Thursday, January 05, 2006

1:55am I’m making some good headway with Geeklog. It’s very intresting. They have about 89 different themes tio use. I checked some of them out using the Theme tester Markus gave me.
4:26am I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up until 2am to watch Adam-12 and then I went to bed and listed to a bit of Coast. A very good show tonight. Also something surprising apparently a date coming up June 6th 2006. 666, I don’t know how many times this number sequence has turned up in history but I imagine quite a lot.
1:55pm I’m getting some great help and website advice from Markus. Great stuff. I downloaded Weaverslave and t’s interesting. Don’t quite know how to work this just yet.
Anyway when I went back to bed about 5:30ish or so I couldn’t sleep right away. I must have got up about 6 times from when I finally went to bed until when I got up just after noon and I ketp my poor wife up with all my snoring.
However I produced a sort of three act timeline or Chapter by Chapter layout within the Timeline for Lodge brothers.

Well big news this week is that the Health Sciences extension of the lrt is now open. This project began back in Feb 2003. It took three years to complete and the next leg will go to 76th Ave and South Campus and that will be done by the end of 2008. More on this later. But it’s time to go do some Bloging. More after work when I get back.


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