Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I was expecting to have thw boom lowered down on me for missing yesterday when rob called me into the office while he was on the phone as I came in off the stairs into the office. The place is impressive. It’s got natural lighting and the atmosphere is very cozy. I sat beside Pat and our lines were crossed so I had tech support issues all night up until the break. The tech guy and I were trouble shooting the calls and finally just before the break we got the issue straitened away. I ended up pulling ahead to $420. Not too bad considering I missed a good 45 min. Dale ran the room tonight and Robb did the kick off. About 8:30, Anne came in and paid me a visit. I was happy to see my sweety and introduced her to some of the guys. I had a bit of trouble getting off the elevator but only because I wasn’t aware that there were double door openings.

Anyway, we got our first skiff of snow, in more then a few days but I don’t think it’s going to amount to very much. After totals I ended up walking to through the parking lot behind fep and into Carona and a brief wait and I caught my train and home.

I also came up with a few good ideas for Lb and I filed them into my Chapter outline. I don’t have the idea for the climax of the story yet and I’m buy no means anywhere near where I can get this thing to begin writing. I also want to put together another short story for this month but I have no ideas brewing up for this. I might just get started on WWW or revise AON. I kind of like the idea of doing that and I hope I can get ready and find a market for that or work on something else altogether.

Also, the Oilers won in Pensylvania 3-1 and Horcroff ended up with his first ever hatrick. That was excellent news. Also, Calgary is in NY playing the Rangers so I hope they’ll lose. It’s a wiled and whackey night in the NHL. Well, that’s about it from me for tonight.


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