Saturday, January 07, 2006

10:10pm I’ve been working on an in depth “About me” all day except when I broke for the Oiler’s hosting the Leafs at the Rex. This makes it 8-4 now for the Leafs and about half of the fans that are ordinarily Oiler fans cheer for the Leafs. Now people pay their money they can cheer for whoever they want to but whey they find that the Oilers couldn’t make the play off cut at the end of the regular season by one point and wonder gee what went wrong, maybe they should be looking at the way they turned on the Oilers earlier this evening. It’s no secret that the fans in any team sport are the extra player. Next time they come into toen, next year, I’m not going to bother watching the game. The Wild won, the AV’s won and right now Calgary and the Canusks are tied in the 3rd. They could each walk out a point.

Anyway, I did another bsl reading and I’m at 8.0. No more chocolate for me unless my blood sugar is really going down.

I put “Lodge brothers” notes, or what I have to date into a folder.


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