Thursday, January 19, 2006

well, I went to bed
just after 5am and I slept right through until noon. Seven hrs. That was good. Then I watched a bit of the news and relaxed, read and answered my email did some Bloging on other peoples Blogs, see links right. I’ve still got one or two more to get into and I might even get to do the brief edit on Chapter 12 this afternoon. I completed the brief edit on Chapter 11 early this morning.

Anyway, my mout feels a lot better. No pain, nothing. My wife got her pay check in her bank direct bank deposit and my company still hands out checks every Thur. I get paid once a week and have been getting a weekly paycheck since Sept 2000, where I work now. That’s all for now. Tonight, there’s wrestling and I might catch that. We’ll see. The Oilers are playing as well.

Also, I want to call Neil at work and see what he’s doing for the Lodge for Sat. If he’s going for the morning or the evening part. I hope he’s going for the morning one because I want to catch the hockey game Sat night.


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