Sunday, January 15, 2006

I went out for a nice evening stroll. A bit on the cool side. It was about 7pm and I walked up to 40th st just east of me here and headed south to 136th and made a circuit heading down to Sifton school and I toke the back way home just out behind us here. My bsl was sitting at 11.3 before I left but thanks to the exercise I took it again and I was at 4.8! It went down by 7. Wow. Anne made us a great meatloaf and the mash potaoes had no lumps in them what-so-ever and baby peas. For desert a nice homemade blueberry pie. I’m going to test my bsl in an hour just before the news. I might not bother with it. I’d like to work on Chapter 7 and I think I’m going to do that instead.



What genre of science fiction do you write? Is it related to space, genetics or gadgets?..

I'm a scifi fan.. check out my blog if you find anything interest.. and leave a message if you do..
Thanks for the comment.

Well, my Science Fiction is Romantic(no Porn)/Occult/Science Fiction. Emphasis is on sf of course but mostly of the speculative kind.

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