Friday, September 30, 2005

Trying the font level and

Well, I’ve got a Photobucket account and I’m going to try this and see what it can do for me. Tomorrow and clear and work the archives. That’s all for now.

e. Jim


still won't work for me but the Picasa help forum is pretty good. I'm sure its just a firewall issue more then anything else.

Also, I couldn't sleep when I went back to bed after I took my insulin and I got up around 7:45am and read a few of my blogs and entered one and on my own website (down now) I added a hyperlink to my blog. At first I didn't think it would work and then I was surprised I wrote it correctly. Happy days.

And it gets better. I had a burst of inspiration and put together a rough outline for my story Face to face. Also, I had success printing off the Charge on my old 5L printer and there were 0 mistakes on my paycheck last night. That made Anne happy and so far things are looking good for a nice weekend.

There are no shortages of things for me to do that's for sure. At the moment were getting ready for supper and Work and I have a short 3.5 hr shift tonight so everything is turning out fine in that department.

That's all for now.

e. Jim

Hey hey

at leat I got a link up to my weblog on my site. So those brave enough to want to read any of this can check it out. Like even in the website, it too is under construction. I might have to change templates because this one seems to be getting full. More latter,

e. Jim

I don't get out much

but lots of people in the sci fi community are getting pumped up for a movie just in the theaters this week called Serenity. Premier release today at Silver City. I’ll wait until Feb when it comes to the dollar theater. At $11.77 and all the other amenities that go along with it movies are expensive. Well, round it up to $12/ticket it adds up. There’s an expense to this. I mean if I just went by myself to the movie I’d make it into a shopping trip of some kind. Basically get the preverbal Chinese food at the food court and that’s another $5 and then a drink at the movie. That’s almost $20 bucks and still that’s not too bad. Concert tickets like when Santana was herelast weekend ran about $40 bucks. So what's the big deal? But there are very few movies that are worth seeing these days anyway. Other then the last Star Wars movie, James Bond and maybe Serenity, that aunt too bad. The last time we were at Silver City to see a movie was when Anne had the car and that would be in April of 2002. At least. We miss that. Serenity for us will have to wait until it comes to the dollar theater and that won't be until about Feb of next year but lately she's been wanting to get out more and now that I have Sat off we will once our bills are caught up. So we might have a bit of Seenity next month after all.

e. Jim

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What the?

Now the blog starts right down halfway. Strange. I better stick to Compose mode and try this again.

One more time.

There should be a way around this and maybe trhe forum could help in Piasco I dunno.


That didn't work

but by adding in the html code I was able to notice some interesting differences. Mainly the image isn't a link but just a strait page. I need to shrink that /5776/ stuff because it's not only wasting space but looks ugly as hell. Once I get tht out of the way, I'm off to the races.

e. Jim

well it does now lets see if I can teak the size

I doubt I can because I need to do that from the source. No doubt I'll get a broken image on this pass.
It just might work but I'm not holding my breath

lets try it this way

Lets see if this works ok

e. jim

I got a bit more sleep

and I feel a bit better. I also worked on what I think are some nice ideas for ftf. Later on as I get comfortable with this I plan on putting up an Everquest blogsite as par of my fantasy element. Also, I'm making good progress through the charge and I'm about 80% through it even now and I have up until the 20th of next month. It may seem long but it goes by fast. I should see how this thing behaves with an html image. See if this goes through.



Nope, all I get is that ridiculous white background image. Back to bed. I've had enough of this for now,

e. Jim

Okay, lets try this again

Okay I've got myself an image. Lets see if it crops out the whute around it but it doesn't apear I'm able. And I think the reason for this is this is a bitmap image and that's why I;m having the trouble. I'll post this again and see what I get but I'm pretty sure all I'll get is the same large amount of white space surrounfing the photo

More work on the new story

I added some more notes in my ftf workbook and I‘m using the 7 point plot outline and using each point as one scene. If I want to have 500 words per scene then the story would be 3500 words in length. I want this story however to be 5000 words so that means each scene will be about 715 words/scene. More or less

e. Jim

Working on getting a hyperlink

onto my website but having some trouble writing it. I think I missed the target attribute in there.

e. Jim

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm having

some trouble loging into "Hello" and Picas2 won't let me blog this (photo's). So until I can get this image solution fixed I'm just a bit better off then before but not by much.

Otherwise I had a pretty good shift tonight going in and Anne and I talked it over and the extra hours Will wants me to do puts a strain on my wife and I but I can do 3 days a week and I will commit to that starting next week. That's all for now

e. Jim

Next week....

.....I’ll be putting more hours in at work it’s going to cut into my writing a bit but not by much. The current plan is to work on one short story idea/month and I will be mostly writing on the weekends. I’m still going to have every other Thursday off (lodge night) even if there isn’t an emergent meeting. Underworld will be a long term project but for the most part I will perfect my writing craft in the short story genre. Face to face being the next story for consideration. That will be ready to write Oct.22nd. Reason for this is the emergent meeting won’t be until Oct 20th. And once I have the part done and have it out of the way, I won’t be doing anymore parts for awhile and I will focus on my writing.

By this time next year Underworld would have been completed and ready for the agent market and hopefully by this time next year I will have some stories published as well. Time do some more blogging and other stuff.

e. Jim


..... I had a few hrs sleep thanks to the cat for waking me up. Very pleased that I’m finally able to get that photo of me up but what’s with all of that white space? I’ll have to tweak up the image abit and find the way around that. More on this later, after some more sleep.

e. Jim

Yet another test

to see if I can get a photo up. The problem is at the othre end. Not here. Well, I got theimage up at last. Very happy. it's not where I want it and not the best photo of myself but at least I can get images up there. I wish there were emoticons to this or smilies but that's okay. I got an image upnd I'm very happy with the process.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Work went well and I had a....

... pretty good night at work and Will and I negotiated my hrs and I will put in Mon-Fri and my weekend begins at 8:30pm. Woo whoo. Also, I can work on my writing in between calls and if I have a slow afternoon and they pull me off my dialer well, I just relax at work and work on my writing and or listen to music, whatever. Of course this means I will have to bring my insulin to work with me and also it will allow me to have an extra $150/week left in just pocket money, and that’s after all my bills are paid for. That will get me just about $600 in just mad money/month. Also this will get me on the medical plan and I like that. That means all my diabetic supplies will be covered and my dental and optical etc. The medical kicks in 3 months after a consistent 31hrs. So I use my weekends to write. Also this allows me to go to the lodge once amonth/twice a month when we have emergent meetings.

And when they need to pull me from my dialer because I’m short their line hour that’s ok. Anything more then the 20 hrs I do anyway is just gravy. The best part is I have a full time job again with my weekends off and that so called $400 dividend check I can apply that to something nice as I was going to use it for some eye ware but thanks to the possibility of that check it will allow me to get some toys.
So if Rob pulls me, eh so what. I’ll have my lunch and take my insulin and relax and work on my writing. Anne won’t like it because we’re not able to go into work with each other anymore but we still will have the weekends together and I’ll be able to sleep in a little bit. This will work out good for everyone and extra money for Anne and I if we say need some extra groceries and or if I want to take her out to a dinner and a movie a couple of times a month. That's all for now.

e. Jim

Just a quick note here

as I get ready to get on with the later part of the day. The Job as I go in and do that for 4 hrs. They aren't going to like me today for playing hokey from yesterday. But I didn't know until 2:30ish yesterday afternoon I'd have the night off. now if I would have known about this Fri, that would have made a difference.

Something new Google is beta testing is this Google earth, which I likie but all I have on my Xp machine is just interlaced video and until I get a decent graphics card but I need Norton before that.

Also before I get to work on Face to face I want to get this FC Charge out of the way. I'm about 70% of the way through it and I should have it all commited to memory and ready to get it out of the way. I figure I should have the basics for FTF and begin that Oct 15th or even on the long weekend. If all goes well. The story should be writen by the end of Oct and in Nove I'll have plenty of time to edit it and get it ready for submission by the end of Nov. as it goes out Dec 1st. If I'm lucky I'll have the first rejection back in Jan/06. I hope to write 6 other stories and another novel next year and finish Underworld so that by this time next year and maybe even have a sale next year as well. The Underworld goes out to agents by this time next year I will have the finale draft completed. If all goes well, I'd say Underworld will be published in 08.
But I'm content right now for writing short stories and getting them out and hopefully published. And that's the master plan.

However, right now, it's off to do the Job thing. My usual 4hrs. I could be short next week unless I manage to put in some afternoons and I'd like to at least put the effort in and try out for some.

Anyway, that's all for now. Time to get this spell checked and out of here. Hmm, the check spelling window won't work. So I'm going to have to compose this in my word processor then transfer to here from now on. Sorry about the spelling. Won't happen again.

e. Jim

Monday, September 26, 2005

AddSense addition

I don't know if that's the location where I'd like the add to be placed. Anyhow that's all for now.

Image works

Okay. That was a trial image but at lest it works.

Home on a rare Monday night

Well it was at my wife's request because I didn't get much sleep last night. Anyway, I'm just feeling my way around here with this eBlogger and I'm begining to enjoy it.

Wow: I managed to upload an image to the blog from that paint program I created but I don't know how much bandwidth I have or anything else. I don't even know if eBlogger has other services.

So lets publish this and see how it looks.

The rest were not suitable

The rest were not suitable