Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I slept pretty good after I went to bed about 2;15am. I got into watching this movie based on the Kennedy assassination called the "2nd gunman." It wasn’t so much based on the events of jfk but it did show Dealey plaza. I stayed with it until the end. It wasn’t bad.

I listened to a bit of Coast. George had the guy from skeptics magazine/on-line. It wasn’t bad. I was asleep by 2:30 and Anne had given me a gravel pil to help me sleep. I woke up again about 6am and took my insulin fed the cats and went back to bed. I think I got 3hrs sleep and I slept from 6:30until noon. I’m still a bit drowsy but I want to go into work for my 5pm shift as I haven’t seen the new office yet.

I was watching the news at noon there and there was a story about how teenagers these days have more disposible income then they know what to do with. Because of the extended family like their step mom and step dads etc. So they get money from 4 different sources. Not all kids but a lot do. I heard a figure of $25/week. Now this isn’t all regions of the country but it does speak well of the economy here in Alberta. I remember in the 60’s when I did get an anllowence and it wasn’t always I was lucky to get $2bucks a week. But mom was at home and Dad was out working holding down a job. We didn’t need to have two incomes. Mom did not start work until she came to Alberta in 1973 and it wasn’t because we needed the money. No wonder why our place of employment needs people at night. During the day to if they can get it, is because the economy is so strong. Add to that and the resource checks coming out this month we’ve got money to burn out here. Not me, because I’m trading that money for time off.

Anyway. I’ve got a possible title change for Underworld. I’m thinking about calling it “Down there.” Seeing as how there is already a popular movie called Underworld out right now. But if I could gather all the novels with that title, I’d image there are more then one novel with that same title. I'm not exactly sure either. But this month I'm going to work on the type-ins for Underworld and that happens this week. More later.


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