Monday, January 30, 2006

looks kind of grey
out there. It is lodge week coming up and on Thur is our annual financial report. So I want to be there and that means I need to be at work today. And I want to put in at least 3 afternoons as well this week. I want to start getting 24.5hrs in/week. Most working people put in a 40hr work week. But right now I want to get working on Underworld.

1:28pm Wu who! ! ! The $400 bucks came in. Ralph's rebate prosperity checks are here and sure enough at the end of Jan. Just like the Premier said. Every man woman and child here in Alberta get's one. Except prisoners incarcerated in jail of course and those that did not file a 2005 income tax return. So families that have children they get one lump sum. Great now I can pay for my lodge dues this week and hopefully get myself a digital camera today! The resource checks are a one time prosperity payment. Mainly they represent oil and gas revenues over the years and payback time for Albertan's that went through difficult times cutbacks and privitization durring the early1990's.


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