Thursday, January 12, 2006

10:00pm I had a great night for a Wednesday and I got a $15 bonus as well writing $885 tonight. Not to shabby. If I had another hr and $135 more I would have had over $1,000 but still no credit cards. I had $300+ this time last year so I’m down. The new office is growing on me. The location is easier to get to. I think on Fri I’m going to go in for the afternoon shift. That will get me 18.5hrs in for the week. Next week I will put more hrs in.

11:56pm Markus made some intresting changes to my GL website, which is still under construction. Anne within the hour had made me some K-D and hotdogs for my lunch.
Well, Mark Messier announced his official press confrence in NY today, ready to retire his sweater #11 when the Oilers are in town for tomorrow night.5 of his 6 Stanely Cups were won here in Edmonton with his 5th one in 1990. What’s more is this is an end of another hockey era. There was even some mention before the NHL CBA that MM might return to play one more season here in Edmonton. What I’d really like to see happen is for the Oiler organization to make him an offer to become assistant coach to Craig McTavish. Now that would be something.


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