Saturday, January 21, 2006

I got up a bit
early, as I couldn’t sleep from there. This was about 45 min earlier then I needed to be. I hope we will be out of there by 3pm at the earliest. I know, I’m going to be exhausted, so I’m going to get ready, have my shower shave and change. I’ll do that in about 15 min when I’m done here.
When we get our Ralph bucks coming in anytime now I’m seriously thinking about getting that digital camera and then with what’s left over, pay my lodge dues. The other thing nagging at me is to get some glasses and not reading glasses but regular eyewear. We’ve been in the new office now for about 2 weeks and I haven’t put in any extra hours yet. I’m seriously considering this

Tuesday of this week so I can put some extra hours in for those glasses. It’s not that I’m going blind or anything but small type like newsprint is hard to read without squinting. Getting the new glasses, well that’ll take a month at least. Say by the end of Feb.
But that’s all for now.


Hey there.. How are you doing?
Fine, thanks for the comment.
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