Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not much going on today, except heading back into work. I slept on the couch because Annw was up for awhile hacking and wheezing with a bronchial condition. I stayed up until 5am when I went back to bed but that’s when all this began and I had trouble sleeping anyway so I went to t the couch and slept on the couch. Or tried to. I think I might have about 4hrs sleep today but I don’t feel to bad at the moment.

I’m getting plenty of tech help from Markus I gave him root rights to my website. There isn’t much there right now but it’s still a work in progress as I’m just learning this from scratch. Also, I’m considering changing the title of Underworld to The Insiders. Yes I’m aware of the novel of the same name. I might slightly change it to something like Insyderz. I realize there is a Gospel/Ska band of a similar name as well. I’ll keep looking. Tonight when I come home, I’ll be working on the first type ins for Underworld. That’s it from here for today.

e. Jim

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