Saturday, January 28, 2006

I don’t feel to badly.
hey hey I finaly have this ftp thing figured out and how it works with my html editor. It’s easy. I edited the search form { and that works. But I need to go in the other way in FileZilla. Works great. So, I’ll be playing around with this today and having fun and my writing. If I get to it.

I managed a bit of sleep, More then anything I need to get out to a gym. I’m not getting any exercise except walking through the parking lot and beginning Monday I’m going to walk around the Jasper Ave street side of the building and around the corner and into work that way.
Okay, weather is still crapy out there. It’s -6 but there is a -11 windchill so it’s colder then it looks. No Ralph bucks in this weekend but that’s okay. I think this week for sure. I might even get a mid priced digital camera and a low priced flat bed scanner. So say, $300 and the rest for my lodge dues. I was thinking about getting an xbox360 but not many places don't have them in stock and I want to wait for at least a year until the prices go down or the bugs have been ironed out in the initial run.

As for a cell phone, I’d like to have a psp or pda type device, camera phone, satelite local radio. Wifi capability, tv ready, Mp3 with media card capability, text messaging. All the functions of a pda including the software. All menu driven and able to access the internet. When they make a cell phone like that, then I’ll be ready to buy at the local future shop. What would be even better is if I can play Everquest on the thing as well because I’m also supposed to be about not just scifi but also fantasy as well.

Of course the big news is I got this ftp thing more or less figured out thanks to Markus. Markus goes down in the ejimshannon/ hall of fame for people that have contributed to the construction of my Website and Blog. People like Thur and others, I’ve come into contact with.
Next, I’m going to try and theme my website and to get my logo up and running.

Alos, I began to work on Chapter 4 of the rewrite of Underworld earlier this morning. It goes slow, but it’s fun and this is what I’m going to get at now after I do a bsl reading.

2:55pm not looking good. I’m sitting at 9.3. I should go out for a bit of a walk around the building a few times. That will lower it right fast. Writing on pause for a bit.

3:18pm I went around the back and up the street to the first set of light. I was clipping along pretty good out there but even after that brief workout my bsl was barely able to drop to 8.5. I was breaking a good sweat as well there. Still not to bad. Anyway, that’s about it from here. I’m going to go get a shower and work on Underworld for as long as I can until Anne gets back from the veggie market and starts supper. Sorry for any spello's.


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