Thursday, January 12, 2006

10:03am the people above us are having dome repairs done to their premises which woke me up about 8:30am. I think I had just about 3hrs sleep and it looks like that’s all I’m going to get today. Thanks for nothing. For the most part they are quiet enough tenants except for today and, this might go on for a couple of days or just all day. If those caretakers were worth what their paid should have let the people above and below the repairs know in advance what to expect over the next couple of days. I call that just being rude.

9:46pm Yeesh, well this is a good news bad news day. Today Anne got her Vacaton pay, which was a nice unexpected blessing and the banging and construction ended around 1pm. Anne made us a nice pork chop potatoe dinner and we went to work. I was tired and wiped out and couldn’t make it to the Health Sciences station as I like to just relax on my way in so I got there early. Just before break Rob sort of lowered the boom on me and admonished me for taking ion the cans. I made a comment and Andrew squeeled on me so Rob called me into the Office. We had a talk and the whole idea of collecting the cans was to help build up a company sosical fund. I can understand that and I also said that how he could have fired me at anytime because my totals were low etc and he said he won’t do that because I’m part of the “Family” I understand though what he means. So, Anne’s going to be a bit upset by this but she’ll get over it.
Also on the good side, they over charged me by an extra 3 hours so I got 18.5hrs instead of the 15.5 I was ordinarily supposed to get plus I got my stat pay. If I get a good sleep then I might come in for tomorrow afternoon. This way I’ll get 18.5 next week and my $15 bonus.
Otherwise, I had a slow night, with doing only $350. That’s okay Rob knows I can do the job. He’s not to worried. I’ll always have a job there that’s for sure.

Earlier when the calls were coming in slow I tried to do some writing of Chapter 8 of Underworld but the calls spead up again. Anyway, onto wrestling. That’s all for now


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