ducks right off. Uh-oh. The Ducks had 3-0 in the 3rd period. Then 4-1 and the Oilers began to make it interesting and 3-4 then 3-5 and that was about it in the late part of the 3rd. The Ducks scored into an empty net making it 6-3. That stung. So, unfortunately no sweep. However they go back to Anaheim for Sat and that’s a game I can watch. Good stuff. I think the Oilers will take the series there.

Obviously, I didn’t have a very good night. Rob screwed up on my cheque and we ended up doing hard copy and the Oilers lost. Anne made me a nice late lunch a few hours ago, so that was ok as it helped to nurse the "wound" as it were. I came home to watch some Smackdown and the news of the post game Oiler reaction.

On another note, I must remember not to rely on Bloger’s spell check. It’s a terrible application. Sometimes when I’m in a rush my blog spelling is awful. Such was the case earlier. Also this MS Works program isn’t that great either for that. I know my spelling sucks but if you can get past that, your a lot braver then I am. :-)

That’s all for now.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

uggh. I tried
to get to sleep but I stayed up listening to Larry Niven on Coast until 3:30pm and I watched The Rifleman until 4am and I decided, I may as well, stay up and read Swain and I got a lot of great information. I'm glad I stayed up and I learned some interesting things that will pay off I think eventualy. This has got to be about the best book on writing I've ever read. Just great stuff. Anyway, I did the cbi thing and went to bedfinelyly about 5:30am. I slept until about 11:40am and got up feeling drained and tiredOrdinarilyly I'd have some energy this time of day but it's diminished somewhat.

I'm also thinking when I finish this book on writing, I'm going to restart Et and utilize some of the tricks in the book and watch out for the Do's and Dont's that remain in this current draft. There is too much summary in the first couple of chapters. I want to have some summary in sequel. I don't know.

It's raining hard and fast out there. Since we got this session of rain, we've received about 22 mm of rain where we barely on average get 150mm of rain for the whole summer. Getting the rain is good though and we need it but I for one could use a sunnynney days in there as well.

So then, tonight is the big game at Rexall Place. The Oilers have the chance to do it all tonight. Win and they advance into the Stanley Cup finale. Lose and they go back to Anaheim. Tuesday night the Ducks had scored 3 goals in the 3rd period. Ouch. They feel momentum has swung their way and I think they're right. I hope I'm wrong though. I believe the Oilers can do it tonight but it's going to cost them. That's all for now.

Go Oilers Go.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got up
on the late side of bed this afternoon. I woke up and it was 12:30pm. So I think I got up earlier around 7am after going to bed by 2:30am. I got 4.5hrs and I went back to bed after the cbi thing. I took a bsl reading and I was at 14!!! Yikes but now it's 8.7 and is dropping as I speak. I went back to bed around 7:45am and I past out and woke up around 12:30pm. So I got 4.5hrs there and 4.5hrs before that, so that's a good 9 hrs sleep. Well after that passing stomach virus and all, I needed the extra sleep. I feel refreshed now and Anne is out and about at stupid store shopping for something or other. Shepherds pie for lunch.

I should also make mention of that crazy hockey game last night. The hollers had a 4-0 lead on Anaheim but blew it when the Ducks came on a stronger and scored 3 goals in the 3rd period. The hollers were fortunate they won the game 5-4. Rolly played awesome. Even the new guy Peterson scored. What a night. The Oilers are one game away from entering the Stanley up finale if they can win Tomorrow night. That was Anaheim's 13th strait loss in our building. They lead the Ducks 3-0 in the series but I fear the Oiler streak will come to a halt tomorrow night. Do or die for the Ducks.

I start back on my writing tonight after work and I'm going to try and finish this novel on time and then put it away for awhile and revise some of my short stories. Using the tools from Swains book. I call it Swain proofing. Or for short SP, hehehe. So this is a quick entery here as I have a fe other things I want to do and my blog rounds to catch up on. Pardon any typos.

that's all for now


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

uggh. I got
to sleep I think about 2am and slept until 5:30am and did the cbi thing. I went right back to bed and got considerably more sleep but about 9am I began to have as Anne says when the cats get fur balls a “boo, boo belly.” I couldn’t sleep and felt I had the beginnings of a the flu or something. I slept some more but about 10am I got up and went to the front room and turned on the tv, put my feet out and slept for about 40 winks. Anne gave me some ant-acid chewable’s and I feel a bit better. I’m still going into work today to collect the stat pay.

Anyway, not much going on. The Oilers are playing tonight. I’m going into work and that’s about it. So this is s short one for today. That’s all for now.

1:53pm: Update. There's a nice rare early afteroon rain coming down outside and rain like this brings out the lilac aroma in a big way. Coming home tonight the air will be splended. I love a May rain. We seldom get anything like this in the middle of the day here.

Go Oilers Go


Monday, May 22, 2006

Anyway, I got up
around 5:30am and did the cbi thing after 2.5hrs sleep. Then I went right to bed and slept until about 11 when Anne got up to go to the meet market. I slept until neighbors somewhere began pounding or hammering or something like that about 11:30am. So I got up about 11:40am-ish made my coffee and watched the last of The Rifleman, watched the holiday Monday news and came in here to fire up the computer and Anne came in just now and brought in some nice Lilacs. I have some fresh lilac bushes here, perfuming up the office. I need to get a picture of them. I love lilacs in bloom. Tonight, I'm watching wrestling and more reading this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I want to check in on that Pizza job and see what that's all about. If it looks good and they won't mind me coming in a few days/week, say from 11am-4:30, Thur and Friday, then fine. From what I've been hearing, is they pay about the same as the job I'm at now. If they can only pay me $8 hr, forget it. I'll go to Advan and work there at $11hr and do afternoons from 1-4 if they'll have me, from Tues-Fri. 12hrs/week is enough for me. I need batteries for my camera and other stuff. I'm also thinking about Epcor. They have a call center as well. matter of fact I think I might go to their website and check them out.

Well, this weekend was the big opener for the Da Vinci code. Other then MI3 and X-men, nothing really sci-fi coming down the pike although it's kind of early in the summer movie season. I wouldn't call MI3 or even X-men and even Superman, sci-fi. Since I'm not a fan of these 2 superhero types, really. I'd say they aren't in my genre and not worth my time (if it wasn't for Patrick Stewart in X-men) But I do kind of want to see the Fantastic 4 when it comes out on cable soon. I think the last real sf movie I really enjoyed was The Matrix trilogy. Well, I mean outside of Star Wars last year. The Matrix was fresh and original and I loved it. All three were awesome. I wouldn't mind owning them on DVD some day but I'm going to wait until I can get HDTV and that won't be for a few years yet. Or wait until when and if a backwards compatible HDDVD/DVD player comes out that automatically converts a DVD signal to HD format in real time. That might be asking a lot. Right now, I'm putting all that stuff on hold. Not a high priority.

Right now, I need to pay off my lodge dues and I need Ram for my computer and a laser printer/scanner. When I can afford it. This is why/hence I want the extra income this summer. And of course a rechargeable battery kit so I can start posting more pictures here. Also, books on my sidebar wish list are always a priority. As I buy one of the books, I'll remove it and place up another that sort of thing. After I've read it of course.

Okay, it's time to spell check this and put it to bed and do my Blog rounds.

All for now,


Sunday, May 21, 2006

I had a nice
brunch and watched Daniel Boone and then right back to reading Swain.

I wanted to write this weekend and do at least 10k on the story but I realize I've got a lot of work ahead of me. I had a nap there for about 40 winks as well after brunch. I might not have this novel done until Dec and ready a year from now. If that even. But once the first one is done the rest will come easier and faster down the pike. So no writing this weekend. Right now I'm getting an education and in an hour the Oiler game is on.

Go Oilers Go!


I slept like
lumber from when I went to bed from 3am until about 7:15 to do the cbi thing. I was only up long enough to do the cbi thing and back to bed. I past out until getting up to various times to pee. I got up at about 11:30am. All slept out. Other then to get up and pee and the cbi thing, I slept a good 8 hours. I’m refreshed and ready to get right back into Chapter 3 of Swains book. This book is a real eye opener. I’m learning stuff about the writing process I’ve never seen. Good stuff. For any new writer, I recommend this book.

The big movie blockbuster this summer seem to be MI3, then The Davency Code and then X-men. Not much for movies this summer but with the Oilers so far into the playoffs and all, I don’t really care about movies this Spring/Summer.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

I had a
pretty good night last night. I went to make a detour into Audrey's and my book was in. Then into the job and had a great evening doing $912 and a $25 credit card. I listened to the Oiler game and they won 3-1. Awesome.

I'm up at 7:30-8am-ish get ready do the cbi thing and then go into work to qualify for my stat pay and home for the weekend. Right now I'm reading Dwight Swain's book and it's slow but it's just setting things up.

Anne got a call in before she came home from her sister. I was watching the last of the Oiler game. We hope it's nothing serious, like her father dead. The man is 86 something and in a nursing home. We'll unless we die of unnatural causes, then that's where most of us will end up. Anne lost her mother in November just before Christmas and the last thing she needs is something like this on her long weekend.

I'm just happy the Oilers won tonight in Anaheim no less. And on the road. The Oilers even got a short-handed goal. Next game is Sunday night still in Anaheim but now the Oilers have"Home ice advantage."


Friday, May 19, 2006

Well, I got
$5. Better then nothing. So far I'm at 41,410k into Earth tones. I'm at a paltry 612 for the afternoon. My goal today is to get at least to just a little over 42k. Hopefully, I can get 3k done for Sat and maybe even 4k done for Sun and Mon. I anticipate having the story done by the first week in June. Then I scene proof the story and rewrite and then grammar check.Tinker, tinker and tinker some more . I figure the story should be ready for agent cover letter by Labor Day weekend. In theory. Then I work on my next book project.

I really wanted to get these work in Progress bars into my sidebar but I'm having some problems making them show and editing the numbers on a daily basis. I need that WIP bar program and among other things like the book, printer cartridge, Ram, it all costs money.

I have $22 and some change on me and I'm going to go right into Audrey's and see if the book is in. I'll take an xtra $20 from my lodge dues and next week I'll work those xtra hours so I can pay them at the last meeting before the summer break. If the book isn't there, then I'll just pocket the cash until either it comes in or my stat pay cheque, which will show up with the proposed extra hours for my lodge dues.

Tonight is game one of the Oilers/Ducks game in Anaheim and they've had a week off. We won all 4 games we played with them in the regular season but that doesn't mean a thing. I'd say this series will go 7 games. At least the Ducks won't boo Pronger but they could boo our anthem like the Shark fans did. My feelings about that are well, so what? They could have booed anything. They're fans. No big deal. Anyway. But like the first couple of games the Oilers will lose and will be battling back from typical Oiler fashion. Go Oilers Go!

Anyway, that's all from here.


I've been doing some
more work on Et. I'm titling Chapters and filling in kind of like a synopsis so when I reach that chapter I won't be stuck. Kind of like an outline within the story. I reached 40,793 and I hope to do at lest 41k today but I've been doing the outline/synopsis kind of thing and now it's time for bed after I do the cbi thing.

That's all for now.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Very nice out
there right now and very warm.

I got up about 5:30am and did the cbi thing and went back to bed. I think I got 7 hours sleep. I stayed up for an hour adding some back story to Et and I like what I got before heading back to bed.

This afternoon, it's off to work and I'm going to call Pizza because they called yesterday probabably about the job application and if I could come down for an interview. The reason why I left the other half of the application blank was because I was in a hurry for work. So, now I'll call them at the platform while I'm waiting for Anne and set up a time say tomorrow where I can meet with them and on my way out tonight I'll mention to Will that I could be a bit late (hospital/insulin) and if I'm a half hour late, he won't mind. I'm not trying to quite my current job, I'm just trying to get some extra hours and more pay in a different call center environment. In the meantime, I'm just setting things up. If I can work just part time, say 3 shifts, for now then fine. If management at my current job says "Sorry everyone but we are going to have to shut down the evening shift. It's not being cost effective enough to run." Then at least I'll have something to fall back on.

Anyway, I'm off to do my blog rolling routine. I'll get my cheque tonight (hopefully no AHC surprises) and I might watch wrestling. More then likely.


That was
a very convincing win. The Oilers scored first and nobody scored in the 2nd period. I was getting nervous. In the third, the Oilers scored and I was getting a bit edgy if it wasn't for that goal. Finally after a few hairy last 2 min the Oilers won game 6, 2-0. The City is still going nuts. The Oilers haven't advanced this far since 1992.

I met Anne on the train coming home and when we got to Rexall place there was hundreds of Oiler sweaters out there. It was very warm outside. I'd say about 28 and muggy. Anyway. I had another $1000 total tonight while listening to the Oiler game.

I got a bit of back story done and tightened up that part. Makes it more realistic.

That's all for now.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

man is it warm
out there. I think pushing 27 and we should get 31. Temps like that are rare here in the City.

I had a night off of the br and I ended up doing some writing until about 2:30am and I listened to Jim Marss on Coast last night. Good show. I slept util about 5:30am. I think I got 2.5hrs in and I was really tired and exhausted doing the cbi thing and went to bed right away. I was in bed by 6am and other then to get up and pee I slept for a good 5.5hrs getting up at 11:20am and I went to the front room, turned on the TV to watch what was left of HGWT and The Rifleman. Dan Blocker was in it from Bonanza. Actually pre Bonanza days. This episode could have been the inspiration for Bonanza.

Then while watching the news I got this huge cramp in my right calf just underneath the knee. Painful. Then I yawned and I got this cramp in my jaw, Not a good morning.

Anyway, E3 gaming/tech expo in LA is currently underway. Or over for all I know. Doesn't look like there is anything spectacular like last years show, with the news of the Xbox 360 release. I've been hearing all kinds of horror stories coming out of the Xbox 360. The gaming platform has some over heating issues no doubt among other issues. It's a good idea introducing next Gen games and all. I'll wait for another year until they've gota lot of the bugs out of it before I get an Xbox360. For now I'm just going to get a Sony Play Station. And even then, that won't be for awhile yet.

Right now I need to speed this computer up and that means getting some more Ram. I also have books I want to buy and one I've already ordered. I also want a decent printer and There are a few brands I'm looking at. Bottom line, I need some xtra cash.

Anyway, I did just over 1000 words so far on the day and closing in towards 40k mark. By the end of this month, I should be around 72k. I wanted to be around 80k. Possible, depends on how much I get done on the weekends. That's all for now. Go Oilers Go!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

uggh, I don't
feel to bad. I stayed up late and did some writing in Et and went to bed around 5am. I think I got just over 1,000 words done. It was warm in our place and overnight. Temps are supposed to rise to about 29. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get to 30. I did the cbi thing about 5am and that's when I went to bed. I think I might have had 5 hrs sleep. Maybe, But I had enough sleep from yesterday so I'm okay for now. Anne was restless all morning and that inspires the cats to roam around and keeping me awake.

In the news today Soduko is all the rage this year. The Numbers/crosspuzzlezzell and I'd like to try it. Looks interesting and I'm thinking about trying it out.

I'm on my first coffee and just a few minutes ago, it seemed half of schoolschooll behind us here came parading through our little pathway between us and Edmonton housing. I like hot spring days like this.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Anne went off
to get Pizza. I've got time to have a shower and that's about it. I ended up with 650 words on the day and not much more tonight. I want to watch wrestling when I get ho,me but I might just opt out same old same old. I don't expect anything big out of the show tonight and I'm all sports out since the game yesterday. Sorry about any typos. I'm a bit rushed today.


holy smoke!!!
Okay the ribs were good and the Oilers started scoring first. At the end of the 1st period they led 1-0. In the second period the Sharks scored. I thought, oh boy here it comes. But the Oilers scored and then the Sharks tied it at 3 each in the 3rd. Then the Oilers got a pp, 4-3 and the Sharks got two penalties in the same play. The Oilers scored goal 5 on a 3 man advantage with under 5 min left. Then a finale goal while the Sharks were short handed. I think the turning point was the short handed goal Smyth to Horcroft I believe. Anyway, the Oilers could take the series Wednesday at home. But my initial reaction could be forgiven as I think the Sharks were to play the favorite after Friday’s beating here in Edmonton. I still the the Sharks are going to win Wednesday as they are going to play desperation hockey.

After I watched the news I was going to take the garbage out and get some air but then Anne came down on me, “I’ve got a headache” and holy shit I couldn’t take her anymore, I had to get out and I’m glad I got out to get some air. I walked out the back and put the garbage between the bins because it seemed to be over loaded and some yokle dokle from the 2nd floor balcony said “In the bins.” I ignored the comment and headed towards Sifton school. It was warm and breazy and I enjoyed the air but I had the need to sit down and I wanted to find a place by myself in the warm evening breeze and I thought over there by the swings and as soon as I sat down some yokle interrupts my space talking on a cell phone. So I move on and decided to go over to the corner across from the church on 50th st. 136th intersection. I waited there for a good 10-20 min it seemed. I left shortly after seeing the bus heading south and I walked home.

My back was still a bit soar from walking, mainly because of this extra weight I’m supporting.
I cam in shortly after midnoght and Anne was wondering where I ws and I said out for a walk etc. Just to get away from her bitching. All is more or less quiet on the ranch for now. I really just wanted to get out of here and get some air.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well, I did
2,224 words on Et today. I liked what I got to. I'm at 35,368 and after the game I want to go to at least 36k and possibly to 50k by next Saturday.

the ribs are cooking Anne is doing her vacuming and I'm getting ready to watch the Oiler/Sharks game. Right now thanks to Buffalo, the Oilers are the only Canadian team in the NHL Playoffs, ousting Ottawa Senators 3-2 in OT last night. Of course Ottowa was down 3-1 anyway in their series. It was desperation time for them. I'm not expecing the Oilers to even win tonight. The Sharks were given an ass whoppin Friday night and now the Oilers are in the Shark tank, and it's payback time. The Oilers are going to be eaten alive tonight I'm affraid. Then the Oilers go back to Edmonton and will win it here forcing a game 7. In SJ no less, again. The Oilers regardless need to split the 3 game series now. They need to win in SJ and I don't think they can do it. If not tonight maybe Game 7 this Friday. SJ is just too strong at home. But then, anything is possible. The Oilers beat out the top team in the leauge the first round of the playoffs and they were the Underdog to Detroit. Talk about an upset.

Anyway, I'll come by and report the loss later.

I'm just glad I did my 2224 words today and well on my way to 3k. I could get to the halfway point of the book by the long weekend.

That's all for now. "Go Oilers Go!"


I think
next time if there is one and Anne and I move, I don't want to live in an complex. Especially those that have main floor apartments. I like smaller units where there is a manager on site and affable most of the time. This place we're in now has it's pros and cons. Pro's: It's close to the LRT and shopping facilities. Our rent hasn't gone up since about 2002. We have this nice wide balcony facing away from the hot summer evening Sun. Con's: We're in between Edmonton housing, there's always kids out crying and screaming. Too many people around. The traffic is horrendous. The pro's outweigh the cons of course but I can live with that. I like this place in some ways. It's easy to get downtown. A bus and a train ride and I'm at Carona station in 10 minutes.

I didn't get to much sleep this morning after I did the cbi thing and i didn't work on Et either or call the lodge secretary.

but it's back to work on Et.


Just sipping a beer.
and relaxing as we are about ready for bed. Anne is watching Knight Rider and I added another link to cruise in my blog strolling routine. I usually do this around 12:30-1pm everyday before I get to my writing. I hope to get to 35k today and possibly to 50k by the end of the week. Next weekend is a "long weekend" but I still have to work that Saturday even though Anne wants me to take the day off. I've been wanting to save up some cash and get some extra Ram for my computer. $220 bucks would do it. I also want to upgrade to MS Word because of the Document Map feature it has.

Also, I was considering going over to Warp1 maybe today and check out the sf collectives. But being diabetic I'll be up at about 6am and probably awake at the computer and get as much work on Et as I can. Then back to bed. I'll get up about 11 am work some more and then call the lodge secretary and see about making plans to get him over here to pick up my lodge dues. Then there's brunch and then "Daniel Boone." I like watching that while having my breakfast/brunch. That's on from 2-3pm. If the secretary can make it around that time, I can go out for a walk. Then get back to do some more writing on Et. The Oiler/Sharks game is on at 8pm and Anne is going to be making me a nice diner. That will take us until around 10pm. I'll so some internet stuff to round out our evening and then the br, Coast and pass out. I'll have to put Warp1 off until maybe next weekend.

Well, in theory that is.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

I never made
it to the lodge but I have my dues ready and I will call the secretary and ask if he can come by and pick it up maybe tomorrow afternoon before the hockey game.

I ended up doing just a bit over 3000 words on the day. My writing got a bit stupid there with a coffin like air-ship balloon. Yeesh. I know, it was about 460 words but that was crap even to me. So far the story is now at 33323k/102k, or 2/3rds of the half way mark.

I made a couple of posts to FM and wanted to contribute something to AGF but there was nothing there I found of interest. I also did a bit of jfk research and made a few posts to the ng.

Anne made us a nice rotisary Superstore chicken and she was out here and there all night getting plants and things from various places. I had a sweet tooth and I asked her to get me a cadbury big candy bar. Worst thing for a diabetic to eat. I took my bsl about 40 min ago and it was at 9.1. And I took out the trash and walked around the building and I was at 6.3. Exercise will always bring down my bsl.

Anyhow Anne and I are going to have ourselves a 5.5 % Alcohol beer later and listen to Coast for a bit and pass out after he br. 5.5 is just right for me. If it's higher in alcohol content It plays havoc on me and like spicey foods I don't enjoy them.

Speaking of foods, tomorrow Anne is going to make me a nice baby back rib dinner with all the fixins and of course with beer and I'll be watching that Oiler game. I think on at 8pm, which is about when we have supper anyway.

I was thinking about having a little sci fi corner of my own here when I get some money and have a little shelf for things like my Star Trek oraments burried in the back there and other items from my favorite movies etc. Mainly for inspiration purposes more then anything else. This is why I want to go to Warp 1 and do some shopping and see what they have. I'd like to get a small Star Trek wall clock I can have in here. I should see if I can locate one on Ebay.

Yes I still have the website up and running. it's not finished or anything like that as I've been on hold since about March working there with Markus. I still want to get working on it and I will when this novel is done, if he still wants to work with me.

Anyhow, that's about all for now. Anne came back from a dissapointing bottle run.


Oh my.
Well, the Oilers were on the ropes going into the 2nd 3-1. Then they got 3-2. I was getting excited. Then 3-3. I was ecstatic. Then the unthinkable, 4-3 Oilers. Then, low and behold: 5-3. No way. Then 6-3. I was freaking excited. We were let out around 8:15pm and I had my little walkman am radio listening to the hockey game in the parking lot outside the old Hobbits location. There was 4 minutes left Oilers 6 Sharks 3. They ended up winning 6-3. The horns were honking. The city was going nuts.

It was a beautiful night out there. Some dark cloud. Clear sky, sunlight, everything at once. It was a bit breezy but one of those nights where I could have stayed out longer. I caught the train as usual and at Rexall place Oiler fans were just emptying out of the building. It was an awesome night.

So On my way home loaded with wall to wall Oiler jerseys on the train I noticed my Northgate bus pulling into the station. People were cheering horns honking as if the Oilers had won the Stanley Cup itself. There's lots of hockey left before that ever happens.

Anyway, AHC is done. If all goes well, they won't take anything off my cheque. I forgot to give Neil a call to see if he's heading up for Super Saturday. I might just go for the 2nd part of the meeting or even just to go to pay off my lodge dues and get them out of the way. but that's all for now. It's off to bed.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Was offline
for awhile from midnight until now. Our bill has been paid up long ago, no worries there. Seems we're just facing some ISP temporary troubles.

So before the br I ended up doing a just over thousand words and at the 30275 word mark. I plan on having the book about 102K in that area. I should have the second rough draft completed. I like where it's going even though it's a bit tedious in spots. There is lots of character development and my pov is a lot tighter here even if the grammar isn't there the story is and that is what counts right now.

More later.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

that was a dismal
exerise. We did TD optimist taps and that was a dud. I ended up with about $89 bucks and then we did asb taps and I fared better. I could have written a $1000 night again as I ended up with $705 but the first 1.45 min did me in. Oh I also ended up getting my cheque today and $15 in bonuses. Not to shabby. No AHC taken off. If all goes well and we get them done tomorrow and down at AHC for subsidy, I might be able to void having anything taken off my pay next week.
I’d like to watch wrestling but I’d also like to write and complete my 2000 words on the day. So lets see how much I can get done before 11pm and at least watch the last hour of the show.

Also, because Anne got her pay-cheque in she gave me $100 bucks plus I got $20 COH and I’m happy about that. The $100 bucks is to pay for my lodge dues. Plus what ever I get out of this cheque. And Will knows I won’t be in for Saturday. Everything is looking good.

Well, this week is diary week. 26 years ago this week Mon May 12th is the anniversary of this diary. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it when I die in snother 15-20 years or so. but I might surprise everyone and live until I'm 89 something :-)


The Oiler/Sharks game went into triple OT and the Oilers won early in the 3rd OT3-2. They now are within 1 of coming back from behind a 2 game loss in NHL playoff history. Only 2 other teams have ever done it and the last time a team had come from behind was back in 1975.

I didn't do the xtra words to get over 29k but I will during my next session.

Anne and I are going down Friday to take care of AHC and I informed Debbie at the office and she's going to let head office, Calgary, know right away I put my subsidy in. Work went slow but I informed Will that I'll be off on Saturday for Super Sat. If all goes well, I hope to pay my lodge dues and have a nice relaxing day. Go Oilers. Go! !

That's all for now.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ended up
doing just over 1500 words on the day for Et. not to shabby. My goal is intact as I'm about to pass the 29k mark. I'm currently sitting at 28,877 so I hope to get over the 29k mark this afternoon or tonight after the Oiler game.

Other then that not too much going on. It's off the job thing at 4pm and into work. Tomorrow we're going to go into AHC leave here about 2:30pm and get some lunch at Taco Bell in City Center mall and then over to AHC and take care of that. I think this afternoon I want to go into Audrey's books and see if they have any of the books I want to pick up in my sidebar and go in and pick up something. I can only pick up one book. I'm a slow reader so I can only read one book/month.

Tonight at work, we're doing ASB again and I doubt there's another $1,000 total in there for me but in case there is, it's going to help my bank. That and I packed up my little walkman for listening to the Oiler game tonight. I think there's only been 2 teams in all NHL history that have ever come back from a 2-0 series loss. If the Oilers can pull off the near impossible then wow. Even more so if they can wwin tonight. I believe they will win tonight. I still stand by my prediction, SJ in 6. I should be home about 9:30pm and I might catch the 3rd period in progress.

After that back to work on Et. Go Oilers Go!


Ended up
doing just over 1500 words on the day for Et. not to shabby. My goal is intact as I'm about to pass the 29k mark. I'm currently sitting at 28,877 so I hope to get over the 29k mark this afternoon or tonight after the Oiler game.

Other then that not too much going on. It's off to the job thing at 4pm and into work. Friday we're going to go into AHC leave here about 2:30pm and get some lunch at Taco Bell in City Center mall and then over to AHC and take care of that business. I think this afternoon I want to go into Audrey's books and see if they have any of the books I want to pick up in my sidebar and go in and pick up something. I can only pick up one book. I'm a slow reader so I can only read one book/month.

Tonight at work, we're doing ASB Edmonton (probably) again and I doubt there's another $1,000 total in there for me but in case there is, it's going to help my bank. That and I packed up my little walkman for listening to the Oiler game tonight. I think there's only been 2 teams in all NHL history that have ever come back from a 2-0 series loss. If the Oilers can pull off the near impossible then wow. Even more so if they can win tonight. I believe they will win tonight. I still stand by my prediction though, SJ in 6. I should be home about 9:30pm tonight and I might catch the 3rd period in progress.

After that back to work on Et. Go Oilers Go!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

that was a
much better night then last night. I ended up doing $1,225 and 50 in credit cards doing All star baseball. Good stuff. I felt better about that.

When I came home,Anne was waiting for me. I’m going to AHC tomorrow and file for my subsidy and get that taken care of. On the way home tonight the Sunset was a beutifull color casting a red/pinkish tint to the clouds out West and the buildings by stadium. If I had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture.

I fired up the computer as soon as I got home and I ended up doing 2,104 on the day for Et.


Will was playing the top 6 qualify for Taps game on us last night. TD taps as it were anyway. I had $25, 1 sale by 6pm. Obviously I didn’t qualify. I had $25 right up until 7pm even and I thought I was going to be sent home. If we had a full house I would have and I’d be on my way home to watch the hockey game. I got 11 sales all night and I ended up with $145. Dismal and it was really tough going. It's times like this I hate my job. Getting that wasn’t easy. And not even JT got over $400 on taps and they were on;y on Taps from 6-8, for 2 hours and back to the front 20 for the last hour. Anyhow, I was glad to get out of there and on the lrt platform and home. It was very windy walking and raining across the street out there and home.

SJ was ahead 1-0 as the start of the 2nd period was just getting underway. It was tied at 1 going into the third but the Oilers took a suspect penalty and SJ scored, 2-1 late in the third. It was brutle. I went to watch wrestling. The only good thing about that was JR back. I channel surfed all night between RAW and the hockey game. The Oilers will play again Wednesday night here and I think they will take it here. SJ fans were all over Chris Pronger (he loves it) and the Oilers just when they got some momentum going they get into penalty trouble.

Anne made me a nice lunch of canned pasta and a bun. I’m very tired but I feel alright.
I guess last night the Grinder resturant burned down over there by the Heart & Stroke foundation over night last night. When I was working there that’s where some of us went for lunch.

I got up at 5am and came out here to fire up the computer. It’so warm in here, I’m drying up like before when I was diagnosed with diabeties. Before bed I got the idea of making my short stories into Novellas. I want to do High Risk Assesment, Dark Intruder, Corsshairs, Liftoff all as Novellas. 50,000 words.

For some reason McAdams’s alt.jfk server is down and I can’t read any of the threads today. I hope he gets the problem fixed. It could be at my newsreader server’s level as well. Could be at that end but it reads mcadams on the notice.

Speaking about Novellas elsewhere, I could write one in a month and because Novellas are large short stories, I can write them out the same way as I do short stories. In the 7 point plot methood.

I got up at 5am and fired up the computer, wrote in the above and I did some work on Et, just over 600 words.

I did dome bsl readings today,and I don’t like where the numbers are headed.12.7 at 1:20am this morning and 13.0 at 5am. I’m going to check now.

well. I’m sitting at 9.0. Of course I had the last 16/units of insulin left out of 18 because that was the end of the tube. Still it’s coming down a lot a nice walk out there will bring it down even further. Some days are high, some are low.

well, I ended up doing 1,700 words on the day. Not bad. Anne did a bottle run and came back with this story how the wind blew out $5 dollars that she got from the bottles because it was so windy out there.

She's had a tough day what with bank trouble and now going out there only to lose $5.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Just a
quick note today. I ended up getting just over 1000 words done on the day.

I got up around 7am thanks to Sparky flapping a tail in my face. I did the cbi thing and worte for anhour getting hald of my word count quota done for the day (the big game tonight ;-) ) All, in all I got a good 7 hrs sleep in and I'm off and ready to go into work.

As for Et, I'm at 25k and a bit over. 25k/100k. I got a long way to go.

It's overcast out there and a tad on the cool side today. This week marks the 26th aniversary of my daily journal. the one I kept wiriting almost daily by hand. One of these days, I'm going to get them all together and take a picture. Won't that be a site to see?

Anne's doing the dreaded vacuming now and about ready to come in here, so i'm going to post this shave and have my shower and head into work

all for now.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Oilres
lost tonight but they'll have a reaction and when they play tomorrow they'll figure out what's going on. Tonight's game wasn't a blow out or anything and the score was 2-1. It could have easily gone into ot. I'll be at work tomorrow night but if Anne's off Tuesday, I'm going to try and come in Tuesday afternoon and dos some afternoons this week. That way I can take say Wed or Thur night off depending on when the Oilers play after Mon. Game #3 could be Wed/'Thur. I don't know for sure.

A big Thanks goes out for Butch from Amazon discusion board for helping me out with the image links html code. The links are only for information purposes only but these are the books I want to pick up for this quarter. Again a big thanks goes out to Butch.

All in all, I had a great weekend despite having to work yesterday all but Super Saturday is coming up and I will have that Saturday off and I will put in a few afternoons this week. Tues/Wed. And of course evenings to make up for it so I can still get my atendance bonus.This way, I'll have 25hrs in there before you know what takes off my cheaque. I might even out in 3 afternoons.

That's all for now.


I got up
around 5am and fed the cats. I slept until 9am and got up to take my insulin and eat my cereal. I wrote for an hour and went back to bed and surprised I got up at 1pm! Anne made us brunch and I watched Danial Boon and came back in here about 3pm to write. I got 2000 words done on the day. In an hour I’m going to prepare to watch the hockey game and after the game, time to get back at it. I hope to do 3k worth of words on the day. At the moment 23,050. I’d like to make it to 24k for the weekend. I should be around 80k around by the end of the month. If I can keep the pace the novel will be done around June 10th.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

to add insult
to injury I end up messing my bus so I walk down to the lrt. That’s okay, I needed the exercise. I paid my ticket got down to work with plenty of time to spare. I got my doughnut. We were doing the Optimist Club and had about maybe 8 of us doing it. Except for a few we were all pretty well in just under $300. I ended up with $194 plus a few credit cards. I got 2 sales back to back. I was still a bit miffed that Anne had taken the bus pass. Break time and I had a better second half. Just as we were ending shift there’s Anne. She popped over with the bus pass and we cleared that up.

I still wanted to go over to Audrey’s and Anne came with me in the light rain. They didn’t have the book I wanted so I had to special order a copy. But $30 bucks. Yikes. Well. I’m sure I’m going to use it. We went down to the Carona lrt, Anne gave me a ticket and she got off at Churchill and I continued on the way to Clairview and home. I just relaxed for awhile and then I went and tried to nap from 4-5ish or so. No luck. I’m not tired or anything.

After my "nap" I fired up the computer and did some more Et. I added some back story and I think I got 2000 words today. I might do more yet. Maybe finish off Chapter 12.
Anne made us Pizza earlier and I took my insulin. My bsl is under 8 all day. So that’s a good sign.

That’s all for now.


Anne took off
out of here about 10 min ago for S.S and she’s got the bus pass. I only realized this just now. I just assumed it would be up there. She’s so caeless with that thing. She might be back when I leave try finding her in that place is like a black hole.

Okay, I just took a bsl reading, sitting at 8.8 and I took the title down of Swains book I’m going to order this afternoon at Audry’s. I’d have like to have gone to Tims for a cofee on my way home, but it looks like I’m spending $4.50 on bus fare today. Thanks Anne. I just assumed the bus pass would be on the top of the fridge. That makes me mad.

Okay, Jim. Breath. I got the break from last night and I was passed out about 2:30am but got up a couple of times to pee and feed the cats and went back to bed. Before I did that though I ended up doing almost a 1,000 words on Et and I had to go back into the story and put in some “back story.”

On a bit of a distressing note here the people above us are moving. It seems their lease is up and she lost her job cleaning in a hotel when it changed management. They are an older couple and have been here for at least as long as I have and as long as Anne has if not longer. The place was quiet other then the people downstairs. They were quiet, and now when they move out at the end of the month once management here guts the place and fixes it up, it’ll be for rent and some crack heads will lbe moving in.

Still waiting for Anne to return and gradually waiting to leave. Knowing her she’ll be there all morning.

Anyhow, time to blog this.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Anne and I
went to bed around 3am and listened to the top Coast stories of the day and past out by 3 I was snoring away. I think. I got up at 7am, so I had a good 4 hrs sleep and when I went back to bed about 7:15pm, I made a sketch of the Air-bikes I’m using in Et. After the cbi thing, I went to bed. I slept soundly until about 11:20am. So, I think I got a full 7.5hrs in. Not counting the time to get up and pee, that sort of thing.

The light came on when Anne and I were on the train. I realized that if at any time Rob/night management wanted to send me home because I had a low total. I’d say sure. I could use a night off but that would only be,if I had a slow evening and a full phone room. But I don’t need to worry about that at least for now. Even if management sends me home in the morning shift, that’d be different. The realization was that Anne’s working and if I get sent home at least she can pull up the slack, so I’m not worried. I would still like something to fall back on and Pizza is a good choice because of the hours. Or surveys during the afternoon. I could try out Advanis as well. I like Pizza because of the hours.

I checked the job bank and there isn’t much mostly vacation packages that type of thing. But lots of call centers don’t advertise and that isn’t specific to just Edmonton. The unemployment rate right now here in Edmonton is a whopper 3.5%. It hasn’t been that low since August 1981 and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Since I ended up doing that 6k and 1000 words I’ve done 8k on the week. I haven’t written anything since Tuesday but I’m going to do some more tomorrow and maybe do another 3k. That would make it 9k on the week. Et keeps rolling along.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

having a
slow day today. After Anne, I tried to sleep but about 4am all I was doing was lying in bed so I got up did some internet stuff and did the cbi thing before 6am and I slept from there until 11am when I got up to watch HGWT and Rifleman and the news.

I got another 14 blog links I want to add to my blog list and I hope to get to most of them. I don't want to stretch the list too far though. These are all sf/f related anyhow.

I didn't get any writing done on Et yesterday but I will tonight when I come back from work. Wrestling is always good but Et is more important then wrestling.

In the NHL playoffs, out west here, it's going to be Oilers/SJ, Anaheim/Denver. East: NJ/Carolina, and Ottawa/Buffalo. the Oilers owned SJ in the regular season but SJ made some great trades during the trade deadline this spring. they got Joe Thorton and some other key players. Oilers beat SJ 3-4 games in the series. But game #1 and game #2 is in SJ. I look to have SJ take it in 6. Sorry Oilers but you may have got the upper hand in the regular season but don't reast on that. SJ in 6 possibly 7. If NJ is knocked out by Carolina then we will have a new Stanley Cup winner seeing as how Ottawa took out Tampa. I think this year it'll be Carolina and anyone of the 4 teams left out here but just not the Oilers. They have the tools to do it but I think the league has other ideas.

that said, the plan tonight is to just go into work make a pit stop at the job bank and then into work. Go through the motions there, what with what we got to work with and all. I wanted to go into the lodge tonight. Looks like Super Saturday is out as well. but I will take in the last lodge night before summer break, and any emergent meetings in June.

Well, lets spell check this and do some blogging.


it's Calgary out. So, that means it's Colorado and Anaheim and Edmoton vs San Jose. The first one will be on Sunday and I've got a 6pm Sunday front row seat.

Later on today I'm going to try and get another 1k of words in. but right now it's tome for bed.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I know why there is no image in my "Wish list" of book cover images. Because there is no title of the book in the html. I wonder why this isn't included in the original html code? Oh well, I can't worry about this now as I'm about ready to head into work.

More on this later.


I just took
a bsl reading and I went from 9.1 down to 8.0. I slept alright from 2:00am until the cats had other ideas waking me up at about 4:30am. So, I got up did some internet stuff and posted a message on the Amazon Help line. Lets see if I got any replies.

I got a few replies and one said they responded 2 days ago providing instructions. I looked around for the post but couldn’t find it. Maybe it got lost in the wrong forum. I replied back so lets see what happens. I like the idea of posting book covers of books I'm currently reading, Right now, not much. I can put new boobk cover images up say every 3 months to let people know what books I’m currently reading at the time. Adds another dimension to my blog. Hopefully that person will respond back.

Today, I’m going to do some more writing and finish up with 2k on the day. I got lots of time to meet my quota. I’ve already got 1k and a bit “in the bank.”

So, today is the Calgary/Anaheim in Calgary. If the Flames win they go on to play the Oilers in round two and game #1 of that series should go underway Sat night, the so called “Red Mile” will go nuts. If they lose, then Edmonton faces off against SJ. A lot of people want to see the “Battle of Alberta.” If it happens then I’d say the Flames in 6. If the Oilers face SJ, then I’d say the Oilers in 7. If Calgary wins tonight down there at the Saddle Dome, then there will be a “Battle of Alberta”, and it won’t be pretty folks. Calgary has had the Oilers number all season and with their goal tender, shudder. I’d say Calgary in 5. A lot of hockey fans want to see this match-up. First time in almost 15 years a Flames/Oilers match-up in the play offs. In a way I do as well and Calgary is the favorite to win it all tonight. But Edmonton might fare better against SJ in the next round.

On another note, the Canadian dollar has reached an all time high since 1977 sitting at just over 90.cents/US. Soon if this keeps going up the Canadian dollar will be on par with the US dollar but the Canadian dollar is a small market when it comes to international currency. The down side is Oil went down a $1.70 something still strong at $72 but it was released today that there is a lot of supply left. Interesting.

Personally I like the new budget Ottawa posted. There are tax credits for bus passes and anyone that has a job will get a working tax credit. $500 this year and $1000 next year. Nice to see the Feds giving something back.

On the Sci-fi scene, this month is the release of the new MI3 movie. I think this summer is going to be a slow summer/for sci-fi movie/tv fans. I don’t see any huge block busters in the works, other then the new Superman offering and I wouldn’t call that a blockbuster. It’s not in the same league as Star Wars or Star Trek.

Time to blog this and get to Et.


That was
an awesome writing run I did yesterday, 3,150 words. Very happy.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I did
over 2,220 words so far today and because there is no hockey tonight (thank god) I'm going to try and reach 3k later tonight. I'm just working on Chapter 10 and just about 19k. Not too shabby.

that's all for today.


Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm glad
that Anne talked me into taking the night off.

My bsl have been out of whack all day. But I stayed home because I wanted to watch the Oiler game and I was wiped out. Still very tired and a bit burned out from a long week last week and only one day off over the weekend.

The good news tonight is my Edmonton Oilers have defeated the top team in the NHL in a 6th game in some amazing last minute heroics. They advance to the second round. Good stuff. Next up is my wrestling.

Also, I was able to get my 2,102 words in today bringing the story in at 16,490/100k. I don't know how much I'll get done tomorrow because I'm in early at noon.

Other then my bsl's I'm having a pretty good day.