Monday, January 16, 2006

Ahh, another day off and a three day weekend

I had an uninterrupted sleep from 2:30am-7:15am. That was close to 4.5 hrs of strati sleep, well other then to get up from the bathroom and all. I fed the cats took my insulin and did a bsl reading and I was still sitting at 9.3. Still realtivley high. I couldn’t believe how even a 20 min walk lowed my bsl dow so significantly. I treid going back to sleep but sleep came har. I think I just dozed off here and there. I might have got an extra 2.5. Alltogether, that makes 7hrs sleep. More or less.

Right now, I’ve got my first coffee. I fired up this computer when I got up around 12:30pm and went to watch a bit of the news. They were saying how Vancouver has received 28 days of strait rainfall in a row. So from about Dec. 20th to Jan 16th, the people of Vancouver/lower mainland has received a record of 28 days of u ninterupted rain. Amazing. Here in Edmonton, it’s -2c* and sunny. But we’ve had an overcast weekend.

What kept me from getting to sleep this morning after 7:30am this morning was ideas I kept on getting for Lodge brothers. I didn’t write them down or anything because they were not fully developed, just one or two word concepts but today I want to work on Chapter’s 9-10 of “Underworld.” These changes are the basic editing parts. Some revisions from notes I’ve taken at work when the calls were coming in slow. That’s why I like my job. I tried security guard work several times. It’s great exercise and all but very little opportunity to sit down. But that depends on the site one works at. When I was working with Whacken Hut, in 1994 at Pacific Rim Mall, the mall was small, with just a few shops and one floor and the Marco Polo resturant. I think it was closde down for health violation purposes. But when Iw as there, it was a very easy place to work at. I sat down most of the time, except when I had to do my rounds but each “round” was something like 20 min. or less.

I did not reactivate my writing until Dec of 1994 and it was sparodicly at best. I don’t think I even had a computer to use back then except for my little Atari ST. When I was taking my achedemia upgrading at AVC now Norquest College. (that’s an older pic of Nq because there is an apartment complex left of those trees there, but the building is the same shape.) Anyway, when I was working at Whacken Hut, here in Edmonton at the PRM, I had all kinds of opportunity to write but I mostly read. I’d love a security guard job again where all I had to do was make a 10 min round all inside and I had a nice desk to do my writing etc. The only problem is there are not many of those jobs around. Security guard work these days is tough going and allways on your feet. Well at least it was on my last outing back in that cold winter of 1999/2000. I’d love a nice sit down evening security guard job again but I don’t think my wife would appreciate me coming home at 8am. Well, More later.


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