Friday, January 20, 2006

last night I went
into work alone while Anne remained behind in case the caretakers decided to come in while we were away. Somebody had to be here. So I got my diet Coke and my paycheck at work and asked Rob for my bank report because everyone else seemed to be getting there’s. He seemed quite happy and said how it was one of the better ones. I banked $64G and they only paid me $8,100. The bank report is money I actually raise for the company/charities for 2005. The ratio would be about 8-1 in my favor and that's only part time.

Anyway, I came home with a bit of a headache watched wrestling and a bit of computer. I tried going to bed but I couldn’t sleep but I’m tired enough now where after I take my insulin and feed the cats, I’m there.

I also called Neil and he’s going to go for the early part for the emergent meeting Sat and I should meet him at 9:30am outside here and I’m not going to be doing anything but to be a body in a seat. That’s okay. We might have some lunch after that, at the festive board. Then it’s home and maybe have a nap and after that I’m going to watch the Oiler game. Work a bit more on Underworld.

Also, Pat brought me a note from the Library that Robert Sawyer will be in town on the 29th of this month reading from one of his books. Probably Mindscan. It’s 2pm. Now if we get our resource checks in and I get the digital camera that I've been looking at buying, I might just go in and pay a visit and maybe get a photo of us standing together. I never met the man before and it might be kind of fun to meet a published prophesional sf writer face to face. If I can get past the crowds wanting to do the same thing that is. Even without the camera, I still plan on going. Anyway, that's all for now.


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