Sunday, January 15, 2006

I got an out of the blue email and an invitation to send one of my stories out to an ezine. I like webzines. I got the two Blog links and I left a comment on each. Thanks Keith.

Anyway, I was listening to Coast earlier and Ian had Tracey Twyman discussing the Masons and the US dollar bill. Very enjoyable. I listened until 3am when the show was over, our time. Preiviously to that I watched the Oiler game and they lost to Ottawa, 5-3. They were doing pretty good there for awhile and were tied at 2 but the 2nd period did them in. Then I watched “Smith & Smith” and “Knight Rider” and that’s when the kids down the hall again began pulling the fire alarms again. I thought I'd go up a couple of floors to see if I could I spot them and identify them. I met the security guard in the hallway keeping an eye on things. He's on top of things and they haven’t been bugging us since. I tried to sleep but it’s been so hot in our bedroom even with the fan on.

It was 3:35am and I couldn’t sleep seeing as how I’d be up in about an hour and before that just as Coast was coming to a close Silky my grey angora cat leaps off the dresser beside me and lands right on my bare arm and scratches me as I reacted with a yell. That’s the second night in a row now that he jumped on me. The pic of him in that photo is from about 4 years ago but the link won't open. I need to get some pics of our cats up.

I took another bsl reading and my bsl has gone up to 11.8! It hasn’t been that high in awhile.

As for the Oilers well, they play I think Buffalo Sabers are coming into town and that will be on Monday. Calgary beat out Minnesota Wild so that preserves the Oilers finale playoff spot anyway. I think. But the Oilers need to beat teams like Ottawa to get anywhere if they want to make it past the 2nd round of the playoofs. If they get in.

Yesterday I worked on the type-ins to “Underworld.” Chapters1-5. These were mainly minor changes. The real big stuff comes latter on. Still that’s quite a significant move. I hope to do another 5 Chapters later today, which is why I’m getting my Bloging done now. I may pop in during the evening for a bit. So, this is about it for me. I may pop in latter on though.


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