Monday, October 31, 2005

I've got a bit of an

idea for "Cross Hairs" and I'm still developing it as I go along. I'm thinking I should have all the details down on paper by the end of the week and I could even begin writing on Thursday because I'm off Thursday for Lodge work but I want to put in a few afternoons this week as well. Probably Tues and Wed. I might even have the whole story written in one day if I have all the mechanics set up. I'll probably begin Wednesday night and go hard on the whole story and finish it by Thursday or Friday. Then I'll get out a hard copy and work at the story for a few weeks and get my next story ready for next month.

As far as I'm concerned webzines are paying markets. When I get about 3-5 stories published I should be able to have a nice body of working reference material to market to an agent and well on my way to my next stand alone novel before I begin work on "Starside" Ideally I want the stand alone novel to be written up and completed so I can have on my cover letter my publishing credits and the "first novel" completed. Maybe even have 2-3 novels completed and shop them around before Starside. That's about all for today.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

There was

something not quite right with "The Singpost". I'm going to chalk it up to one of my unpublished stories. I went into my story idea valut and I came up with "Cross hairs." At this stage of the game, I don't know what it's going to be about yet but I'm sure I'll have an angle soon. My story project for November.

I was also world building for "Star side ." but that's another story. The new graphic in the sidebar notes the new work in progress.

That's all for now.

e. Jim

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Working on the

very early parts of a novel concept. have I abandoned short stories? No. But I think this next project of mine is going to take my writing to the next level. It's a proposed 10 vol SF series in the Space Opera genre. This morning I came up for the overall premise of the story, although I'm going to layout more on book one. I'll only go onto book two if the first book gets published.

I got Rouge behavior, Ace Valorous, from email to word processor but there is a lot of work left to do on anyone of them in order to get them into my 3 act play format.

I was also reading an intetrview earlier by Dave Duncan and he began publishing at the age of 52 when he got his start living in Calgary.

Since I first dabbled in writing novels, back in 1986 at Cobogo warehouse on that old portable typewriter, I churned out Zyphrium rising, which ended up being about 800 plus pages I recall. I probably have mentioned it in my diary. Good God, even I cant even read my handwriting at the time. After that fiasco, I began other projects like Meltdown done on the Atari sx computer. I still have three 3.5 floppies but I don't think I can recover the data from those disks but I recall I have it typed out something like 250 pages. There was also Oreils bridge, and one or two others that didn't relay go anywhere but Anne went and packed all that stuff up and I can't get at it right now.

But Ace Valorous was the first real novel I did and finished the rough draft. It taught me a few things that I can write and finish a novel. Rouge behavior, which I have on file also confirmed I can write and finish a novel. Underworld taught me that I can write finish and print out a hard copy. Now I'm onto my next work. I still won't abandon short stories as short stories especially on the web are useful tools to promote my writing better then the small press ever can. If they like the story the webzine will have my website and they can access that to find out what's new.
I think webzines have wonderful potential for writers to not only get their work known but also expand their audience.

Anyhow, this next series is planned out to be 10 vol but I also plan on writing other stand alone books as well in between this series.

But tonight, I'm going to relax latter and watch the Oiler and Calgary game on TV but that wont be until about 8pm or so. That's all for now.


Friday, October 28, 2005


I wasn't feeling very well late last night. I ended up puking and right after that, I felt surprisngly better. Lack of sleep is what the problem was and I think the reason why I'm having trouble at least over the last few days is because of the sugar in my cereal in the morning. Being diabetic means having no or little sugar. I find it difficult to sleep when I go back to bed at around 6:30am

Anyhow, not much is going on.

I went and downloaded that project World wind from Nasa but my computer is so slow its hard to process the set-up times and instalation itself of the program was a bit long. I'll tinker around with it later on the weekend. Maybe.

I'm also working on a long term novel project It's going to be a space opera but so far I haven't got much of an idea for it. At the moment I'm still working on my short stories. I haven't done anything yesterday because yesterday was so hectec and all. This weekend I'm going to go through hra for the 7 point plot outline and also figure out what's going on with my printer and add more ideas to the world building process for this new project.

I don't know if I'm going to do anything with Ace Valorous and or Rouge behavior much less Underworld. But I know these 3 novels I wrote last year and into this year might just be practice novels. I'm going to also work on the 3 Act play format for writing novels and the 7 point outline for short stories. As soon as I get some cash I might even get M. Fisks WIP bar program but cash is hard to come by right now. We've had $826 in the last few days and I've got to get insulin with some of that and we're going to be short a third of our rent this (Nov) month. I think most of that $826 is all but gone.

At work things are going crazy too because Rob has been in the Office over the past few nights and I can't just sit and relax and work on my writing in between calls. I was moved over to the cheap seats as it were as we call it the front 20. So I'm off the tap list but that's okay. I had the highest total in the section last night. I think though tonight I'm going to work a bit on HRA anyway. Or at least, I'll bring it with me. That's all for now.

e. Jim

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy..sort of

because not only did Lift-Off go out the door but about 5pm yestrday the webzine's automated response system said they received my submission. So, I'm happy about that. Now it's time to go on to High risk assessment. I might put The Signpost on hold for now and work on Hra, instead.

Speaking of HRA, just before the printer went hairy on me yesterday, a few weeks ago I was able to print out a hard copy. Double spaced to, so I can work on getting the printer ready and my story ready for another magazine.

I didn't get much sleep overnight. I think maybe 2hrs as I woke up about 4:30am and played around online for awhile. So I went back to bed around 6am. I was tired but I couldn't sleep. Then just when I could about 7am, some yokle buzzes our intercom wakeing me up. It was hard to get back to sleep after that. I lay in bed tossing and turning. Then about 10:45 just as I was about to doze off, Anne's alarm clock went off. I don't feel to bad right now. I was able to sleep until 12:15pm or so and I came out to pee and saw a note on the arbright bathroom counter $702. Anne's money came in. I fixed a coffee and watched the news and here I am.

After I get hra done I'll be working on FTF and then Harbringer's watcher among others as mentioned before, plus I'm in World building mode for another masive project I'm looking at starting but I wont say much about this until somethime later when I have an Outline and characters and the World completed.

Anyhow, that's all for me for now. Probably some more later


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I added a bit more

to Lift-off, trying to answer some questions so the story now, is rounded off to 4,800 words and it's going out this weekend if not earlier.

I've got Drupal set up and have it interfaced with my Blog but I'm asking myself, why do I need a website when I have a Blog? So I'm thinking a blog is limited and only one dimensional look of my overall website. Eventually I hope to have a community where I can have "fans" of my work, come and explore the things that interest me like the books I like to read, my music and other items of intrest. A blog should only do so much.

more on this later.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Doing some

Formating for Lift-off before I send this out the door. I had to make the paragraph changes and font changes etc. It's pretty close to how I think it's supposed to look. There may be some grammar issues but right now, I just want to get this puppy out the door. I'm almost there.

Other then that not a heck of a lot going on today. I got to go into work tonight and face the music as it were for missing yesterday. But I'm glad I took the day off. I got a lot done.


Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm home on a rare Monday

night at my wife's request to stay home tonight. So I thought I'd fool around and add some more functionality to my website. I want a guestbook and I think that's another blog entierly and same thing aith a music I'm listening to and Books I'm reading but I'm having trouble with the url field and word verification field which leads me to the next step.



that turned out great. I now have a "What's New page" and I have created a link to this in the links menu. Next thing to do is to create a guestbook in the sidebar.


Well, that didn't

go over very well. I had to delete the new Blog I'll try again. I had some Template issues from the begining. I would like to have everything in sink with the main Blog. More on this later but at least my settings haven't changed from my original Blog so that's good news.

e. Jim

I created a

What's new Blog, but having some Template issues. Blogger sent me a error message saying something about missing a Template? WTF?


Man, did I sleep good,

when I got up at 6am, I slept from 2-5:30ish and gradually woke up to feed the cats. When I went back to bed I slept until Anne got up. I saw her out of the corner of my eye as she was ready to do a bottle run but she hasn’t come back yet. So I slept from when she left up until noon. I think I had at least 7 hrs and possibly 8. I have an hour on line here before I have to get ready to do the job thing and my wrestling tonight.

I found Franks FC degree material in my email he sent me and it was complete. Somehow my printer failed to print the about 3 and a half lines, which I forgot and through me off when I did the part. So I went and found the part in my email and when were ready to do the FC again in Feb I’ll have those parts down. But today, I’m going to try and create another Blog from Blogger. This one fellow had replied and had about 25 blogs. So it is possible. I don’t know what to do with Drupal yet. Last night I had it up and running. I tried to get my logo in there and I had problems uploading the file.
Also, I have a few things to go over and then ”Lift-Off” is going out the door to one of the ezines. I don’t know which is the best paying ezines market and researching this is my main holdup. Most of them don’t pay very well if at all but at least it puts me back in the game. That's all for now


Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Blog is looking better

all the time. I did some more market research earlier and I can send Lift Off out email but anything else for next month I want to send out "professionally." The ezines are nice and all but you never know how far up to date they are and many of them are here today and gone tomorrow.

But my goal is to write one story/month and I'm not yet done with "Face to face" either. Basically here are a short list of stories I plan on completing this year. "Lift-Off" is essentially done. "The sign post"needs revision, "High risk assessment" needs revision "Harbinger's watcher." So that's 5 stories.

"Underworld" is on hiatus right now but in January I plan on getting back to it. My goal this year is to get at least 3 stories published to paying markets and work on "Underworld" and search for an agent. I'll continue to publish short stories and work on the next novel/agent. I meightt have 5 novel submissions before I get my first novel published and 22 short stories.


Just like

before, I'm looking at getting my logo up onto Drupal. I forgot to add the URL oops but I'm tired and I need to get some more sleep.

I think though with a few modifications Lift-Off is ready to go out the door. But I am going to create a story submission Blog for Lift-Off and a link in my sidebar. Hopefully I'll get a confirmation from an editor one way or another and I'll treat it like a blog, although the entries won't be like they are here. It might be once every couple of months or so depending on the frequency of response.

I'd also like a story index Blog. With this blog I can list the stories that are out there and which ones, have been published. Also, I can edit the Blog as well to keep it at a single page if I want to. Once a story exhausts the paying markets it goes out to the small press for copies.

Anyhow, its back to bed


Was getting

somewhat concerned there. I was able to get on Shaw tech support and my James_Shannon, email address wasn't picking up properly. Tech support suggested I uninstall some Norton, so I uninstalled the new anti virus and I couldn't install it back for awhile. So I went to bed and after listening to a bit of Coast I went back to the computer and inserted the Norton disk and it installed successfully. Happy days.

Also just before our pizza snack I was checking out for sci fi markets that accept email submissions and there are quite a few of them.

I went and did the first set of Lift-off type ins and made some cosmetic changes to the story. There are a few other items I want to check but by and large it's almost ready to go out the door. Email submissions are great because I save on #10 envelopes and IRC's. I also checked for formating changes and I formated the story except for font changes. Most places still want the email sub in New Courier but in rich text format.

Also, now that my email is okay, I can finally take the next step in Drupal.

That's all for now


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Well, I'm on hold

waiting to be served, waiting what 17 now? Yeesh.

Anne suggested that I could use some of Raplph's resource chek money to get myself a cell phone and probably a new suit as well. If we get these resource checks when we're suposed to but I'm not going to hold my breath. I wouldn't mind getting some new glasses s well. Lots of things I could do with that $400 bucks.

Wow, there are only 10 ahead of me. not to shaby.That was strange, the Telus operator interupted me and bumped me off. So I called back and now there are 24 people ahead of me. Most odd, so I'll call around midnight.


I'm going to play

with a few things tonight after supper. For instance I want to try and fiddle with how to do these font codes and such. I know it's a Template thing but where in the Template do I make the changes? That's what I need to know. The only thing I have to show a style sheet is { and that's it. I couldn't find anything like { and or / }

Okay, I found the

Friday, October 21, 2005

Another great

night for me work wise. I even got a $100 credit card pulling in $195 worth of credit cards this week. Anne and I went in and I got a bunch of cans for tonight and a paper for Anne and my check with my hrs correct and my stat pay. I had a great night even though the Oilers lost against the Avs here. This is their 6th loss in a row. I think its also a historic footnote in their history. First time such a thing has happened I believe.

Anyway, I came home and watched the last of the Oiler game/loss and Anne should be home shortly. So this weekend I'm calling Shaw tech suppot to see what's happening with my email and why is it taking so long just to connect. It all started when I hooked up my Norton anti virus so I wounder if that has anything to do with it?

As soon as I have this figured out I can get into Drupal and start building my webpage. Or rather rebuilding my webpage. Also, of course I plan on working Lift off and giving that the once over. so it's not like I don't have nothing to do. That's all for now.



I royally screwed up as I missed a good portion of the part that wasn't on my hard copy. I was surprised on how fast tonight went.

Anyway, Mark replied back saying he had a great new website/softwar for me so I think, I might check that out when he installs it on my machine. I thought he would tonight but he might do this tomorrow.

That's all for now. Other then that I had a great night even though the festive board was kind of lame.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh oh

I went and tried to change a few things on my website by trying to add a link to this weblog on an easier place to see it in the Home list of links but when I added the url it took half the page and my logo out. So, I PM Mark a message and I hope he is able to correct this when I come back home later tonight.

Anyway, I'm confident I know my material tonight so there should be no reason for me to get jittery. I hope we're out of there before 11pm at least and I hope it goes well.

Then I can concentrate on Lift-Off this weekend and have a nice relaxing weekend for a change. Anne is going to get us some beer this weekend if I get all my hours on my check tomorrow. I should get 15hrs plus my stat pay, so I should have about $150, which is still the same money I was making back in 1982. The diffrence is I had to spend 40hrs a week to get that. So I get in 40hrs/week what I get today putting in 19.5hrs. More time off and less work and the work isnt as hard and I get a weekly paycheck.

Also note the lack of enlarged text here. This is large enough for anyone and looks better and doesn't stick out like a soar thumb to boot. Also, I just got back from calling Neil my ride to lodge tonight and we're all ago.

e. Jim

Got most of

my part for tonight memorized. I might stumble a bit near the end but I should do okay. So I'm off tonight from work but I got that part to do in the lodge so that should be okay and my part only takes about 5 min to go over.

I did some research last night on solid booster rocket fuel and I added "freeon" into the mix and exposure to this can account towards the hallucinations.

Other then this not much to talk about today. I was going over some older newbie forum posts to find any goodies I missed because I hadn't arrived at Bloger until just a few weeks ago. I found a couple of things and some ideas. My main thing right now is to get those two graphic images more flush to the right and other items as well flush to the right of my sidebar.

Still no word in yet from my last post on adding text to the sidebar. It's probably an obvious question anyway and I atempted to place text anyhow and it worked, so I guess I just answered my own question. Also, I would like to have a drop down menu bar labeled categories that lead me to other blog pages. I have a php button on my website vut I doubt that will work for me in Bloger. There are lots of things I'd like to do but one step at a time.


I added

another image from the WIP bar and it shows up cleanly but still not lined up with Archives etc against the close edge of the sidebar but I got the images in, thanks to Blogger forum.

I also worked on some more "Lift-off" specifically breaking things down by lines. There are some major discrepancies in the rough draft but that's what the revision process is for and why I'm editing. Mostly these are fuzzy areas in the story and POV shift changes. I've got about a 500 word buffer that I can use to add description to round the story out to 5k. More on this later.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

email is

screwd up. Can't get anything out to Margaret Fisk, whom has given me permission to use the wip bar.

Today was a day of maintenance duties for me, what with doing a complete scan on my system but I have the chance to do more on "Lift off" at work. I make a sale I can do some more lines. Make a sale, do some more lines, type thing.

"Lift-off" is going out the door at the end of November. At least it's going out. Results will vary.

Apparently we're moving the office at the end of Dec early Jan. I'm trying to figure out if there is any postal services in the area of our little new office. I might have to go back to Shoppers only because that's where I can not only mail my stuff but also get my insulin and other supplies. But that's all for now. Where have I said that before?

e. Jim

My next

project here with Bloger is to have some text going on in my sidebar where I can in that body of text add a link to other pages. Also, I'd like to have story files or pages for my story submissions, rejections and stories published.

But today not much is going on except maybe more work on Llift off. But I got this speach to do tomorrow and I'll be glad to get that out of the way and just focus on my writing. After Lift-off I'm going to work on "The sign post" and I might even get up a graphic for that, now that I have the main stumbling block out of the way, which was the two links added to two posts now delted.

What I'd like to ultimatly do is to have a page for each story. A sort of like a what's new for each story. As the paying markets minimize then the story goes off to the small press. I could have say a folder over the years for each story that maes the paying markets etc. I'll only have a photo link to the paying markets and just a link to anything else. I don't know yet exactly.


Wuu Who! ! ! !

I got the image to display. I'd like to thank thrb at the Bloger Newbies Forum.
Huge success! ! ! ! Very Happy with the Bloger Forum Help.

Most excellent.


I got myself

a link but no image and I really needed the image but at least I got the sidebar straitend up.

At work I did a whole line by line scene and I had a pretty good night on a new campaing for the source I was dealing with. I figure the line by line part of the story will be completed by Friday but I'm off Thursday night for the lodge.

I think I'm going to get this image up there anyday now and I think I'm on the right track. I hope, that's all for now.

e. Jim

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Okay, lets see if this works

and add another post, If the last one doesn't clear then there is a problem. I went to Settings and Archiving and I had it listed as monthly (freaquency) so I adjusted it to weekly but there are still 21 entry's in my blog. I also don't have anything for most recent posts so I think the problem is in this area and not in my Template.


I don't know

what's going on. I cleared my cache, browser history, and even refreshed the page and I still get the graphic at the bottom in my browser. I'm going to see Bart or Rob at work, the managers and use their computer's and see if my blog shows up the same way it does here. I haven't changed the sidebar boarder yet but that's something I can do when I come home tonight after work. Hmm.I took a look at my blog and I've got 21 entry's showing and nothing is being sent to Archives. I think the problem could be in there, or with this. I'd like to have only the last 4 days showing on the page not 21.

Now back to work on Lift-off.

e. Jim

Can't sleep

seeing as how the cats will wake me up in about an hour anyway I may as well use this time and work on my writing. Last night at work, I ended up (in between calls) taking each scene and finding out how many lines per scene. I'm currently in the process of doing a line by line character POV check. I think this will be useful in not only story boarding the story but also will let me know where each character is in the story. With this chart I can then highlite which lines are dialogue and which are description.

Before I logged on here I made another post to bloger tech support called Template difficulties so lets see if I get any response with that. I think with this tech support they seem to be able to answer only one topic and one reply. I was lucky to get 2 in my first post but only one in my second.

I still have a few lines left for my speech for Thur but I should be okay. Easy enough to remember. Anyway, that's all for now.


Monday, October 17, 2005

I had a great night.

Dave Sullivan is back working evenings now and I ended up pulling about $840.

Ferris wasn't in tonight but he'll be in for tomorrow. I took Lift off into work and I did a by scene line breakdown of all 510 lines. Next I'm going to break it down by line/charcter. Some scenes are longer then others and the pacing is diffrent. I'm actually having fun with this story. Anyway, still no word in from blogger tech support and I doubt I'll get anything in new untilI make another post.

I think I see what the problem is. The graphic could e to large for the sidebar, so I'll see about trimming that down somehow and see how that goes.

That's all for now.



I got a reply back from blogger tech support about what to do to make the adjustments to my sidebar and there is some kind of a button I was supposed to cut and then paste by the link list. I cut the code out like they suggested and placed it in the appropriate area and when I saved the changes and republished, yikes, everything was moved at the bottom I think I left out a portion of the tags but I know where they are and I can insert them in but I want to wait to get a reply back from blogger. Maybe there is something else going on and can save me a reply back.

I went and fixed up where I went wrong in my template anyway but yeesh, look at what it gave me now!

I'm going to ask Ferris tonight at work if he can burn me a copy of Office 2005 and that way, I can use it with my 60 day trial version and move away from using Works word processor. It isn't bad but missing some of the good stuff Word uses already until I can save up and work towards using Word or Student Teacher Word.

Tonight I'm in at the office after a shaky weekend off which went from bad Friday night to recovery Saturday and that basically left me with only Sunday. Add the lousy night of sleep I had and let me tell you, I don't feel that great today. But my wrestling is on tonight and I'll enjoy that.

I made some minor editing changes on Lift-Off earlier today. I went and counted how many dialogue lines I have. There are 510 lines and 332 dialogue lines. I need to reduce those down. I discovered a neat trick in the story layout from one of the stories in the sci fi archives and instead of the #key add a line and some bold dialogue in the line. This way in each of the story segments I insert something to do with the story. But I'm going to enquire as to see if that boarders on the lines of plagurism.


Sunday, October 16, 2005


I got the graphic installed but not to where I want it but at least it's a start. It's located at the bottom of the page. Also I got the link so I'm doing pretty good. I didn't get much done on Lift-off today but this weekend is the cooling off period for the story. I'm going to read it now and make some small changes and work it as I go along.

Tomorrow, I'm determined to go in at 12noon for the afternoon shift. I'm going to do this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I'll probably go in for Thursday morning, Friday pm and also for Friday night. Or 31.5hrs for the week so I have enough funds for insulin and to pay Mark and get that WIP bar program ($10 bucks) from Mary Fisk. I also want a cell phone as well. Right now though I'm watching for Blogger support so I can figure out what's going on with the image. More later. Excellent tech support.


I got myself

a link to my website, which is a small victory for me today. Well sort of. I have main/ and it gets me to the directory and then the user just clicks on main but I think I can tinker with it a bit more to get it the way I want. Lets try that next.

e. Jim


around with my template and adding links. I can add a link and at first it took me to my website no problems. Then I tried again and, nothing. I'll be playing around with this some more and I was rehearsing my FC lines for my bit for Thur night and I have more or less committed myself to working this week 1-9 except I'll be off Thur for the lodge. But even if I have a bad afternoon and Rob pulls me off my dialer, I can just sit back and find a corner somewhere and work on my story. I got access to the photo copier at work if I need to get out a few print outs.

Anyway, I'm still playing around with these codes trying to get an image in the sidebar. I got a reply from the Bloger Forum on how to do it and were to place images but I don't think I have the image path written properly. I took an example from the web and that didn't even turn out. I'll keep slugging away.

e. Jim

So I need to have

an image link in my sidebar. Yesterday I signed onto the Blogger Forums. I also got a PM from Mark this week and I answered him about renewing my domain name for the $12 a year and I asked him about the monthly payment and he replied back that as long as I keep posting in the forums then he’s not to worried. I like that. So far no reply about the Blogger sidebar images. I know it can be done where these are placed though is another matter. Also, I'd like to have my photo and or where it says "About me" closer to the blogs description. To much white space around.

Today I’m going to search for 6 Sci fi short stories in the 5k word length area and compare then with mine. I want to be able to identify where I’m adding to much dialogue. Basically I need a short story template. I already have the “formula” for writing a short story and I certainly know more or less, how to write one. I just need a Template of sorts and I can look to the net for that.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

I've still got some time

to do a first reading tonight and I’ll be doing that asap so I can tighten this up a bit. I want to also compare my story against others for dialogue tags. I think I’ve got way too much dialogue in my story.

I’d also like to get images in the sidebar but I haven’t found any kind of a tutorial on that yet. Mainly I want to get the WIP bar and maybe other things like album and book covers. I should enquire more about this. There is a way to have another Blog in the sidebar but that’s not quite what I want either. Anyhow I’m done for tonight with my Blog.


Isn't this interesting

I must have done something in my settings to bring up the link field.


Still working

at tinkering with this Blog. I changed the title, which makes more sense because it lines up with my website at e. jim I'm also going to post a link to my website. That's the next thing I want to do as this blog evolves. I also turned on Word Verification, which I like. So if you want to leave a comment then fine.


I like the new

Look of this Template but I need to have it where the recent post is on the top. I got the links list closer to the "About me" items.


Well at least

I got Lift-off finished and a hard copy out of the printer late last night. I also formatted the header and page numbering but the printer began to crimp some of the pages on the ends and on the sides and of course the alignment isnt working as well as it should on some pages. Not on all of them but some of the pages but I think this printer and toner should last me until Jan/06 when we are supposed to get out our resource checks and I can get that all in one printer scanner. But I'm not going to hold my breath for that anytime soon though. The printer I'm looking at is a Samsunng and it's a monochrome printer but I don't need color. Maybe for my diaries but I can get by with out it.

But I can't use this printer to send out a hard copy because of this alingnmet problem although I think I can print out individual pages especially the ones that are aligned properly and the ones that are cimped on the sides. Lift off is formated properly enough but the hard copy issue could be a huge problem for me. Regardless however I'm still going to get this out to a magazine and WOTF before the end of November if not sooner. So today, I'm giving Lift-off the once over and making changes on the screen and tighten up the plot elements etc. There are some major hurdles I need to address like how does one escape the blast of a sold rocket booster. I can answer all these lose ends easily enough but its going to require a lot of work.


That went by

smoothly. I lke the new Template change as I think I can do more with this one. The sidebar is extended but my links and archives are way down at the bottom of the page. I'm also going to change the title and instead of Worlds of, I'm just going to have it where it reads E. Jim Shannon. I'll be tinkering around with this through out the day/weekend. Such as it is.

e. Jim

Friday, October 14, 2005

I was awake

about 5 am got woken up by you know who and fired up this slow computer fed the cats and took my insulin and just finishing some cereal. Other then this, I feel okay but tired and I’m not going to be up until 8am though. In a few minutes I’m going back to bed.

I doubt I’ll get to finish Lift-off today but it’s a given I will this weekend as I get ready for my little thing I have to do with the lodge and of course, I’ll always be working on my blog etc this weekend.

After Lift off, I’m going to work The Signpost and get that ready to rewrite and that will be my project for Nov. One short story a month. Anyhow, that’s all for this morning, more latter.


That was a

nice surprise to find google earth working for me. I first learned about G/e when they showed shots from Hurricane sky-train last month. So I was able to locate my home town of Coquitlam BC and zero in on my old house on Reagan ave. and also New Westminster. It's totally changed now but of course 31 years will do that. Google earth isn't bad but it's not in real time yet and even though this is the beta test when it gets to the point where it can become real time accessible in real time, then I'll get excited but right now, it's nice. The thing too about real time especially in my home town where it rains all the time, where satellites can't real make it through cloud cover becomes a bit awkward. But it's a nice program to use once in a while. Who's it for? Probably just for the home user like me and maybe private investigators researchers, anyone.

Well, Anne found Norton Anti-virus 2005 at Wall-mart for just about $50 and after she eats she's going up to pick it up for me but I can;'t use it until she gets her reward points from work and she gets paid today anyway and the weekend begins today. Anyway, I've got about an hour here and I'm going to try and get something done on Lift-Off before I go into work. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to finish the story today but I will have it done on the weekend.

Anyway, I'm loving this Bloger program. How these folks can give it away for free is beyond me. Maybe they have their bult in addsense program. You get millions of people using this thing and if they say get a penny a click then there's a lot of clicking going around the Blogger world.

My website is the portal for the rest of the links. I could have a hundred pages if I want to and each template a link to something else. Right now. I'm not getting a lot of traffic because well, there is nothing there. Everything is waiting for content. Coming soon.


Thursday, October 13, 2005


I went to bed last night around 2am fell asleep and got up around 6am and I think I got 3hrs. Then the usual, feed cats take insulin and all this time fireing up this extreamly slow computer.

I ended up progressing through Lift-off nicely and was getting a buzz off of what I got. At 738 words this morning or 1 scene. I’m in the beginning stages of things get worse, or 2871 words in the story. I might even end up finishing the story Friday and even with a hard copy by the time I’m done. The guidelines for WOTF:

Okay, I checked on their guidelines and the next contest quarter is in Oct-Dec.31st, Jan1st-March 31st, April1st-June29th, July1st -Sept29th I figured that if I kept the contest going from my early entries 1996 to present I think I would have been published before I won any spot in the contest. But if I kept right on going for 12 years, that would have been about 48 stories and one of those by now would have received publication or contest winner.

There are lots of Sf contests out there but most of them are closed right now and or
offer reading fee’s. I don’t mind paying $5-$10 bucks if the prize is substantial and the publication reputable. Submitting to half a doz contests might be worthwhile because I can submit multiple entries and at the same time to other contests.

Well, when I went back to bed after about 8amish, I had to get up several times to pee and then I woke up at noon. Uggh. Now after several coffee in me later I'm awake and ready to get ready for my night job. I'll collect my paycheck and head home so I can watch my wrestling and whatever is left over from the Oiler game.

I'm turning comments off because all I get is spam anyway but latter I'll be adding a guestbook to this blog and or people can leave submissions at my site at

That's all for now.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I checked up on the t93 calendar for Oct and the last post from t93 had been about Oct.6th, and that doesn’t surprise me as far as email frequency goes. I don’t expect one from then in my inbox anytime soon.

I've been looking at tinkering with changing my blogg. As far as I know the only thing in my blog I modified was the profile and I backed up the Template to a Notepad file.

Also I went to examine the "What is a sidebar article" and it doesn't say much but talks about what a Sidebar is and how to edit the Template and edit tags in the Template. I'm going to have to spend some serious time with that. I tried to insert links to the About me profile but by doing that it stretched my page.

"odds and ends:"

I could have done another scene easily today but I'll be loging off this in about half an hour. No sports tonight so I might be able to fire off another scene when I get home. One thing I might do is to see if I can get any cheap earbud headphones at the dollar store on the way into work and a pencil sharpener. I've got a few hb pencils for now. I think the dollar store up by the Wall mart is the best. Anyway, that's all for now.


Okay then

well, I began to write the first part of Lift Off and scene one this morning. It felt good and I liked what I got. I’m going to try for a min of one scene per day. Two on the weekends, each day so that’s four. Two for Sat and two for Sunday. That way the story should be completed sometime Sunday. Then out comes the hard copy and the first edit gets done next week. The 2nd the week of the 25th and the 3rd and possibly finale edit gets done first week in Nov. I will have something going out, however in early Nov.that's for sure.
Also, I was fooling around with the Blogger template last night but the only changes I got were the stretching of my blog again.

I think I’m going to need to change the template anyway because I’m not able to insert other things into the sidebar like I want. Once this story gets published I want to have a space for an image link to the magazine (if online) where the reader can read the story there. If it’s in print media then I’ll provide a link to where the reader can purchase the copy/back issue of the magazine. I also want to have a link of a photo what I’m currently reading and listening to in the sidebar, so it’s not actually part of my blog where it can remain for as long as I need to. This template’s side bar is two narrow. That’s all for now.

e. Jim

Well,why not

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I didn't get to much done

yesterday I didn’t get to much time to Blog but this sort of makes up for it. I hope.

Last night (Mon)I went and signed up for t93 email list again but so far no emails has come in yet to my Inbox. I might have to register again and or find out to see if there has been anything new added from the t93 Homepage calendar of posts, so we’ll see how that end goes.
Also, yesterday morning and afternoon I went in and did a complete synopsis on Lift-off and found that I’ll be writing a whole new story. About 5k. First person.
I’ve got the basic plot down and I will be able to write it shortly and
there are a few more plot mechanics I need to rough out on it anyway.

I went into work and had a great night and came home watched he Oiler game and found out the game wasn’t on Channel 20 last night but 23 so I could have seen it yesterday in between RAW. Oilers lost 3-1 tonight. Mediocre goal tending and penalties did them in. I caught most of the 2nds period, so I was happy about that.

Anyway, I want a complete outline of LO before I begin to write it and I’ll most likely begin to write it this week and have the rough draft before the weekend is over.
I hope. But that's all for now. More latter.


Monday, October 10, 2005


currently listening to the Oilers at Anaheim. It’s in the 3rd period tied at 2. Interesting game tonight. It could go into a shoot out. Also I ended up doing some preliminary changes on Lift-off but then I checked the guidelines and they won’t accept a 1500 word story. 2000 words are their min so instead of a rehash of 1500 words which won’t work, I’ll use my 7 point plot outline to redo the story at 2000 words. I could write the story in one day and I might just do this tomorrow and fine tune it through out the rest of the month. Something is going out this month that’s for sure. Also.

I’m waiting for some email from M. Fisk on where to insert this html code from FM into my blogger Template. I think it goes into the side bar portion of the Template but I’ll wait to make sure. That’s all for now.


Well now,

I’m having a relaxing afternoon. I slept in late getting up at around 12:45pm. Yeesh. I rarely sleep that late. I think that’s the game plan, get out Lift-Off and Outpost 27 by the end of the month. Maybe even Blue Array if I can. That’s another short story. But I got 2 shorts I can mail off and maybe even get a rejection letter back in the mean time, well at least before the end of the year. FTF is on a limited hiatus until I get some of my other material out there. The Signpost and HRA both need to be revised but they are also going out this year. But my goal is to get Lift-off out the door by the end of this month and at the same time O-27. That would be 2 IRC’s and 4 9x12’s. I’ll switch packages to whoever comes back first and send it out. There’s lots of competition out there but Challenges are part of the rich tapestry of life.

As soon as I get the cash, I’m buying Mary Fisk’s wip bar program. I can utilize it here with permission from FM and all but I haven’t figured out how to get the program as a wysiwyg graphic and where to insert the graphic on my template. I might have to go with another template design but I don’t know about that just yet. If I can get the graphic in this template then fine. Also, as soon as I get something published I’ll put the cover of the magazine as a graphic link. Especially if the story goes off to a webzine. Anyhow, that’s all from me today. Back tomorrow.

e. Jim

Wow ! !

I printed and formatted Dark Intruder, The Signpost, High-risk assessment, and two shorter works, Outpost 27. And Lift-off. That’s a record for me. I kind of think I want to work on the shorter stories: Outpost 27 and Lift-off. I also have Blue array lying around but that’s in hard copy and I need to get that into my word processor to reformat and print it out again. So that's 5 stories today, double spaced on hard copy and ready for editing. I’d like to spend more time with the shorter stories and get them ready where I can send them out all at once and just wait from there. Anyhow, more later. It’s time to put this boy to bed shortly. That’s all for now.

e. Jim

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Big printing day as

I formatted the rest of Dark Intruder and also The Signpost. I sent that out to a few magazines and I think even Orson Scott Card scribbled something on one of the rejection slips “To much Dux Machina.” (Hand of God) After formatting the story again, 10 years later today, I finally got the story printed off double space but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the story itself. Right now it’s setting at 7652 words and I want to trim that down to just under 5k before I can send it out again. Of course some of the tech is dated, which I need to change as well. Basically I need to do a complete rewrite and find out where this DM stuff is and correct that.

Big Sports day tomorrow. At 11am (yeah like I’m going to be up at that hour) is the Eskimo’s football game on TV. Then there’s Monday night RAW and also another Oiler game. There first on the road facing the Ducks. I doubt they’ll win that one and I’ll be surprised if they do. So I’ll be watching wrestling and I’ll channel surf when they have those 5min commercials of theirs and check in on the hockey game.

On the other end of the email submission of mine from yesterday containing The Signpost was another story I almost forgot about- "Rift" and I need to format that again as well. That story never saw a rejection letter but all of these stories will be going out soon.

I might begin to leave comments on and of course I can edit them. Sift out the good from the spam. Anyhow, suppertime is almost here and I want to check on my email and do a bsl reading. So that’s all for now. If you want to leave a comment, go ahead but I’ll be editing out the spam.


well then

yesterday was jammed packed with reformatting one of the stories I had written almost a year ago. That’s the only thing wrong with emailing document. I guess I could have hyperlinked them and I think I might just do that from that end but I already got the stories over here and I don’t want to have to go through all of the rig amoral of un hooking up systems.

But I did get to the half way mark of reformatting the Dark Intruder story and I will format the rest today and print out a hard copy. It’s a 10k a story where I “sfized” a vignette in my life as retold fresh the weekend it happened back in my 1980 diary.

Since the arrival of Serenity last week was it? I investigated Firefly. Apparently there were only 14 episodes of the show before it was canceled. I haven’t been able to see any of the show but the opinions from fandom as in anything else were mixed.

Also yesterday I had this horrible sinus headache that stayed with me all day so around the time of the Oiler hockey game which was the highlight of my night last night I took a Motrin and went to bed and watched the game. I was a sleep under the covers when my wife came in and woke me up tapping me on the shoulder otherwise I woud have missed the game interly sleeping away. The game was very exciting and ended in a shootout. The Oilers had I think 10 ties last year and now that with the recent NHL CBA and the new rule changes, there will be no tied games. The Oilers won in a shoot out.

That’s about all for me right now. I’m tired and I want to get some sleep. More latter on.

e. Jim

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I love it when technology, just works

and hate it when it doesn't. I forget exactly what time it was I went to bed but it was shortly after 3am and I believe I slept but it was un easy, good, uneasy, etc. But I did get the rest I needed.

One thing I want to do today or this weekend is to change my template on my weblog in eB but I don’t want to lose all my data at the same time. I also want to hook up my W98 PC and email all of those stories and diaries over onto this system. I don’t know about printing out all the diaries but the stories, sure. I want to print them off but not all of them today.

Also, I want to get a hold of Mark and see if he can upload a photo to my website armed with the same code he gave me and insert a picture from the server end. Lets see if her's going to have the same problems I'm having, or had. It depends on how ambitious I feel later today. I like the idea of setting up my W98 machine and getting everything transferred over. That I can do because I have no burner software on that system and my stories are on the other system.

I just finished unhooking my old system and emailing a lot of short stories some diaries and even a couple of novels but my email is back-logged because Norton has to go through everything so I don’t know how much of it got through. Outlook is still processing those sent items. So far, 5 came in. Correction 12 items came in. I even brought over Ace Valorous and Rouge behavior. RB needs as much work as Ace does but I still might do something with them yet. Hard to say. 13 items now. I even found Lift off and The signpost. If I had a scanner I would be able to scan in other stories but at least I got them and it looks like Dark Intruder as well. Ace and Rouge are novels.

I got all the documents over I emailed 12 stories. In their rough draft of course plus a few diaries as well. Not bad for an afternoon. I’m just going over reformatting Dark Intruder and I’ll have to reformat everything else as well. It’s a lot of work ahead of me.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Forgot to

set the time. Everything else is okay.


I did a bit more

on ftf. Just over 3k on the day. That's enough for right now.

e. Jim

Are we having fun yet?

Okay I got permission to use the WIP bar as I might have mentioned earlier and I'm in communication with the owner of that program so I can incorporate it into my weblog and I want to buy the program.

I figure after I go through the paying markets and the sci fi webzines and the contests, then I go make the story available for copies in the fanzines. That’s my goal. As soon as I have 3 professional sales, I then go for the agent for the book. That doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up on the short story market either. The trick to submissions and not just sending them out in a half hazzard way is to see if they are open for submissions and to see if the story I send is a fit for their magazine. Other then the compitition, those are my 3 main obsticals in getting a profesional sale. But that's all for now. On to write more in ftf.


This cold is

getting to me. It's not really that bad. I have something in my throat and nasal and making me feel slugish. Okay when I get ftf out the door it goes to They pay .20cnts/word. I've got about as much chance of getting a sale there as I do anywhere else. But I have about 1/2 dz markets that pay pretty good and accept stories 5k and more. I haven't got the idea yet but the next story will be called "Harbinger's watcher." Another 5k story.

More on that later.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

I didn't make it into the

lodge tonight. This cold bug, is in it's early stages and I called my ride, Neil saying to give my regards to the membersip and I'll be back to do the WT as well as the charge on the 20th. So I'm staying in on a rare weekday evening. I got the approval from M.Fisk to employ the wip bars on this website, when I figure out how to install the graphic, I'll post the thing. But right now I'm going to investigate a short story market for ftf. If I'm lucky I'll be able to submit by the end of the month.



thing I want to do is add a guestbook and links to other pages. I'd like to add those wip bars but so far no coments from M. Fisk. from FM.


I just completed

the third scene of ftf and its rather exciting but I can see where there is going to be a lot of editing done to come within 5000 words and still tell a decent story. Each scene is about 714 words but so far the story is 2422 words and I figure at the rate I'm going I'll have the rough draft easily done on Saturday. Then I nake out a hard copy and do the first edit Sunday. The second edit Monday. On the 15th I should have the story ready to send out.



The site is back up and no bandwith issues. Excellent. I'm truley a happy camper about this.

e. Jim


I'm happy I got the image up there/here but for some reason I'm getting the url displayed under my picture. I even tried to delete the url from my prefrences and still I get the url shown. I'd like the image there but not the picture. Strange. With all this, do I really need a php Nuke site as well? I'm going to try and exprt the Nuke site logo onto my existing template eventually.

Also, I'll be writing the 3rd scene of ftf later today before lodge night. More later

e. Jim


Yes! ! ! ! I finaly have this thing figured out. I'm a happy camper. Now All I need do is to have this image over there in the about me zection. I might have to change my template but it would be nice to still keep these posts and have them imported to the new template. I should check into that but at least now I know how this works ok. So I'm happy about this. I like the other templates because they have the 3 column approach and that's where I can add more things. I want this image though, stabalized and that's the whole idea. But I can play around with this in a bit latter. For now I got the image I want well more or less but I'll get another image of me latter.

That's all for now.

e. Jim

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I had a great night

at work and I got a $10 bonus and conformation of having tomorrow off for the lodge night. I didn't get to write the 3rd scene of ftf today but I will get it done Thursday and and maybe the 4th scene as well. Still having trouble with images but I thik I'm getting closer all the time. I'm not giving up on this yet. More later

e. Jim

So much for that one

That one didn't work either.I've got one more left. lets see if this works.I'm looking for 140 something.

e. Jim

That one didn't

work very well. I still have another pic though to chose from. Lets try this.


Well, I got the image resized thanks to the crop feature in Picasa and its a fun feature to use. Now, all I got to do to get it here is to atrinute a url and then the rest should be simple. Right?


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I had a

great evening at work and Anne came to meet me on the train at Corona for a change. So we had a nice ride home even though the train was late and all. Also when I got in and fired up the computer I began to fool around with Picasa croping feature and I figured out how to get the image reduced down to the size I want it. It's a cool feature. Now all I just need to do is get the picture from Picasa to this, then I'm in business. So lets see if I can acces it frrom here.So far the image is only in Picasa. I need to get it in the browse window.

e. Jim

Up an hour earlier then yesterday.

I’m up a tad earlier then yesterday. I couldn’t sleep after I went to bed around 2:30am for nearly an hour but I think around 3:30am I finally did so I’m going to blog this report and have some breaky and go back to bed.

I completed the 2nd scene of FTF and I need a bit more of the sense of place in the story. I think I’m going to write in the first person for my short stories and in the third for novels. So in other words I did my scene for the day. That’s all for now


Printer woe's

are back again. I can print one page at a time the way I want it but not two or more. Also, I more or less finished the first scene just now and I'll try and get scene 2 done later today. I might even be on schedual if all things go well but it's off to get some sleep.

e. Jim

Sigh, I keep forgetting to disable comments

Which is my own fault really. It's the spam content that bugs me. From now on , no more comments. Submissions can be made on my own site if I allow them and are relavant to the content of my site.

e. Jim

Monday, October 03, 2005


a bit late getting this in although I should have done this around 8amish but here it is for at least today.

I began writing FTF and I put in 473 words. Not quite done with this scene yet. I need another 241 words on the scene to go. Each scene 714 words divided into 7 scenes. I scene/day. That’s my goal. At this rate if I can keep it up I should be done in 1 week. But because today was a short day and so will tomorrow what with watching the RAW Homecoming unless I can do some more tomorrow at least finish up the first scene I should have the story rough draft done on the Holliday Mon Oct 10th. I should have the whole story done by the end of the month and if all goes well, I’ll have the first submission out the door Nov. 1st, That’s the overall idea.

e. Jim

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Okay, one more time

I can get the images there enough but I can't seem to get just the image without the large rectangle of white space. I don't know what gives? I might make another post to the help forum and see if I get an answer in the morning. I think it has to do with the image type at the source, ie: paint. I need a affordable robust image creation program that makes image posting a lot better then this. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong and I keep getting this thick white boarder surrounding my image. It's most infuriating. Well, on another note I don't think I'll be able to watch RAW Homecoming tomorrow night because TSN has it on for 3 hours and they won't repeat this for the 10pm showing but they have it on again for Tuesday at 1pm and it's 3 hrs so that's what I'm going to watch for now.If Raw is going to be a 3 hr show from now on then I'm taking Mon nights off and making a long weekend of it. Well, that's all for tonight. Unless I get another great idea.


That didn't work

Well, this might be the best i could do for now

e. Jim

Lets try this:

Ooops again

I added a div code and it went snake on me. Yeesh. Live and leare James. More later.

e. Jim

That was

Interesting. I tried the URL thing but things went hay wire on me and it didn't fo throug with no ill affects but I feel I'm getting closer. I think I was in html mode when posting a pc via a URL.. There are a few more things I'm going to try. I don't think I even need Picasa except for maybe hosting pics and effects until I can get those bugs worked out. There are still a few things left I want to do with this url business. I got the url from the admin panel under the file manager and I tried to upload using the
code and I got the Done command. I feel I'm on the right track.


Lets try it this way....

See if this works



Won't work

even when I turned the pop up blocker off, I still get the error message. I even found a way how I can change the image to a GIF but again I need to resize the image. So I put the pop-up window back on. "Blogg this" lets me add a hyperlink from this end and I think it's asking from Picasa for the hyperlink and maybe that's why it isn't working but supper is almost ready. If there is time, I might be able to do this experiment before supper. Lets see.


I still

haven’t got the bugs worked out yet with Picasa but I haven’t been trying. Looking for an easy solution I guess but I went over to Future shop to check on some electronics and I was interested in that all-in-one color laser printer but it was monochrome.
I was also looking at their gaming cards and when I get a decent graphics card I’d like to start playing again and I hope to do this before the end of the year.

I want to put some extra hours in this week but I didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night so I might just go in for Tues and Wed afternoons and that way, I’ll at least get 21.5hrs in. But no more Saturdays. If this dividend check before Xmas comes through then the HP color laser printer is within reach and Fs still has some stand alone scanners and some nice ones for $100 bucks. When I write FTF I don’t want to send it out with this 5L printer because the page it prints tilts a bit and isn’t centered all the time. A good color Laserjet printer is a good investment for a writer. I need a lot of things but I also need to get off my duff and put the hrs in as well.

e. Jim

Having some problems

getting back to sleep from earlier. Overcast out there and cold. Unseasonable weather. Usually we're +14* out there.

Images. I think my problem with images/Picasa is the pop ups. Which is why they keep bouncing back an error message saying I need an Internet connection. Still working with their help forum to get this fixed up but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the pop up settings in my browser tool bar. Hey, I can get the text colored. Nifty. All this and it's free too?

I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to. Currently I'm reading, nothing. Really kind of hard to read some font becuse if my eyesite difficulties. I can see okay and on the screen etc. I like the larger font here because its easier on the eyes but I do need some new glasses and I don't mean a pair of $20 reading glasses. But that's basically why I'm not reading anything at the moment.



I ended up watching Riddick and it wasn’t half bad. I’d say on a scale from 1-10 I’d rate it a 6. There was a lot of movement in the scenes. Visually, it was excellent but there wasn’t much of a plot to it.

Also, this afternoon I got out the index cards and made my 7 point outline and printed them off and stuck them on the index cards and I have a complete at a glance synopsis as what going on. I'm going to write the story on the long weekend and it will be ready to submit Nov 1st.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Having a slight problem

with Photobucket as it won't recognize my password so now I need to get another email account and that's easy enough to do. All they want is my account number and my modem serial number.

I decided to watch Riddick after all. It's on at 9pm and over at 11 and then I can give my sleeping wife some pampering and then pass out. I love the weekends. I thought I'd try and see if I could insert msn emoticons but no way. Anyhow, that's all for now. Back around 11pmish.

e. Jim


I sent that request. I figured out the problem on my own. I edited the photo and shrunk it down and brought the problem under control. This blogger is a slick tool and free. I'm loving it. Not only that but it's very flexible. I don't think it allows for font color but I can do css and html and it fits nicely with my website. Now to try out that photobucket and play around with that. I don't know if I'm going to watch Riddick allthough I'm sure its pretty good.

e. Jim

Back on line

Seems like I’m back on line and the maintenance chores are done with. Tonight I’m watching “Chronicles of Riddick” at 9pm.

Earlier this afternoon I went and gathered 7 index cards and printed and taped the overall story synopsis of face to face and it looks pretty good. I’ll be massaging it and fine tuning it as I go along. But I think I’m ready to write the story tomorrow. I don’t think it’s going to be in first person after all and I think I’ll be ready to writ it tomorrow when I get up and after brunch. I should have it done by tomorrow afternoon.

e. Jim