Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm up again.
Coast was wasn’t too bad tonight. Alex Jones, well, some stuff he makes sense but others he’s a little whacked out. He’s one of these conspiracy theorist’s types. Not that I have anything against conspiracy theories and even I enjoy a good CT romp now and then. They're fun. My fav ones are the 9-11, Moon Landing hoax, the Kennedy assassination is fertal ground for all kinds of CT’s. Richard Hoagland is great for CT stuff especially his number 11 frolics. Great fun. Even my own name, e. Jim Shannon counts to 11. Oh my. I also like the CT about the US dollar bill. That’s a fav as well an oldie but a goody and of course Planet X. I love that one. Area 51 is another and same with Roswell and of course the Big daddy of them all; The X files. No surprise there. Of course one can’t escape the subject of CT’s with out touching upon the topic of The New World Order and the illuminati.

Anyway, the reason why I’m up, well, I can’t sleep and we got a notice just as we were leaving out the apartment for work at 3:45pm, that the caretakers want to come inside the suite to check for "needed repairs". They need to give a 24hr notice. Plus I had such a good sleep last night and all, I decided to stay up for a few hours and blog and work on the rest of Chapter 11 of Underworld. Hopefully.

Well, my tooth went abcessed and formed a red blob under the inside of my upper lip about 7pm last night. Then it broke on me and I headed into the bathroom to spit it out. It kept coming back for most of the first half of the night. Right now, it's gone. It's just that my gum under my upper lip is a bit tender. I think I got most of the toxic out of my mouth and I never swallowed anything. I think an abcessed tooth affect people differently. Right now, I'm in no pain, no skin rash, no blacking out or swelling or anything else. So far so good. I've had teeth go abcessed before.

I’m also working on Lb as well and I’ve got some more info on that as ideas develop. Besides I’ll be up at 5am taking my insulin and feeding the cats and who knows when the caretakers will be knocking on the door to inspect the place in the morning. That’s all for now.


Nice Blog :)

This post is finished now.

Interesting outlook, and I'll bet that tooth will feel better when it stops hurting.

There's a different look at the moon landing hoax at my blog, if you'd care to view:
Thanks Jesse:

The tooth felt better a week ago and it's hodling up okay. No pain at all.

Thanks for the link.
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