Monday, January 09, 2006

3:30pm I had enough sleep after I went to bed around 5am working on ideas for Lb. I’ll be posting a graphic up soon and taking down some others. Anyway after I got back to bed at about 5:15am I was able to sleep right through until noon. Anne talked me into taking tonight off. I’ll go in for the afternoon tomorrow and work 7hr shifts this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get 27.5 hrs in.

So tonight then its wrestling and more work on Lb. I’ve been working on the jfk assassination newsgroup advancing my theory of a non-LN Oswald theory under the Castro thread.

9:15pm I managed to log into my ftp and there are files there but I can’t find where my GL files are. So I emailed Markus for some help. I’m not sure if config.php is supposed to be uploaded into my admin navigation. If so once config.php is there how do I enable it so I can use it? Same for other files. Mainly I need to know how to use ftp.
The good news I have my Neo counter back. Sort of.

Wrestling was good tonight.

Tomorrow my Bloging will be at a premium. Might even be so for the rest of the week, as I want to begin some afternoon hrs. Tomorrow, I’m up at 10am, which will give me an hr and a half on-line. Then I get from about 9:45pm until 11pm. That’s 1hr 15min. Then I can go from 11:30-1am. So, just over 3hrs 15min/day, during the day’s I’m actually at the job from 1:30-9pm. Normaly I get about 4hrs/day Mon-Fri. If not a bit more on Friday. I’d about 16hrs Mon-Fri. On the weekends I’m usually on-line 8hrs Sun & Mon. So basically 32hrs/week.


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