Sunday, January 08, 2006

1:32pm we’ve got a bit of frost on the ground. Anyway, I got up at 6amish and worked answering some email and a JFK response up until7am and went back to bed and I slept right away and up 12:15pm. I’ve had 7.5hrs sleep and except for a sore neck, I feel that I’ve got enough sleep.

Were a bit colder today but nothing like -22C or anything like that yet. Well, tomorrow, I’m in at the new office, 5pm sharp. Well a bit early now. Anne suggested because I don’t have the extra leg to go by bus fromCarona, I can leave a bit later. Not reall, I like to get there by 4:30pm just as the afternoon crew are leaving but I’m usually there at Carona about 4:15 or earlier. I could actually even get off the train with her and just walk down from 103rd to 106th.But I don’t like crossing at the lights there. With getting off at Carona I can even just walk through the parking lot and walk across the street. It’s probably better for me to go arounf the building on Jasper Ave from Carona, cross and walk the block down past Smitties. I know after work, I can just walk through the parking lot and into Carona. Best part about it is, as long as we shut the dialers down by 8:55 and call totals, I’ll always be able to catch that 9:15pm train.

I don’t know now about getting that digital camera. I want to pay my lodge dues coming up this month on the 21st when we initiate all those candidates. I’d like to bring my lodge dues in for that weekend and get them out of the way.

This week I’m going to try and do 31hrs so I’ll have enough for the lodge dues and by working the same the following week, when the resouce checks come in, I should have enough to get a X7 digital camera. They probably work like MP3 players except they take pictures. I hope they come with a USB cable.

I think I’ve got a good concept working with “Lodge brothers.” it’s kind of “Star War-ish” but with Occult twists in a sci fi background. Of course right now, it's kind of SW ish but I plan on fixing this. I’ve got a few good concepts. There is romance in this as well and a secret society.

I’m also going to try and work that ftp program and see how that will work for me. I’m going to first try and connect with the seerver and then try and upload the config php file into my my GL admin navigation. I don’t want users accessing the back end of this thing. I also want to check on the various GL themes and see if I can upload one of them using ftp. More on this later.


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