Saturday, January 07, 2006

3:40pm I went up to “Great Clips” up by Walmart and got my haircut. $13 bucks for a haircut. I recall back in the 1980’s Ron Reed had his little two chair barber shop. For his regular customers he’d charge $7 in the basement of the Ceicil hotel. The Ceicil was torn down a couple of months ago. Another Edmonton landmark gone. I also bought some duo tangs, which I use for story ideas. Great deal. 3 for a buck. I bought 4 pkgs and took a look at where the little strip mall section part they were building all summer. From where I was it only shows 3 stores. I also poped into Moores and got a price on their Tuxedo ties, $10. They have regular Tux’s going for $300-$500 bucks and this is something I might want to invest in. I also wanted to have a look at their car coats as well. Outer wear for over the Tux. I could easily spend a good $800-$1000 on suits alone. But out of Rakph’s money I want to get myself a digital camera when the resource checks come out this month. I might need an extra $200 for a good camera. So, figure on about $600. More after the Oiler/Leafs game, which begins in an hour. Why do I bother? It’ll be a Leaf win anyway. Half of Edmonton fans come out and cheer on the Leafs. Once a year when they play here.


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