Monday, January 09, 2006

4:42am we watched Knight Rider and I had some soup and a bun and we managed to get into bed about 2:30 when some F$cking kids from this hall began playing with the hallway fire alarm waking everybody up.The fire dept came over and Checked everything out. I hope the caretakers get a fine. They were no where to be found according to Anne. One tenant even had his cat in a cat cage outside she told me as the fire trucks came in. The lady across the hall from us had her daughter up and it was the same kids banging on our door running down the hallway she said and knocked some pictures off her wall. I never could get back to bed. We ended up listening to Coast on a rebroadcast of Arts show and I’m about ready to post this, take my insulin go to bed and try and get some sleep. Anne suggested I stay home if I want to but what with the new office opened up and all, I figure I better show up. Besides I want to make some more cash this week so I can save up for my lodge dues.

About “Revenge of the Sith” I’d rate that about a 6-10. It was okay but nothing spectacular. I don’t think any of the recent round of the new Star Wars installment was all that great. I’d rate them all about the same. I think the best Sci-fi movie of the last year was “I Robot.” and I think it was a 2004 release. Prior to that was the release of “The Matrix.” Nyhow that’s all for now. I’m getting way to tired.


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