Saturday, January 21, 2006

the Oiler game is on pay per view tonight and I already had bought a Subway earlier and I don't feel like spending the $10 bucks and change for the game. Last year they had maybe 10 ppv games per season, now they are having a lot more. If the only Oiler games I could watch were on CBC there might be about 6 games through out the year on tv. But TSN also has Oiler games durring the week as well. Maybe. Just as well, this will give me a chance to work on Chapter 13 of Underworld and finalize 14-15 for tomorrow and maybe even get a chance to do some more work on my website. I'm getting down and dirty with some of the changes.

I know one thing, I do need a second passive income and I've been through the Amway's and other mlm's and I'm not about ready to get into another scam or get rich quick scheme. I'm net savy enough to know a scam when I see it. Most are but this carrier route has potential. I like the idea of using it to get my exercise and that's appealing, but I don't like the idea of having to go out into the cold weather to do it but like how cold has it been lately here anyway? But the thing is it would be a commitment. Last time I did a carrier route was in 1997-1999, for two years.

But I want to get new glasses and get a new printer and other things as well, that just working where I am won't cut it. I'm lucky if I get $10 week and I spent $10 on a book yesterday. I did get that online survey link up there on my desktop for Anne, to see if she wants to do it. She expressed an interest in maybe doing that yesterday. It's something for her to do on the other computer but we need a laptop so she doesn't tie up this computer. These online surveys are somewhat flaky anyway and I wonder how many people are making any money from them here in Canada. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Anyway, that whale that was roaming in the Thames river in London apparently died, out of water. People there were trying to get it to deeper waters. They should have left the poor thing alone unless it beached itself some where. Very sad.

Well, that's about it for me in here. I'm going to post this and see if Markus replied and do some website work, read some more on Mindscan and or work on Underworld. Anne is upstairs working on doing the laundry.

More later.


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