Friday, January 06, 2006

1:10pm I slept great from when I got back to bed until just shortly before 1pm. I had some trouble getting back to sleep from about 7:15amish or so and lost an hour just lying in bed dozing off. But I’m pretty sure I got to sleep pjust before 8am. So that gave me a good 7.5hrs. I’m a happy guy. I’ve got a coffee here and I’m rarin’ to go. Oh, btw, I'm back on-line.

Anne left my paycheck here and when I came into the office to fire up my computer I noticed that the computer had been adjusted. She put the keyboard ontop of he monitor over the plastic covering wher I had it down from earlier. Good girl. So, this tells me she received her pay from work and left my check behind.

Now if I get that $20 and the $20 I got here, I’m going to pay Grant MacCewan College (GM) a call, possibly tonight to not only check out their operation and possibly to buy a one year membership. Hopefully this will give me access to everyting. I figure I can get off at 9pm as they are closed at 10:30pm. This will give me at least an hour work out every day. And they are not that far away from me as well. I can walk down 1 block from 106th to Audreys books and walk from Jasper Ave to GM in about 10 min. Go to my locker get changed and ready for my work out from 9:30pm-10:30pm. I can go 4 nights a week and on Sat for a longer workout. But at $38 bucks a month, I don't know yet. I should see if they just have a pay as you go kind of a thing. I can also do my writing like I normaly do still work the extra hours and do both lodges when I get ready to sign up for the Royal Arch.

Also, if I need any books, I can get them from Audreys go the other direction off the train instead of the First Edmonton Place building. The new office isn’t going to be so bad. We’re going to be right behind the FEP building, where evreynight, I’ll be walking through the ghost of the old Hobbit’s fantasy shop location.

What’s going to be great about this approach to my new life this year is I will have plenty of time, to Blog and diary work because it’s virtually one and the same thing. Most of what you read here is in my personaly diary, except I open my diary up with, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” and close it up with, Love is the law, love under will” Well, because I am a Thelemite of course. Basicly it’s Thelema/Masonic/Neo Pagan Conservative. I should get a link to all of that. Ahem, anyway, I’ll be able to spend a lot of time working on my writing/internet and still have time to do my workout and have my weekends off and do my writing and work the extra hrs. This will still give me my 25hrs/week online and everything else.

More later.


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