Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Doing lots of tech support stuff lately and not much writing. I signed back on with Geeklog and I’ve got the bare bones of that up and running. That’s just the thing. I was mentioning to Markus that when a story gets published the magazine owns the story not me. I would still need to ask the magazine’s permission to include some part of the story on my website even though I wrote the story, they own it. I can’t even put it up for my readers to read while it’s being considered for publication. And most of my stories are in that murky legal area. But I am going to get stories that are just for the website. Some of my earlier work like “Signpost” and “Blue Array” for example. But I need a scanner because the copies I have of those stories are in hard copy only.

Okay it’s off to do some Blog reading for the balance of my time online, and then it’s into work. Oh, and tomorrow night is my lodge night. First lodge night for 2006. Happy days.


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