Monday, July 31, 2006

My modem is
misbehaving again. All the lights are off and nobody home. it's an old modem anyway. I've had this thing now (dark skinny thing in the middle of the pic) since 1999 believe it or not and it still does the job.

bad modem.

I was in
bed by 2:30am but couldn’t sleep. I wanted to hear that bit about SETI the first hour because the guest a renowned speaker and advocate for SETI said that SETI had found a signal. Then it got conspiratorial and I figured, I got suckered in again. More on this later. I couldn’t sleep and it was nearing 4am so I figured I may as well get up and work on the NW outline a bit more. I did the cbi thing just after 5am and went to bed. I had to get up numerators times to pee and I recall it being just after 10am. I woke up and the time was 12:40pm! My left side of the bed was empty. I got up and Anne was in the front room watching her soaps. All is well in the world. So far.

I did a bsl reading while firing up the computer and it read 9.9. Rather high but it’ll come down again. I’m almost out of test strips and I might need to pick up some more this week but I’ve got another container of a few more, when my wife accidentally mixed in the old ones with the new ones. I had to go in and separate them all.

Looks like a nice day shaping up out there. Anne just went across the street to Super Store for some case diet cola for me for the week. I take 2 cans with me into work but usually I just have one can. It’s cheap enough by the case of 12.

Alright, Coast last night had Dr. Steven Greer and he is a regular on Coast. He said he had 3 corroborated inside SETI sources that SETI had already made contact with ET and that higher ups are suppressing the story. So many contacts that an (here it comes) unknown Govt agency began jamming their transmissions. Okay, it’s possible. Again a story that can’t be verified so Greer’s butt is covered. Then he goes into the disclosure project et. Art expands on this by saying Seth S. also a regular Coast guest/SETI astronomer says that if they did get a signal the story would break out all over the Internet. In a way, he makes sense because of all the millions of SETI @ some computers crunching numbers for SETI. Now I don’t know if this @ Home project is currently still in use but I find it hard to believe that an outside Govt. agency can suppress millions of @ Home users as well. The SETI @ Home users would have picked up the signal along with their larger counter part the first couple of times before this agency stopped transmissions. Greer also says that the reason why national media hasn’t grabbed a hold of this is because of a CIA directive to National media that such stories compromise National Security. Again his butt is covered. So Greer goes on to point to a PDF file indicating this National Security loop hole. This is where the show got too silly even for me. I needed sleep more then I needed to hear Greer whine about disclosure and SETI. In conclusion however, I do have respect for Greer and he is a smart man and for all we know, he may have it right. But imo the only way we’re ever going to contact Et is either through missions like Kepler and better technology. SETI isn’t bad but if all their doing is looking for radio transmissions, their barking up the wrong tree. Since when would Et use radio transmissions? Maybe the communicate telepathically or use some other form of communication within their own planet we don’t know exists. I’ve got more to say on this and I might write an essay on Et/Setti commentary but I got more to do in the short hour I’ve got online today.

So, this afternoon, I’m going into work and back around 9:30pm-ish and to get ready for wrestling. I hope it’s better then last weeks show. I miss the old Stampede Wrestling in the 1980’s not the new version they have out today but that looks good to. The old Stampede Wrestling with Ed Whalen was an hour show and the story lines were more interesting. The audience was right there with the wrestlers in a more intimate surrounding. Every wrestler had a story line. It was a great show.

Anyway, that’s enough for now but just a brief mention July 31st was a Friday 1987 19 years ago was Black Friday, when a Level 4 Tornado hit the outskirts of East Edmonton. Not to far away from here actually. It killed 21 people. More on this later. Time to make my Blog rounds and post this.


I got all the rough scene descriptions for NW. It took me most of the afternoon and evening to do it but now it looks more coherent then it did before and less silly. Now I can focus on Character development and sub plots. It's a lot of work but enjoyable at the same time.

An hour ago we tried to get the medicine into Pledges and we missed a bit because he bolted at the third installment. I hope we got as much into him as possible.

I'm going to wrap a few things up here and then be in bed hopefully by 1am.

Next weekend, I'm having a long weekend for a change. Three days off. I need the break.

Odds and ends:
Are these picures of Big foot or just some guy in a bear suit? I think the later then the former. Link curtsey of Coast.

Tonight on Coast "Prophecy" But the first hour will provide an update on SETI and a weird story that surfaced recently. I'll be up to listen to that so maybe bed by 1am might be a bit ambitious on my part.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

That travel pill
sure knocked me out. I was asleep by 3am and I think I woke up to use the bathroom now and then but I also woke up about 6:45am. I had a good 3.5hrs sleep and did the cbi thing then went to bed. I was asleep by 7:15am and passed out until 12:30pm. That was a good 9 hours sleep. As good as it can get that is.

Before bed I composed an off the cuff comment on Robert J Sawyers Blog. "The state of science fiction." I was a little wiped out when I wrote it. I took a look at the published version a few minutes ago and it was readable anyway. But to add to comment #4, I might also suggest that the mainstream reader still thinks SF is about science and only people that read SF can understand what is going on. Speculative science fiction (what I like to write) allows me the self explanatory but I still need to explain in the story to a limited degree what concept X is. For example, a rocket ship that can cross the Galaxy must have an exotic power source to be able to do that. Unless explaining the power source of that rocket ship is important to the story, leave it out. When we get into the details of the power source of the rocket ship the story no longet is speculative fiction but Science Fiction. But in speculative science fiction a passing reference is all that's needed. The idea imo is to keep it simple and to tell a good story.

Also last night I took out most of NW’s middle and I began to work fresh from there. Ready to write a few notes on Scene 36. The middle has 40 scenes. I’ve got another 24 or so to go and I kept the ending as well. I want to get away from silliness that was in there yet keep the story focused on SF.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

I got my donut,
no problem. Yhoopie!!!! The shift held promise as I got a $20 credit card sale right off. There after, it was slow going. There were only 4 of us doing CHF and the others were doing CCSD, I ended up with 14 sales and a total of $355 and a $20 credit card. I couldn’t get a sale if I tried. I was glad to get out of there and to the lrt and then home.

My wife was waiting for me and she left out the door and I puttered around and worked on my written total amounts. I wrote, ytd $95,156. And the year is half over. If I even bank 40% of that, it’s still $38,000 bank. M/l.

Damn rug rat running around up there. I’d like to have a nap, but I think I’m flogging a dead horse.


Anyway I’m
up and kind of awake. I got to bed 1:45am and listened to a bit of Coast for awhile and passed out. Just doing the cbi thing and waking myself up before heading off into work. By 9am, I’ll be out front here waiting for the bus to come over the Manning bridge. We’ve got some light rain developing out there. Off and on.. I think it’s stopped now.

Last night I put together a sort of at a glance story synopsis for NW. I’m onto scene #30.
And when I get home after a nap I’ll work on the rest. Maybe tonight get the Middle done and tomorrow the ending. Basically many of the scenes are just ideas and some dialogue to enhance the idea and scene description. In the original design I have to many POV shifts and I’m going to take most of them out. The only scene shifts imo should be between the bad guy and the hero.

Last night after the news we began to give Pledges his medicine. We had to wrap him up in a towel and I had to hold him down at the table. Anne gave it to him on the tongue a few times like directed and he escaped the towel we had to find him and then the 2nd time we got the medicine into him at last. And we’ve got to do that every night for a month. Not fun. Hopefully my wife can get a pension fund withdraw and we can use that money at the end of the month to have his teeth taken out. We probably need a blood test done on him as well before we do that to see if there are any other underlying problems.

Anywhow, that's all for now.


Friday, July 28, 2006

I was in
bed by 1:45am and I listened to a bit of Coast but passed out and woke up at 5am to do the cbi thing. I went back to bed and slept until 10am when I heard some one’s stereo in the apartment. It wasn’t notable that much. I past out but I think I got 7-8 hrs sleep and I think I got the sleep I needed. I feel refreshed to take on the day.

So I’m onto my first coffee of the day. I usually have 2 cups a day. One about this tie of day and the other about 7pm. I need that extra boost of energy to get me past the night. I never have a cup of coffee after 9pm. That’s the line not to cross.

I finished the outline for NW. I’m now going to break it up into scene sheets, yet I’m not quite through tinkering around with the story yet though. I decided to go for the Nov first start date instead of Labor Day. I want to get this right.

Tonight, it’s off into work. Just for the 3.5 hrs. No big deal. I’d rather work until 9pm. I don’t need the extra half hour that much. I remember before about a year ago, we’d start 5:30pm-9pm. Every shift was 3.5hrs. Fridays were always 3.5hrs. They should just make everything 4hrs. Makes it easier to calculate not just pay cheque hours but also medical plan hours as well. The afternoon shift is even 3.5 hrs. We’d be more efficient if the hours were all consistent. Most places have 3 shifts all at 4hrs each. You want lunch, that's what breaks are for.


work went well.
CCSD all night. I had a slow night ending up pulling in only $305 on taps and a $20 credit card. However they are finally bringing back the bank bonuses and I got myself a $28 bonus coming up on my cheque next week. Plus a full week. Anne bought me a med size bag of bbq chips for watching wrestling. In the second half I ended up with a total of $635 and I was happy with that. There were several $1000 totals and a few $900 totals but not me. I was happy with my bank bonus though.

I barely got out the door and a brief wait for my train to Clairview and home. I got in about 9:30pm and watched Smackdown. I enjoyed it tonight. On a scale from 1-10,l I’d rate Smackdown tonight a 7. It was a good show.

Also, I’m almost closing out the remaining scenes for NW and I like most of what I’ve got. There are some parts that are just an idea and sections I’m going to have to move around but all in all, I like what I have. I’ve got a few scenes left empty and I know how the ending of the book goes. I might even push the start date forward to Nov. 1st. The book will only take me 10 weeks to write and that will carry me up until the end of the year.

That's all for now


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Onto my first coffee.
Okay, we we’re in bed by 1:00am and I gave Anne a little br to 1:30am. Then I listened to Coast from 1:30am until 2:30am and I slept awkward and couldn’t sleep. I recall finally getting to sleep around 4am but I got woken up by the cats wanting me to feed them around 5am. I did the cbi thin and was in bed by 5:30am. I struggled to sleep maybe an hour and I realized Anne had to get up around 8:30am to get Pledges ready for the Vet. She said something in there that she didn’t need to get up until 9am for her 10:30am vet appointment. I slept until 10am got up to pee. Some relief, and I fell back asleep and woke up it was 12:30pm. I couldn’t say how many hours I got. Maybe 5 if I’m luck. I should have had that half beer or something.

My problem sleeping isn’t so much my diabetes and scoliosis but because I’m not active enough during the day. I really want to go into work earlier say around noon for the 1:30-9pm shift a couple days/week. Just for now.

Back to outlining NW.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

we went into
work just fine and we did WCS Ontario and I got a $30 credit card and then break. WCS Alberta. I got a $100 credit card and I got to play put golf and a hole in one for a $5 bonus (only if I get line hour.) I ended up pulling in $530. Again another night of quality not quantity. I gave Brian my recap as I had to take off a min early to go catch the train and it was raining out as well. A light rain. This time the train wasn’t there ahead of me. I had a relaxing trip in, my bus was there and home to my lovely wife waiting ahead of me at home.

Okay, some blog admin stuff to report. My Neocounter was behaving funny and if any of you go through my sidebar may have noticed the Neocounter turning brown with a message to upgrade. The service expired and I got the ugly brown boxes in my sidebar. Neocounter is nice but pricey and I don’t really need to know who’s online and from where. That’s why I have a stat counter and does pretty well much the same thing. Besides that it cluttered up my sidebar anyway. So I went into my Template and pulled the code.

My wife is up early taking Pledges into the vet again. This time we’re going to get some liquid medicine instead of those clumsy pills we have to insert in his mouth. Hopefully this will go easier on him until we can pull his teeth sometime next month. Hopefully there is nothing else wrong with him.

Anyway, tonight after the news we’re going to bed and listen to Coast and hopefully I can pass out and have a nice sleep. I’d like to get a good 7-8hrs and finish up the rough draft of the outline. Then I can work on the fine tuning but that’s all for now.


okay, I
ended up cutting the scene outline from 65-53. Taking out 7 scenes that were compromising the story anyway. It’s a just a matter of rethinking where I want the story to go from here. This is an ambitious project for only 4 characters.

Uggh, last night I didn’t sleep much at all. We didn’t get the br thing underway until about 2am and I went until 2:40pm, way longer then I wanted to. So I got up and cut the scenes out of NW and got an article up from Wikipedia for Anne and I watched HGWT and The Rifleman. That took me until 4am. I fell asleep no problem but woke up about 5:45am. I got 1.45min. After that I got to bed at about just after 6am but I couldn’t sleep from there. I think that high concentration n my story wore me out. 6-7am, nothing. 7-8am nothing. I cleared my mind and I did sleep from 8-12:15pm. I think I got maybe 6 hrs. I don’t feel fatigued or anything. But tonight I want a br break.

Onto my first coffee.

Anne stepped out cat food and pop. Temp right now is +25C or 77F. Still to hot for me although we could get some mid day shower activity; Who knows yet. I hope so. We could use a couple of really nice days of rain.

that's all for now.


My evening
turned out to be better then I had expected. I sat near JT. Always a pleasure and I ended up getting a $50 credit card, which intitled me to play one stroke of put golf. Something management wants to do to generate some energy in the room. We were doing CCSD first half and WCS the second and I ended up closing just under $500 by break and I ended up with $75 credit cards and closed on a finale sale of $40. This customer hadn’t donated since 2001. It was a $50 tap but he did $40. I love closing on money. I was coming down the stairs at Carona to the platform and my train arrived. Second time in as many days this happened. I barely caught the train home.

I got in at my usual time and fired up the computer and figured that'l take time and I went to watch this old Bob Hope movie in progress, "My favorite spy." one of my favorites. Then my wife came in and brought frozen pizza. i hate that crap. She meant well but burned the base. When my movie was over, I watched the news and came out here.

Earlier yesterday afternoon I ended up completing the concept for scene 70/80. Then I'm going to work out some of the details. Right nowit's all in an outline form. I've got some great stuff.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A little rain today.
Not much just a sprinkle and we’ll be getting sprinkles off and on all day/week. It’s still warm out there but the Sun isn’t out and bright as much.

I got to bed I think about 1:30am and slept until Anne came in about3am and turned off the AC. I would have liked it to have had it on all morning but I was comfortable with just the fan on until Anne for no apparent reason began shaking the bed to kingdom come at 4am-ish. I was pissed off. I slept until just after 6 when Sparky came in to bug me to get fed. I did the cbi thing and I was back in bed by 6:30am. Sleep was hard and tough but I remember passing out at 7am and other then to get up about 4 times to use the b-room I slept okay until 11am and slept again until noon. I think I got 8 hrs sleep but it wasn’t all at once. I wouldn’t have even mind the cbi interruption break but to get woken up twice and after 6:30am trying to get back to sleep add the cats jumping on my feet through out the night, sleep in this place comes hard.

Anyway, the good news is, that we are gradually cooling off but no where near out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot. I’d be happy with a comfortable +20C. That works for me.


Good grief
Monday. Here's a recap: Anne comes home with Pledges and they gave him a shot and some medicine to last him a few days. The Vet said that it looks like he might have his teeth taken out and that’s going to cost $600. We didn’t have enough to have a complete diagnosis on him, but I suspected the trouble was in his mouth. I believe he has an abscessed tooth. That’s my guess. So he’s probably feeling better then he has in some time.

So I had my lunch and at 4pm I went off to work. It was a bit cooler today but still very warm. I got in at about 4:20pm and Will was there. JT even was there. I took another dialer then I was accustomed to and I had a slow night. But apparently our office had the second worst bank in Canada. So we made a few changes. Mainly credit closes and tweaking the spiel. No “Send it out when you cans.” And specify things like. “Get it back when you receive it’s” type thing. So in the 2nd half that’s what I did. Tonight it was more about quality then it was quantity. I got a $100 pledge and a $50 and a credit card. So I did, pretty damn good. I left out of there at the usual time and headed home. I got in at 9:30pm to an empty house and fired up the computer and got ready to watch wrestling.

Raw wasn’t bad. On a scale from 1-10, I’d rate it about a 5.5. Sorry Raw but the show was kind of lame. I was watching some of Attack of the show. ATOS. Formally The Screen savers in between those long commercials on Raw.

Marvel is releasing several Superhero movies soon. Iron Man and possibly Thor or Ghost Rider. Of course Spiderman 3. I’m not to big on the Superhero stuff although I wouldn’t mind seeing The Fantastic Four and Iron Man when they come out on cable.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Time to hit the sack.


Monday, July 24, 2006

About 20 min
ago Anne took Pledges to the vet. Hopefully we’re going to find out what’s wrong with him. The worst case scenario is that he has a disease that could over time affect the other cats. Whatever he has he might have caught it from one of Anne’s other cats. The last one died, about Feb ‘02. Sure that was 4 years ago when she had the car but what ever Pledges had contracted may have been lying in his body for years before time set it off like a time bomb. If this thing will affect the other cats then I’d say sure, put him down. I hope she’ll come back with news one way or another.

Coast was pretty good last night. Art had a great show. We were in bed by 1:40am and I listened until 2:30am. I woke up just after 6am did the cbi thing and fired up the computer. I wanted to do some author research on Dave Duncan. I discovered in his bio he was born in 1933 but didn’t publish his first novel until he was 55. I’m Aug 21 away from being 55 but if Dave can do it. So can I. It just gave me a little hope is all. I went to bed at 7am and slept until 11am when Anne got up so I watched the rest of HGWT and then The Rifleman and the news. This is when Anne packed up Pledges for the Vet So I’d say I ended up with 7hrs sleep. Even after listening to Coast.

This morning when I was up, the cloud cover was ominous looking. It was too dark for a photo. I’ll have to learn how to work the special conditions part of the camera. But when I fired up the computer there was a loud crack that had bolted Pledges from within the window frame. A few more loud cracks of thunder later and we got a bit of light rain. I was in bed by 7am and I think it stopped shortly after.

I’m having my first coffee.

It looks like a hot one out there again today. I don’t think nothing like +34C we had yesterday/this weekend. It’s just been to hot here and we’re not used to these hot conditions. This weekends Grand prix here in Edmonton bought out huge numbers but on the news the attendance was down just a tad from last year due to the heat. I love winter. This heat is too much. Winter? Bring it on.

So what’s on the plate for today? Well, I’m going to Blog this and do my blog rounds and work a bit more on NW. A little every day and wait for Anne to come back with Pledges. I hope. If he needs to be put down today, then I won’t go into work tonight. I’ll be too broken up for that bs. Anyway, that’s all for now.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

I took these

images about 10 min ago because the weather

channel said we are in a thunderstorm watch area. This shot is just out back of us here. Walmart is in the background about a five min walk away. I'm right beside out building and those clouds in the upper right don't apear to threatening but it is really breezy out there. Nice to be outside. The other shot the first shot is a bit darker then I wanted because the Sun is above me. Should be lighter. But with all of the above conditions and all, it doesn't look like we're going to get anything. But the wind is picking up.


Brunch was
good even though Daniel Boone was lame.

We’ve got another scorcher outside. Again +34C. But it’s like this all over BC and Alberta although in Rocky Mnt House just SW of us they’ve got thunder and showers there. Hopefully we’ll get some of that here this afternoon. I don’t like it this hot. Actually I like it -10- +20C. Anything in there is just right for me.

Just saw the new teaser poster for Star Trek XI thanks to SF Signal. Looks great.


We were in
bed by 3am and a bit overtime listening to Art's first show back since he moved to the Philippians. I got up at 6am and did the cbi thing. So I think I got maybe 2hrs. If it wasn't for the AC on we'd never get any sleep. Sleep came hard after that when I came back to bed about 6:30am but I slept okay getting woken up by the cats constantly jumping on my feet. I slept until 11:30am. I think I got 6 hrs sleep, altogether. I don't feel to bad right now.

After Daniel Boone I'm going to work on NW for the rest of the day and begin to get the scene sheets ready for AV my proposed space opera. This is a long term project Maybe 10 years or more. If I live that long :-) But for now, I'm focusing my attention on NW and that only. The AV deviation is just opening up a new WP document and renaming it AV scene sheet #1, that type of thing. There is no actually writing or organization of any klind going on. It's just laying out the scene sheets. No content. I know how many scenes go into the project and it will be one folder marked AV. But for now, I'm working on the scene sheets for NW adding the actual content into them for when I will actually do the writing schedualed for the Labor Day weekend.

Yesterday we broke a Temperature record. We got up to +35C/95F. Right now in Kelona BC they have it at 40C/104F. Way to hot for me. So it's off to do the writing thing. I'll pop back in later.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

hard to believe it's just after 9pm and the temperature is already +33*. Pretty amazing. We broke a weather record today as well.


No problem getting
into work this morning. Right now the temperature is 34* or 93.2F I think we broke a record today. So, I got the donuts, no problem. We ended up doing CHF and I had a great first half pulling in $300 in one hour. There was a $10 bonus for the first to get to $400 and I was at $395 and confident I’d get the bonus with my next sale. I announced it but pat was a min ahead of me and got it. I ended up with $500 at the break, After the break, it was going a lot slower. I did a total of $820 and I was lucky to get that. I had x6 $100 potential sales come on my screen and everyone of them were “Not home‘s.” F3’s. The guy beside me got 2 of them. I was not having a good day but made line hour.

Anyway I was glad to get out of there. All I wanted to do was to get home. It was hot. I looked at going over to Audrey’s Books but it was to hot. I got my train which was rather crowded and listened to my music. I heard an announcement about something and the train going out of service at Coliseum Station. It was stopping so I figured something was up, I’d take the train down to Stadium and double back but the train back to the Coliseum was standing room only. What the hell was going on? When the train got to Coliseum again, the train was out of service. Alternate buses to Belvedere and Clairview station were ready to shuttle people to Belvedere and or Clairview. Express. It was very warm out there and I was getting pissed off. So I caught a bus to Belvedere and then Clairview. Worst part about it was the Clairview leg which was a contingency bus went right by where I had to go. But because it was an express bus, Wouldn’t stop right outside my place. I had to go to Clairview station and wait for a Northgate bus. After about a five min wait at Clairview station there were several Police cars about and transit Police. I asked what was going on but they were not ready to give me an answer except the police were there on an unrelated matter. Yeah right. Okay, after a 5 min wait inside the bus as it waited to leave I was finally under way.

My wife was on the computer wondering what happened to me. I was hot and tired and cranky about the whole ordeal on the way home. She had to stop at the “Giant Tiger” for supplies and that’s where she is now. Somewhere out there. I thought I’d turn up the radio local news there for a bit to see if anything was going on. Not a word. Maybe we’ll find something about the transit thing tonight. Anyway, I’m tired and drained and I want to have a bit of a nap.

That's all for now.


I wanted to
find some info on SPI. Simulation Publications Inc. SPI was a war game company that launched Strategy & Tactics magazine. I first began to subscribe to S&T after hearing about the magazine in 1973. S&T was a magazine that had a complete war game in each bi monthly issue. I recall how I had a subscription to S&T and really looked forward to every issue. This was when I was 20 years old and deciding what to do with the rest of my life. I recall enjoying each issue while I lived in the condo at the top of Clarke road as it turned down into Port Moody. So I did a Wikipedia search and came across SPI and S&T. Some names surfaced. Jim Dunnigan was the founder of SPI and later Redmon Simonson took over as the art director of S&T. It was this that inspired me to be the so called "art director" for the Trumpeter. Even though I had no formal art training. But that was the following year. I recall devouring every issue of S&T. I played the games too. So I did a name search on Redmon Simonson and learned that he passed away and died last year at the age of 63. Very sad. S&T still lives on by Decision Games and I think is onto issue #223. Every issue still features a game published by monthly. I was considering subscribing again. I mean a 2 year sub is something like $65CND. I don't think I'll ever get a chance to play the games but the magazine has value just for the articles.

I was in bed by 12:40am and had the radio on for awhile then I passed out. I woke up somewhere around maybe 2:30am. Anne had come to bed and turned off the AC. Sleep was hard to come by after that. The AC wasn't on long enough to make a difference in the room after that. I woke up at 6am to feed the cats and went back to bed for a couple of hours. It was so warm in there all I could do was to doze off.

I'm okay now though and certainly not tired at all and ready to go into work for my 4 hours this morning. I've got to pick up 3 doz asst donuts for the staff on my way in, so that's not too bad. I'm going to opt out for one today but I'm going to ask for 2 donuts to be plain without sugar for Pat and myself. If they have them.

After work I'm going to head over to Audrey's books and pick something up. The goal is to read one SF/F book a week. With my readin habit's that's a real ambitious goal.

This weekend is the Edmonton Grand Prix and from the news scans of the qualifying rounds, there doesn't seem to be the same crowd numbers in the stands as there was last year. I think the heat could be keeping people away.

Before I go, I'd like to make a plug for Keith Grahams Blog. Keith is an avid Blogger and Harmonica player among his many tallents. Check out his Blog. Great reading.

I'll pop back in later.


Friday, July 21, 2006

It was a bit
of a rush leaving the apartment but once we got settled on the train it was smooth sailing on the way into work. I didn’t go to Audrey’s today but there’s a good chance for tomorrow. Because we are without Will for awhile Mike asked me about my trip in for the morning and asked if I could pick up 3 boxes a dz asst. donuts to a box for the staff for the morning and handed me a $20. Sure no problem as it’s right on my way in. It’s not like it’s out of my way in or anything.
Actually I was having a pretty good day. I had something like $280 by break and I moved ahead to $535. I was having a “good time.” Way better then last night.

Egads it’s hot out there. 30C or 86F. Especially here in Edmonton. We get hot weather like this maybe 4-6 times/year. We’re on pace.


Okay I thought I'd
start off with something cute. This is Sparky sleeping. The shot was taken about half an hour ago.

This is one is of both brothers just before feeding. I should have put a caption, like "Clean me, clean me."

If I got 3 hrs sleep between the wife waking up; the cats roaming around and the alarm going off for no apparent reason, I’m lucky. I originally wanted to have Saturday off but Anne conned me in to take Mon off. Not having a good start to the day.

Anyway, I’m not watching the News at noon today. Just a rehash of last night anyway and I’ll catch the details later at 11. I’m still pretty pissed at the lack of sleep I got over night as it is.
Having my first coffee of the day.

To make matters worse, my show The Rifleman wasn’t on today replaced by “The Canadian farm report.” I can tell I’m going to have a great day today.

Coast has a whack of great shows coming up, including one on The Hollow Earth. Can’t wait for that one. There’s also an alien abduction show in there as well. Some great shows. Plus Art Bell is on this weekend with an ET show. Love it.

Yesterday The Oilers signed a 4 year deal to keep Oiler coach Craig McTavish. His big claim to fame, not just for helping the Oilers win Stanley Cups bit he was the last NHL player to not wear a helmet. He was instrumental for helping the NY Rangers for winning their last Stanley Cup in 1994. He loves Edmonton. So we got him for 4 years. I believe in those 4 years we’ll win the Stanley Cup with Ryan Smyth. That was good news for Oiler fans. I still think Kevin Lowe isn’t done yet.

My wife just left out the door up to Walmart and I’m enjoying my coffee. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to continue on with doing this Saturday shift. For once I'd like to have just 2 days off back to back and make it official so I don't have to feel like shit every time I go into work having to make up an excuse.

Anyway, That's all for now.


If I got 3 hrs
sleep between the wife waking up; the cats roaming around and the alarm going off for no apparent reason, I’m lucky. I originally wanted to have Saturday off but Anne conned me in to take Mon off. Not having a good start to the day.

Anyway, I’m not watching the News at noon today. Just a rehash of last night anyway and I’ll catch the details later at 11. I’m still pretty pissed at the lack of sleep I got over night as it is.
Having my first coffee of the day.

To make matters worse, my show The Rifleman wasn’t on today replaced by “The Canadian farm report.” I can tell I’m going to have a great day today.

Coast has a whack of great shows coming up, including one on The Hollow Earth. Can’t wait for that one. There’s also an alien abduction show in there as well. Some great shows. Plus Art Bell is on this weekend with an ET show. Love it.

Yesterday The Oilers signed a 4 year deal to keep Oiler coach Craig McTavish. His big claim to fame, not just for helping the Oilers win Stanley Cups bit he was the last NHL player to not wear a helmet. He was instrumental for helping the NY Rangers for winning their last Stanley Cup in 1994. He loves Edmonton. So we got him for 4 years. I believe in those 4 years we’ll win the Stanley Cup with Ryan Smyth. That was good news for Oiler fans. I still think Kevin Lowe isn’t done yet.

My wife just left out the door up to Walmart and I’m enjoying my coffee. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to continue on with doing this Saturday shift.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

I just took this
possibly last picture of Pledges and Silky together. Pledges is the little guy on the light


This ones for you Keith :-)


One way of
looking at a writing goal is not just word count but page count. Lets say 250 words on a page using New Courier font. Typewriter font that is. I figure a 100k book would translate into 400 pages at 250 words/page. If I can say do, 5 pages/day/400 pages, then that’s 80 days. Of course even 5 pages/day is a demanding goal I might not be able to acomplish. Now what about for scenes? How about 1 scene/day? That’s still 80 days. Actually less because on the weekends I can do 2 scenes/day. The scenes don’t have to be huge. I think the Swain method is better then TMP for this.

Uggh. The above was before I went to bed earlier this morning. Anne woke me up at 4am and then again about 6:30am so I did the cbi thing and then went back to bed. I slept okay after that. I Slept until about 11:15am. 3-4:15am =1.5hrs, then from 4:25am-6:15am =2hrs. Then from 6:15am until 11:15am =5.15min. I slept maybe 8.5hrs but not all together. I wouldn’t have mind getting up at 6am as long as I wasn’t "forced" out of bed at 4:15earlier. I’m not mad at my wife or anything. If I had 3-4hrs sleep and she woke me up every time I turned around then maybe.

One of my goals this year, which I haven’t done yet is to read a book/week.That means to read about 50 pages/day. The goal also is part of the other goal, which is to buy 1 book/week. Either by the month or every 2 weeks. It’s probably better to buy them once a in a month. Go out buy 4 books and that’s my reading goal. The reasoning for this is because eventualy I’m going to have to read my own copy after it’s done. I figure at 400 pages, once I get up to reading speed, I can have the book read in a week. Yeah right.

Capital Ex got under way this morning. They usually do a free breakfast. I think it’s still free. Then the parade. It used to be called Klondike days or K-Days. The City wanted to distance itself from the Klondike day theme to reflect the new direction the City is going. To reflect our multi cultural mosaic as the cliché goes. The festival is still 10 days. Basiclly it's our exhibition. You know, rides, feris wheels, candy floss that tyoe of thing. Konlin is the company that put's it together ans they travel cities all over North America. It's basicly The Circus with out the Big Top. Right after that is Heritage Days but coinciding with Capital Ex is The Edmonton Grand Prix. I don’t know how long this will go on for. Also there is Edge Fest as part of Capital Ex and also in Churchill Square is a Taste of Edmonton. Then there’s the Folk festival coming up and if that isn’t enough there is also The Fringe which usually takes place around my birthday.

When I first came to Edmonton backing 1978 the only thing going on was K-Days. I think Heritage Days was going on as well as this year marks the 31st edition of the Festival.Heritage Days began in 1975 and I came here 3 years later. My life wasn’t about what was external to me at the time I was involved in with Ellen at the time. I don't think the Fringe was around in 1978. I think it came out in 1982.

This is when I first got exposed to D&D style Fantasy. Speaking of which when I was at Fs last week I saw the box for the recent D&D Online game. From the screen shots on the box cover art the whole game looked like a top down POV. Turns me off completely. I like the Everquest forward scrolling without the extra appendages (weapons) sticking out at the bottom of the screen. The original Elder Scrolls game had this feature but I don’t know if "Oblivion" continued on with it. I hope not.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I was in bed
by 3am and passed out right away but woke up around 4:45am to do the cbi thing. I think I got 2 hours sleep there. I passed out as soon as I got back to bed and I woke up various times to pee. So I figure I got 7.5 hrs of sleep off and on here and there.

Not much going on today other then more work on NW. Hopefully I can get another scene sheet completed today and of course make my Blog rounds.

If I can complete 2 scene sheets/day and 3 on the weekends I should have the outline ready and on pace to start the novel Labor Day weekend. I figure at 10k/week. At that pace I should have the rough draft completed by Nov 11th weekend. Which falls on a Saturday this year. The first draft "Underworld" wasn't bad but had more holes then a salt shaker. I restarted the book and titled it "Earth tones" but it went downhill fast. Now I'm more focused then ever and I know how to proceed the "proper way" of writing a novel. If there is such a thing. I worked on "AV" to the tune of 210k before I had my cataract operations but the story concept as good as it was petered out. I realized it was trilogy material but I wasn't working from an outline and I was running out of ideas. Also I had to make some drastic changes in the book and that slowed me down. Right after AV I worked on "RB"/ This was another work similar to AV. Again not working from an outline and I admit in parts it was getting pretty silly. I started work on another novel, "Lodge brothers" but again no outline and the premise was a bit murky. Vauge, kind of like my Blogging :-) Several short story rewrites and other stalled short story ideas later things were beginning to go nowhere fast. Something was going on. Something not working. The comon denominator here folks was lack of a story outline. I realized I needed some education. I got a couple of books (Swain/etc) and now I feel more confident. I've got the tools.

I'm working the 3rd attempt at "Underworld/Et/Netherworld." (UEN) This time the characters are more defined and are even motivated. The story goal is sharper and so is the over all theme. I know how to proceed and what I've learned from the other two attempts of UEN I know where the story is going and how to get there this time. I hope. I'm still in the planning stages of NW. It's slow going but I'm getting somewhere. I've got maybe 70% of the story outlined and I know how the story ends. There's still lots of work ahead but I don't mind doing it but you know the old cliche' "it's not about the road your on but the...."

Thats all for now.


Our 4pm
ritual into work went along wthout a hitch. I met Will inside and he didn't say to much about me missing yesterday but I got the proper "call in sick/etc"phone number.

When I got home I worked on scene sheet 1 in my wp and did the character sketch for the opposition. Later I'll do a few more for the other characters and another scene sheet. I want to do at least 12 scene sheets/day. I should have all 80 scene sheets laid out. I'm really going to look for the layers in even my scene sheets so the Outline will be a complete package.

After the br, I'm going to listen to a bit of Coast and pass out. I don't even know what's the topic for today. That's all for now.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I went to
bed shortly after midnight. Nice for a change and listened to Old Time Radio, Green Hornet and something else I passed out with/on I turned the radio off because Coast was boring. This week it’s rather lame. We had the AC on until my wife came in about 1:30am and turned it off. I woke up and went right back sleeping. Other then too use the bathroom I think I got up when my wife came to bed and I slept until just after 5am. I did the cbi thing and went right back to sleep and I got up at various times, but I think I got 8hrs of sleep. Since being diabetic from July 2004 I’ve never had a proper sleep. By that I mean a full 8 hrs without some interuption. B-room breaks are par for the course but I’m up early to take that first dose of insulin.

I came out to the living room about 11:25am and watched The Rifleman. One of my favorite Westerns. Heck, one of my favorite shows.

So today it’s off into work. I feel good about calling in and if they didn’t get the answering machine message I left late yesterday afternoon, then that’s their problem. I did my part. In other words I don’t feel too bad going into work this afternoon.

For the rest of the afternoon, I’m going to Blog this and do my blog rounds and then work some more on NW, A little bit each day. I might have the rough draft underway by Labor Day and completed in Oct but then the real work begins. I want to find the layers of the story. Work on the thematic elements and go as deep as I possibly can without watering down the integraty of the overall story premise of course.

On the Oiler front, seems that Mike Peca had signed with Toronto maple Leafs. The news for the Oilers gets worse. I think this is as worse as it’s going to get but I think the Oilers are still going to get one more big name hockey player before the end of the off season. Probably around the Labor Day weekend there about’s. I think Kevin Low blew it during the Pronger/Peca trade. Pronger wanted to play here but personal issues got in the way and Peca almost everyone knew didn’t want to stay here. Low should have seen that coming before he made the deal. Sure it’s all nice to get the players and all but if they don’t want to play here after one season then what’s the point?

Anyway, that’s about all for now.


I went to
bed shortly after midnight. Nice for a change and listened to Old Time Radio, Green Hornet and something else I passed out with/on I turned the radio off because Coast was boring. This week it’s rather lame. We had the AC on until my wife came in about 1:30am and turned it off. I woke up and went right back sleeping. Other then too use the bathroom I think I got up when my wife came to bed and I slept until just after 5am. I did the cbi thing and went right back to sleep and I got up at various times, but I think I got 8hrs of sleep. Since being diabetic from July 2004 I’ve never had a proper sleep. By that I mean a full 8 hrs without some interuption. B-room breaks are par for the course but I’m up early to take that first dose of insulin.

I came out to the living room about 11:25am and watched The Rifleman. One of my favorite Westerns. Heck, one of my favorite shows.

So today it’s off into work. I feel good about calling in and if they didn’t get the answering machine message I left late yesterday afternoon, then that’s their problem. I did my part. In other words I don’t feel too bad going into work this afternoon.

For the rest of the afternoon, I’m going to Blog this and do my blog rounds and then work some more on NW, A little bit each day. I might have the rough draft underway by Labor Day and completed in Oct but then the real work begins. I want to find the layers of the story. Work on the thematic elements and go as deep as I possibly can without watering down the integraty of the overall story premise of course.

On the Oiler front, seems that Mike Peca had signed with Toronto maple Leafs. The news for the Oilers gets worse. I think this is as worse as it’s going to get but I think the Oilers are still going to get one more big name hockey player before the end of the off season. Probably around the Labor Day weekend there about’s. I think Kevin Low blew it during the Pronger/Peca trade. Pronger wanted to play here but personal issues got in the way and Peca almost everyone knew didn’t want to stay here. Low should have seen that coming before he made the deal. Sure it’s all nice to get the players and all but if they don’t want to play here after one season then what’s the point?

Anyway, that’s about all for now.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Lots to talk about today.
I went to bed about 2am after a marathon NW outline session. I got some good stuff and I completed the middle part of the outline. Once the framework is done I go for the characterization aspects of the story and then the subplots. Just the basics. I still need room for the unexpected. So I got up at 6am-ish and I was pretty grumpy and owly. I fed the cats and decided to do some reading in Mindscan. I climbed back into bed about 7am and fell asleep getting up for a bathroom break shortly after 9am and my wife was gone-unexpectedly. I had no idea where she was. I thought the worst. I had trouble sleeping after that and eventually I got up to watch The Rifleman and the news and about the 12:30pm mark she comes through the door. She went to the Veggie mart all the way out in the West end. Okay, my bad.

Anne suggested I stay home today and I will. I’ll call Will up at 4:35pm and or leave a message, that I’ll be off tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. My back is bothering me and I have a sinus headache. That type of thing but I will call in. This time I will and I want to get up around 10 am and leave around 12:30pm so I can start the afternoon shift. One or two of those/week won’t hurt me.

I’m onto my first coffee.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot one today somewhere around the 27* mark. Even then, that’s not as bad as what the folks in the US are going through. Crops are being damaged Temps approaching the 100F mark(35-40C). We’ve had it hot like that too, but more so in the BC interior and in the Toronto area. Way too hot for me. 20-21C is about right for my summer. Makes me appreciate our Alberta winters. Even those have been lame recently. I think we got 2 days where we’ve had -20C in the afternoons. Over-night it always gets cold but not during the day like it used to. I know I’m probably sounding like an old man here but it wasn’t that long ago 1996 I recall one week where we had -30C and ice crystals in the afternoon. Even the winter of 1995 it was cold. I remember snow banks three feet high and snow almost 2 feet deep. It wasn’t only until this decade that the weather patterns have been changing.

The space shuttle came down to earth this morning without any problems. The next one to be launched will be in August, next month. Apparently Nasa is to launch 16 more shuttle missions before they finally retire the shuttle program in 2010. That’s only 4 years away. I think the Kepler mission is supposed to launch in November 2008. That’ll be exciting.

On the NHL front, it looks like Eric Lindross is going to sign with Dallas for 2.5M. The Oilers only offered him 1M but that was way better then what Toronto was already paying him in the $700G range. Talk about under rated. But he’s 33 yrs old and that’s old for an NHL hockey player. He’s also prone to injury with a wrist injury that might yet keep him on the sidelines. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t get him but I think Kevin Low is still going to make a block buster trade before training camp. The next Regular Season Oiler Home game is Thursday Oct. 5th and I think they are going to raise Mark Messier’s #11 sweater and I think the Oilers get a Conference title banner, I’m not sure. But the banner will be raised at that Home game.

Of course the real big news is the trouble going on right now in the Middle East. Seems the Canadian Govt. is going to try to secure the release of Lebanese Canadians trapped over there in Lebanon. At The G8 summit US president Bush made an off the cuff comment into an unsuspecting open mic with Tony Blaire captured on tape regarding the crisis in the Middle East. I can't remember what Bush but Bush used the "S" word in his talk with Blair but I don't think the comment had any serious implications. Allthough political figures have been known to put their foot in their mouths before. Many analysts and critics feel the worst of the crisis is over with and there is some movement in the Iran situation, which lowered the price of crude oil by a buck and change to just under $74 and change, I don’t think we’ll ever see $30 barrel oil again and I hope not. Bad for Alberta's economy.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

I managed to find
one of my old diaries from June 1991 and when I got Pledges: See below. Pledges directly below a shot i took about half an hour ago sleeping by the bbq outside. His fav place to snooze.

This is the diary I'm talking about when I was chasing aftr Mary. Mary and Tracy bought him for me (well I paid for him out of the pet store in Westmount by giving her the $100) It was on a Friday night June 14th 1991. That makes him to be 15 years old now.
Poor guy might have gingavitis, just like me no doubt. I was 39 going on 40 at the time. Sigh.


That was
the best sleep I ever had. I worked a bit more on fleshing out the NW outline and man it looks good for the first 20 scenes. I like what I have so far. My wife and I went to bed about 1am and I gave her a br until 2:30am and I listened for a bit of Coast. I finished the last of the half beer I had shared with my wife. I passed out by 3am and woke up again by 7:25am. I got 4 hours there and I did the cbi thing and went back to sleep about 7:30am. I past out again and other then getting up to use the bathroom, I slept until 11:30am so I figure I got 8.5 hours of sleep. And in two installments not 4 like the other day. I’m feeling alright and onto my first coffee.

Just before brunch I was doing some research for NW and I’ve got almost half the book outlined. I like what I’ve got too. There are some mechanics I need to work out but over all, I like it. So I’m going to blog this and make my blog rounds.

That's all for now.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

uggh, the shift
was turning out to be a Tap disaster. At the 1:15pm mark I ended up with $325 and I resigned myself to the possibility of maybe reaching $400. My highest sale was $25. Balls. Then suddenly I started getting sales, $50, $35. I was racking them up for a total of $605 by the end of the shift. I even managed to get some more reading done. The shift was starting to turn from bad to worse and then I pulled a rabbit out of my hat. I was glad to get out of there.

I ended up leaving exhausted not happy but bland. I wanted to go strait home and I listened to my tunes caught the bus at Clairview (see photo inside train below) and home. My wife was waiting to leave something to do about getting her vacuum cleaner repaired. I don’t know. I just wanted to get home. I’m about to Blog this and go for a nap.


I’m sure if
I hadn’t left early Wed, Anne would suggest I stay home this weekend but even though I’m tired and I could certainly use another 4 hours sleep, I’m still going to go into work this morning.
So, I had another br break last night. I usually can count on one Fri nights because I’m up early to go into work. Sure it’s only 4 hrs but it still interrupts the weekend. I was in bed by 1am this morning listening to a bit of Coast. Open lines. I recall dozing in and out of the program not really listening. I turned it off and went to sleep but I recall waking up around 3:13am I guess that’s when Anne came in but it was really Pledges that woke me up and his purring. I got up to watch The Rifleman and “Okanogan Prairie and Places.” A host at a table in a barn like setting and a guest that’s an expert on people and events of the Old West in BC. Something about a preacher and a mission in the Okanogan. It was a pretty good story. But it was closing in on 4:30am and I thought maybe I should feed the cats but hell they can wait until I got up at 7 or whatever before I leave today. I got up around 6am and fed the cats and went back to bed for a few hours. I think I got maybe 5hrs sleep, if that.

I’m up just before 8am this morning, I fire up the computer, put the kettle on for coffee and put my oatmeal in the microwave and go have a shower. I’m doing 4 different things at once. I took my insulin and had my breaky and I’m just relaxing here until I’ve got to get ready.

I was reading in the paper yesterday that The Who will be making a stop here in Edmonton, sometime in September. The last 2 remaining original members, Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend. They are also kicking off a new album as well for the tour, “Who 2”. I’m behind on a lot of Albums I’d like to pick up. I think David Byrne has 2 since “Look into the Eyeball” and a few compilations. Allan Parsons as well has a few albums one he released last year. I don’t know if Kansas has released anything but it seems they have a few offerings I missed out on since “Freaks.” There are also other bands I like, even new artists. The music doesn’t have to come from my generation it just has to be something I like. Lately most music has been Rap but not always. Anyway, more on this later. Maybe.

As for right now, I’m off to work.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Here's a photo of Pledges.
My guy 15 yrs old now. That's pretty old for a cat but I hear some cats
live up until 18 but I don't think this is the case with Pledges. Poor thing. This shot was taken when I first got the camera in Feb.

God that was a pitifully slow night tonight on the job. I had $25 again right up until break but I stuck around anyway hoping for a better second half. I got my 2nd sale just about 7:30pm and I had $75 by the time most of the staff that won this little go home goal by 10 min. I decided to stay and see if I could improve my total since it was a bit more quieter beside me. I ended up getting 3 quick sales pulling in $140, and I tied with Pat. I think we had one over $300.

Was I happy with what I got? Not really but I was in the middle of the pack on a slow Friday night. I'll be back in the saddle again tomorrow.


Here's the last image
I managed to download last night. This was taken just about 9:30pm after a light rain in
the City. I took the image before this one first and this one seond. I don't know what all the extra stuff is at the bottom.

Sleep came hard and the cat came in and bugged me all morning. Maybe I got an hour sleep. Until I got up po’d at the cat fed them and did the rest of the cbi thing and I went right to bed around 6:15am. My wife took the heavy quilt off which was partially to blame for my lack of sleep. I slept alright after that until 11:30am. I might have got 6hrs. If that but other then a soar neck (what else is new?) I’m alright.

My 15yr old cat Pledges is in a bad way lately. I think he’s got an abscessed tooth. I took a shot of him yesterday. He has these growling episodes and drooling. Occasionally he’ll growl and run somewhere. He’ll make this loud sound that’ll sometimes startle me. I don’t know what to do with him. He’s to old to take another round of anesthesia and that could kill him right there. I’m afraid this year, I could lose him. He’s been a big part of my life since 1991. I'll post apic of him in the next entry.

I think what I’m going to do next week and I should have done it the other night while I had it off was to go check on the “A” job /survey and put my name in. Ideally I’d like to work there afternoons from 1-4:30pm and walk over to X where I work now. A pays $11 hr and that’s a good chunk of change. I still need that rainy day fund and I might just use my saved up vacation pay in Dec and begin to open a secret bank account (sba) and the post office box thing. I’d put my money from “A” in there and save it. (Under such a scenario) (USS) I haven’t decided yet on the A job either or any second job for that matter. I’m not even certain if I want to add more hours to the job I already have. Although that certainly is an option and I worked the 1:30pm shift before. 1:30pm-9pm might be hard to do because of the fatigue factor. But when I worked 9am-4:30pm, I wasn’t diabetic either. I just might end up putting more hours in my current job after all, say just 2 days/week for now. Tues/Wed. That would give me 29.5hrs in. I could still maintain a sba and Rob would give me a raise by the end of the month. Or I could go, Mon 4hrs, Tues 7, Wed 7, Thur 7, Fri 3.5 Sat 4. I like the way things are now. It gives me 23.5 hrs in. This shedual also gives me time to work on my writing at the same time. He'd give me more money if I put the hours in and he's putting preasure on me to put more hours in or hopefuly I'll quit.

One of the guys where I work has been on the job with this comapny for a long time. Nothing wrong with him. He helps witness my wife's pension papers for me. So lately my comapy want's me to quit or put more hours in. Or at least all the signs are there that they are trying to put pressure on me so I will quit or do more hours. Robs a control freak. He likes putting stress on his employees and with me not under his direct "employ"means he can't control me. I mean it's embarrasing to Rob that they have a tap shooter make the same money as somebody that just started. So they are doing what they can to put presure on me to leave or put more hours in. It's all about control. Here's what I mean. Just recently they've been getting back to having employee recognition. Employee of the month (EOM). It was on a hiatus for a year or more. So "Management"lately picks five possible candidates. Some from the residentual, some from the morning, afternoon and evening shift. The idea is you vote for the EOM and the winner get's his name on a plaque and it comes with $50 (only if your-sarcasm- at line hour) probably. So a month or two ago, the EOM nomination guy I'm talking about was already nominated. He already has his name on the plaque as well. So have I, But now they have his name up there again. Will made a big dial about it. I don't participate. Of cousre our nomination guy takes his usual 2 smoke breaks which I don't take any but I'm about to. Every night from now on, I'm going to go off my dialer and take 2-3 minutes off and just go out side for some air. Personally I don't care to much about this EOM. I never got my $50 for the last time I got my name on the plaque what 3 years or so ago? When they get the rest of the plaques up there, I'll try and find mine and I'll get a photo f it. Anyway, That's all for now. Silly Company I work for.


I had a pretty
good evening. A lot better then last night. I ended up doing $285, which is just above line hour. Here are the rest of the photo's of the office I took tonight. This one is our "lounge" area. That's a fake fireplace there folks. our social club fund at work.

This shot is looking West. That's Robs office bside where the clock is on the wall. There are also another section of monitors across that office that is used by "business". These monitors/dialers as we call them, are not used at night.

As you come off the elevator this is the reception desk and behind where she sits is our "water wall" you can't see it in action but it does work. Again our "social club" fund at work.
This is our tap section. In theory if your good and last long enough you get to be over at this side where you get more money. Yeah right. I usually sit behind that post there but lately we haven't had any taps to work with.

I also took a couple of outdoor sunset shots but in order to have all the shots in order you've got to place them all first.


I took a few
Photo's on my way into work yesterday afternoon. This photo of me isn't very good. I'm not mean or in a bad mood or anything. I had just received my pay cheque and a $20 bonus I wasn't expecting. The shot below is where I work. I usually sit behind that green post there in the back. That's our tap section.

This one left is one I took while inside the train itself. My wife is sitting across from me. Thos buses are part of Edmonton's ETS transit system. they are low floor wheel chair accessible busses. The green apartment building went up last year and Super store is right behind that. Those apartments are high end apartments. I think a one bedroom starts at $1200/month.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anne went on a
bottle run last night and made a huge fine at the bins. Almost $10. Good stuff, so with what we have here and the ones from last night she went off on a bottle run around 11am. It’s a nice day for it to. The cat woke me up about 4:45am and I did the cbi thing. I went right to bed but got up numerous times to use the bathroom. I don’t know how much sleep I got, maybe 7hrs. Hard to say. Anyway, I got up after she left and my HGWT was pre empted because of the Calgary Stampede spotlight or what ever it’s called. So what the heck, I went back to bed and had 40 winks. I got up to watch the news.

I’m having my first coffee. Ahh.

There was nothing yet about the fallout from the big buy out between Bell and Chum. CTV buying out City Tv. City Tv. There were “massive lay-offs” at City Tv right on the heals of this buy out. It was a friendly take over. I heard that City Tv was going to close it’s operations at the end of this month and re open again under a new identity or something like that but I don’t know too many details. City Tv owns or owned Space, Much Music, and other specialty channels and 12 Tv stations across the country. City Tv used to be called A channel. A channel was launched in 1996 the year after I left my old bachelor apartment. A channel was also the location I first got wind of 9/11 that morning on the way into work, I was looking at the crowd gathering at the monitors on the street corner outside wondering what was going on. It wasn’t until I had gotten inside the office that Mark were all making a big deal about it and it hit home through out the day. So if City Tv goes would Space Channel be not far off behind it? Here are some details of the merger/buy out what ever it’s called. CHUM also owns Access Network so that's A Channel and Channel 9.

I suppose the big tech medical news of the decade is Matthew Nagle the fellow that had a computer chip implanted in his brain. Now he can move a computer cursor just by thinking about it. It’s no where near market place approval yet but it might go that way.

Twenty years ago I was chasing after Chrisie. I recall making many lunch hour phone calls to her place. This was just before she met Rob and moved from Bob’s house to his place. Before Star Trek the Next Generation. Even before my first computer. I was 34 going on 35 and I was thin. I was working there at the Army&Navy Cobogo Wearhouse. Now called Cobogo lofts. In the small photo of the outside of the Cobogo building you can see a set of windows on the main floor just above the basement. The one on the right nearest the front door was my old office. During those times I was trying to make it as a writer. I had my portable typewriter I would bring in with me to work and back. I wrote a novel I titled Zyphrium rising in that little office. The story never went anywhere except a few hundred pages of nonsense. But Cobogo was whee I spent most of my time in the 1980's. The article mentions underground parking? I wonder how they managed that? The last time I was in that building was July 15th 1999 just before 4pm. I worked in this building from Sept 1982-Jan 1989. It was a big part of my life. On the roof of this building was where I was when the 1987 Black Friday Tornado hit Edmonton. I was working here when the Oilers won their first Stanely Cup. I was working here when I was going with Marie and Chrisie and when I first got hired on at the Company I work now called GWE back then. I worked here when I was a lot more healthier then I am now. My parrents were still alive when I was working in this building. lot's of memories. So imagine my surprise when I did a Google search for Cobogo lofts and this pic above is what I found. That office nearest the stairwell on the right is where I was able to nap for sometimes hours at a time when times were slow. Even though it was min wage, it was the best job I ever had.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

today: What a disaster. I pissed my wife off with my snoring (latter) because her ear plugs kept popping in and out. This was around 7am. I think I got maybe 2 hrs sleep before that and maybe an hour and a half after that. Perhaps 3 hours. If that. That episode blew over and by noon we were back to our old selves again.

Anyway, I went and installed the batteries in my camera and went out back to take a few outdoor shots. Works great. There's a thread going around in the "Blog Newbies" section about web space. I can't recall how much space Blogger lets users have for photos. I read somewhere around 300mb? I don't know if that's/blog or/client etc.

Okay, when I got into work low and behold here all of us tap shooters are doing semies for the night. Canadian Burn Foundation. Uggg. I got bounced around 3 times until finaly I get the most crapiest dialer/station on the system. Blurry font, ergo nomic keyboard which I'm not used to which slowed me down. I was getting TD all over the place. I think there we're 3 of us at break at $25 but most everyone else was doing over $100. I sucked and I let Will know that I attributed this from what happened with Anne this morning and I'm operating on maybe less then 4 hours sleep. I asked him if I could pack it up and go home. He agreed. I'll be back tomorrow and I will. Lowest total I had in months.

Well, after that, I decided I'd go up the street where Anne works and I found out she was just getting off her break. She was surprised to see me but I explained what was going on. At least I got paid for 2 hours. So we sat out front there on 104th and Jasper Ave while she had her lunch and had a nice chat. They get a half hour for lunch. Sweet.

So I went to Bay station and had a long wait for my train and laid my back on the decorative pedestals for seating and that felt good. I told Anne I was going to go over to Future Shop and have a look around. I was out at Clairview by 7:45pm. I asked about the camera cases and they have a nice one for about $16. They all have straps. I looked at the LG 50 inch Plasma screen tv's but I forgot to ask if they were HDtv ready. I asked about Ram and they have my type 512mg $100. The guy said name brand doesn't matter. The Plasma Tv's run for $3600. $3816 after GST. Oww.

It was very humid at Fs and I left feeling pretty good but sweating walking home. I got inside and fired up the computer and went for a shower. Wednesdays are traditionally bad work days for me anyway. Whe I got inside I took everything off and went and had a shower. Cool water. Ahh. Since I didn't have break at work I got into my sanwiches since Anne said they were my fav flakes of ham. I wolfed them down and the last can of cola. Good stuff. I made a coffee as I began to write this and I'm feeling a lot more relaxed at the moment.

Normally I'd be getting in just about now. And Anne just came in now as well and went out to feed the birds. Anyway, that's about all for me for now.


See if these
will tun out. My first out door photos.
This one was taken an hour ago of Anne holding Sparky on our balcony from outside. The netting is used so the cats don't go jumping into the trees.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We had a bit of
a blow up on the train on the way in. I found out Sat Night main event (WWE) is on Channel 11 and it starts at 11pm for 3 hrs. Good stuff. So work went well and we began a “New campaign” “Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Federation.” (CDHF) I had a slow start making the CBF adjustment but I ended up with $900, which was decent enough. I felt happy with that of course.

The trip home was uneventful. The only thing I wanted to do was to plug the battery recharger (br) in and let it charge. When I got home Anne was already in and she set the br unit up for me and took care of that. Good stuff. She was on the balcony watching the magpie bird out there. The baby bird was on the grass to our surprise and the “mother and father bird” is out squawking but the bird managed to jump up into the tree but one of the neighbors at the ground level has a cat circulating around like a vulture waiting for prey. Anne managed to chase the cat away. Yeesh.

Anyway, those mag pies will be squeaking all night protecting their young. Stupid neighbors letting their cat out at a time like this.

The batteries are charging nicely. 8hrs? By the time they are ready it’ll be 5am in the morning. Hey, if that’s the case maybe I can go outside and get a sunrise shot to test the batteries out. It’s worth a try.


We got to
bed about 3am and Coast turned into a Bible belt war near the end. It was a religious topic anyway which I won't get into . Anneaccidentallyy woke me up about 5am and I was pissed off but after I did the cbi thing I was back in bed by 5:30am but sleep came hard. I was tossing and turning for about an hour. I think I got maybe 7hrs of sleep. After I got back to bed I didn't make a big stink about her waking me up. Right now she's getting my batteries for my digital camera. The real ones this time. I hope these work.

Since that big storm that blew by here late yesterday afternoon things are cooling off around here. Temperature is a comfortable +19* under sunny/windy skies. This week Temps should be hovering around the 23-24 mark. I like that. Easier to sleep at night.

I'm really proud of my wife for getting recognized on her job. Some people there, I don't know if this is the staff or just her co-workers, say she should take on a supervisor position but it means more stress for her and more hours. She'd rather stay where she is on the phones where she competentpetant enough to know she's doing a good job. I wouldn't blame her.

Anyway I'm onto my first coffee here and I just did a bsl reading sitting at 8.5. Still relatively high. Anne should be on her way home soon and hopefully has the battery recharger kit (rck) with the NIMH batteries for digital cameras. I'll put a set in right away and see if that replace battery icon comes off. If so, I'll take a shot and see if it comes out okay. After I finish my coffee of course. But she might also come back empty handed too.

Thanks to having that br break last night because Anne wanted to spend time with the cats and do a Hamster clean-up. I'll take a few shots with me. I'm kind of reluctant to go out to the West end again only because I don't want to run into people I know, like Dan and Bridget and possibly others, Mary etc. I'm not going to be there long, I'll get off at 97th Ave and tbachelortfromy bachelore fromm across the street and then across the to taka a shot of Bridget's building and then walk West up 97th slightly away from 156th st and around down 157th toward the Meyers old place. Hopefully there won't be any Peoples church people loitering around out back that may recognize me like Don or Tracy/Mary. I want to get in and out of there in a hurry and then to Sandy lane to get that shot of SL itself and the phone boot and then a bus back downtown and the train home.

Last night thanks to the break I was able to get some more scenes sheets together. I worked on 5 of them and got the beginning completed. Scene #20. Next I work on the middle. I also need to go into my scene breakdown and re-work that part of it. The 3 surprises actually one of them takes place about scene #17wheret near the end wher according to TMP should take place just after the beginning. It takes place a little early. Now I've got to sort out the various subplots and where they are going to fit and I'll be doing some of that tonight.

Oh also last night I was able to fix my blog Title. I had to go into the Template and mess around with the style sheet to do it. The sub title needs to stand out a bit more and I'm waiting for a reply that will show me hoe to do that. I wish Blogger had a system's restore so you could go back "in time" and fix something that was lost. But it must be quite a chore for Google to keep thousands of Templates ready for that function.

That's all for now


well when we
left shortly before 4pm it was raining heavy out there. Even a loud thunder boom getting on the bus. Then another one at the station the rain eased off seemed to stop. But we were underground before I noticed anything. It wasn’t until I got outside on the train bridge over the river how severe the rain was coming down. It was just a beating down. So thick I could barely see the river. Underground again. Above ground at the Health Sciences Center. It was still beating down. When I got to Carona and above ground it was just pouring down. I met Dave Sullivan coming in through the automatic doors and he was soaked. I decided if I was to wait this out I’d be late. So I walked up Jasper Ave in the pouring rain. Our worst rain storm of the summer. It was kind of nice. I walked up to 106th and then West down 106th st to work where I met Will outside having a smoke. I went inside and got ready had a chat with JT. I was $140 by 6pm and I had a great evening. I ended up with a $100 sale and $745 by the end of the night. Not to shabby.

When I got off work and out to the sidewalk in front of the building the rain had long since stopped and it was sunny outside. A very nice train ride home and I got in about 9:40pm fired up the computer and prepared to watch Raw. Raw was on a scale from 1-9, I’d say a 7. It was a pretty good show. Not as good as last week but it had it’s moments. I had fun.

Anne came in and was quite excited about something. Seems her company wanted to recognixe her for being their top employee for June. They thanked her in a letter and will give her recognition in their staff newspaper they have. Very nice. I’m very proud of her and she’s going to go out and buy me the NIMH battery recharger kit tomorrow and I’m going to give her a small back rub tonight before I passs out.

So if this recharger works/ batteries, I’m going to try and post some outdoor shots later today. I’m looking forward to this and I hope it works. If not we can take it back but I’m sure it’s going to work okay.


Monday, July 10, 2006

lets see I went
into bed last night about 1am and listened to a bit of Coast. Anne came in about 2am and I tried to sleep but an hour later I past out. I woke up at 7:15am Yikes. I got 4hrs but after I got back to bed sleep came even harder for me. I think about 8:30am I finally got to sleep and I woke up at noon. So I got another 3.5hrs. All-in-all, I think I got 7hrs sleep.

I got up to watch the news but the living room tv wasn’t working. We’ve got this 2 channel remote control selector hook-up, which really annoys me. I can never figure the thing out half the time, so much to my wife’s irritation I got her out of bed to fiz the damn thing for me. Just in time to watch the noon news hour.

Apparently Ralph and his Caucus are supposed to meet to decided what to do with our $8B surplus. The surplus is due to oil and gas revenues that have come into Alberta Govt coffers in the past year. With those revenues years ago we (Albertans) we’re able to pay down the Provincial debt. Last year Ralph Kline our Premier devised a plan of 3rds. How to spend the surplus. 1/3rd for education etc, 1/3rd infrastructure etc, and 1/3rd back to Albertans. It cost just about $1B to give everybody a $400 resource cheque in Jan.
The only ones that don’t get these resource cheques are prisoners in jail and those that did not file a 2005 tax return but families with children get them as well. Even 2 year old kids received them. So, if they decided to continue on with the 1/3rd format great. The resource cheques this year could be even bigger due to the high surplus. Could be but I’m not holding my breath expecting another gift this year. If we do get one though that could work out to 2.8B. In which case we could-might even, maybe, get $1G each. Most of us Albertans that support the resource cheques consider this to be pay back time because of the hardship we endured back in the early 1990’s. Privitization running rampart, unemployment very high. The economy was on a sever downturn. Alberta is like that, boom to bust. So in the early 1990’s there were a lot of changes made to UIC, Welfare. Privatization and downsizing were the buzzwords for the early 1990’s. I did alright in the 1990’s. For the most part I always had an income coming in. Oh and anynody that has filed a 2005 tax return (like we did) will get a resource cheque, maybe. I don’t know if there is any other stipulation/qulification for getting a resource cheque, like you have to have lived here for a year or something like that. And there is nothing solid on a possible next round of resource cheques. We probably won’t know until Sept if that. This is Ralphs last year and there is a PC leadership convention coming up to elect a new leader. Ralph is on his way out so a lot of the new Premier hopefuls don't like the resource cheque give-a-way's. But Ralph is still with us until Jan. Jim Denning is the next big contender for Alberta Premier.

Yesterday after Daneil Boone I began working on the scene sheets for NW and I’ve got 14 of them done. The thing is I’d like to work in the first person POV but I have a lot of POV characters. I’ve got the usual 4 main characters and a few others that get their own scenes. The beginning 20 scenes get hectic. Lot of POV shift changes. I don’t know how comfortable I am with this just yet. But when reading the scene shifts and all, it makes sense. Yet it’s not clear for example who the romantic interest is and who the confidant character is or as I like to use “Best Friend.” An example of Best Friend is Han Solo to Luke Skywalker. I’ll be working on a few more scene sheets today if I have time and of course I hope to have the beginning scenes all mapped out.

Speaking about “Star Wars” the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, “Dead mans chest” scored huge at the box office this last weekend racking in $132 Million. Wow. That’s a new movie record. It beat out the last “Spider-Man” movie the previous record holder and “Spider-Man” beat out “Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.” I forget how much Star Wars 1977 did opening weekend. Looks like Disney has a franchise on their hands. This “Pirates” movie is the surprise of the summer. No doubt the Summers Block buster for 2006. I saw the first movie and didn't think too much of it. I'll wait till this one comes out on cable.

Anyway, late yesterday afternoon as I was working on NW, I saw out my window some gathering and it seemed some of the neighbors held a small mag pie gossling. The bird was injured and the mother bird was squawking panicking about her baby. I felt bad for the mother. I got Annes attention to go down and investigate. It seems the bird fell out of the nest and injured itself. Anne brought out our spare bird cage but neighbors across from us had this happen before and they called Alberta fish game and wildlife. They took the bird in a cage and left it in the yard over night. They said they would call Alberta Wild life today. Poor mother, probably felt sick inside all night. I would like to get a progress report about the bird. I can still see the nest in the tree even from here. I would like to get an update on what happened but Anne doesn’t seem to care to much and I don’t know who the people were that took the bird in. That event kind of did something to me inside. Made me realize that all living things feel. I’ve always known about this of course but this is something that hit close to home.

Anyway, this has been a longer entery then I anticipated and I want to Blog this and get on with what little time I have left to get ready to Blog and go I nto work. Anyway, wrestling is on tonight. Wuu Whoo.

That’s all for now.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

I had that beer
last night, which was very nice. I was drowsy anyway and when we went to bed around 2:45am and we listened to Coast until 3am and I passed right out. Ian Punnet had this bit about tasty Canadians on the Coast Website. Whatever "Tasty Canadians" means. I have no idea what he's talking about and even the blurb on the Coast website was brief it didn't make any sense to me. I don't think Tasty Canadians was meant as a slur against us Canadians but I'm sure if I look hard enough I'll find the Pun. If I want to. I'm having a sluggish kind of day today. Uggh.

Anyway I slept until I got up about 5:45 this morning to do the cbi thing and stayed up for a bit and worked on scene sheet #11. I really like the Action, Goal, Conflict, disaster format. After that I went back to bed and slept until 11am and went back to sleep until noon and stayed in bed and woke up at 1pm. I had at least 8 hrs of sleep. That felt good but I still feel sluggish.

So today, I'm going to try and finish off the beginning part of NW. Scene sheet wise. I read a great piece on Tams Blog about writing and trying to get it perfect. "The one true way to publication." It's pretty good. I believe there are certain rules to writing like Swain and Bickham, one can't easily dismiss.

What I like about my job especially in the evenings is I can read books as I'm working. In between calls that is. It gives me more reading time and I'll be able to finish a book inOrdinarilyOrdinaraly I'm a slow reader anyway

Speaking of, which I was reading from Elmore Leonard's website and his 10 rules for writing. Some pretty good stuff I might use in my own writing. There is also an interesting piece called Breaking Elmore's rules at Westblog.

Still on the subject of writing, I'd like to give a big hearty Congratulations to Robert J Sawyer for winning the John W. Campbell memorial award. You can read about it here. Way to go Rob.

At the moment the weather is calling for light rain. Well, somewhere in the City it's raining. Not up here in Clairview. And it's +20* and calling for about the same for tonight and more rain. Next week I'll be able to get my batteries for my camera for sure. I have a full week in and my stat pay as well. Oh, seems we are getting a bit of light rain after all.

That's all for now. Uggh.


work went slow
earlier today. We ended up doing ASB and I think at the break I was $159, Then we did CBF and at the end of the shift I ended up doing $604. Much better. I was tired and after packing up my things I went home. On the train home my back hurt from a few twists and turns the train takes on the tracks. A bus was waiting for me at Clairview and I was the only passenger on the bus home.

I spent some quality time with my wife and the cats before she left to go do her thing. I had a bit of a nap, maybe an hour. Supper was around 8pm, not much of a meal. After supper I began hard at work on the scene sheets for NW. I put 10 sheets together and I like what I have but the Romantic interest (RI) seems to be divided over several characters, which could confuse the reader and the main RI which I have as the 4th POV character has some critical scenes in the story so far. I’ve still got some fine tuning to do here obviously but it's a minor problem that I can fix up. The idea just sort of got away from me. Nothing is writtien down anyway.

Anyway, the evening went by fast. I took the trash out and went for a little walk around the building. So that was nice. Still warm out there.

That’s all for now.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

I woke up
suddenly about 6am and I figure, I’ll feed the cats. Then I went to bed but couldn’t sleep. I got up about 45 min ago and fired up the pc and I worked on the first scene sheet for NW. 79 more to go. Saturday’s are always hard on me. Anne wanted me to stay home but I’m on thin ice as it is. But I’m going to take this Monday off and let Will know in today. In another 10 min or so. I’ll have my shower and take my insulin and gradually get ready for work.
I went to bed about 1:30am and I fell fast asleep and was sleeping by 1:40am. I got 5 hrs. That’s all I need right now. I’ll come home at about 2:45pm and I’ll have a little nap and get up and work some more on NW.

I just did a bsl reading and I’m at 9.1. Of course it’s always high this time of the morning. I’ll take it again about 3pm when I’m back from work.

Last night we had a summer storm roll into the City about 8pm. I was on the tail end of it getting out of the office at 8:25pm last night. The Esks/BC football game was at half-time and I could see the fans still in the seats from inside of the train just before it got to the station. Lots of fans on the lrt platform. The game was pre-empted and resumed 30 min later. The Esks ended up winning something like 24-11. I can’t recall the finale score but it was a much needed win at home for the green and gold. The next Home game will be on the 20th. Two weeks from Thursday.

Anyway that's all for right now.


Friday, July 07, 2006

I had a slow
night puling in $530. We got out 10 min earlier. Big deal. When I got outside the Sun was out but raining at the same time. It’s times like this I would have liked to have my camera working. I was walking under a haze of a cell but even though it was sunny it was raining across the parking lot of First Edmonton Place. It was just beautiful out there. I didn’t get much rain on me as the cell was just moving away from me as I went. I loved it. Guess who (Anne) walks in barely 10 min on my tail. Yeesh. But it’s times like these I would really like my camera along with me. If I had it I would have taken a shot.

Anyway, I’m going to take out that Bravenet stat counter. It isn’t doing any good at all and makes my Blog look awful so lets get rid of it. There, that job is done. not just that but the original stat counter at the bottom of my Blog was doing a great job for me and had way more options and more tools. All for free without that messy Div code.


I managed 7
hrs sleep. Sort of. My sleep was interrupted thanks to dripping water into a pail my wife put on the balcony. So I got 4 min there and the I decided to go watch Adam 12 and I came back into bed and listened to Coast until 3am. I slept until the thunder and lightning came out so I got up around 4:30pm and watched the lightning show, which lasted 30 min. No rain of course. So after doing the cbi thing I went back to bed around 5am and past out. My wife stirred a couple of times and cats running around woke me up here and there but I think I got 7 hrs sleep. Since I became diabetic 2 years ago I’ve never been able to have a decent full 8hrs sleep. Those days are long gone. Even at this hour my bsl is 9.4, Still too high.

Anyway, at least temps are more comfortable but we’re supposed to go back into the heat wave again next week. Way to hot for me.

On my 2nd coffee today. I watched HGWT and The Rifleman. Good shows. TV these days is crap. Not much that interests me. Just middle age settling in is all hehehe :-) The only thing I watch on TV is during supper and lunches, when I’m eating anyway and even less during the summer. I can’t get into shows like House, CSI, 24 or reality based TV shows. Even shows like Andromeda and Farscape I’m sure are pretty good but they are too far into their story lines for me to get into. Smallville, I can’t relate too. I can’t relate to most of what TV has to offer these days. Even wrestling is getting contrived if not for the return of DX on Raw. I did enjoy Smackdown with JBL running his mouth about how he hates Canada last night. Funny stuff. He’s playing his character well coming across as a loud mouthed far right might makes right joke. Total opposite to what I believe in but his character is funny. I don’t think inside he really believes half the tripe coming out of his mouth but it makes for good character copy.

Anyway, it’s into work tonight and it’s only 3.5 hrs. Still threatening to put some extra hours in next week. If I can. I need the money. I’ve got $13 bucks to my name so it looks like no batteries for my camera this weekend. I’ll get batteries next weekend. I can afford batteries but I want the rechargeable kit package. My wife says are available at Walmart for about $25 and I hope to get them next time.

This weekend I’m going to work on the rest of the characters for NW. Get that all done. About 2/3rds of these scenes are stated, so I know how it’s going to go and this will be in the first person pov. Anyway, off to Blog this and get ready for work.

That’s all for now.