Friday, January 06, 2006

6:16am I woke up only 10 min ago after 2.5hrs sleep.

Sigh, this is the last Friday night for our current office. The thing I don’t like is there is no windows. We’ll we were in this current location for 6 years. Five years in there for me and it was about that time when head office began to pay employees on a weekly basis.

So far the big stories this week are the miners that died in in the coal mine and Israel’s PM had a stroke and seems to be in a coma.

When I received my paycheck last night I received all my hrs and my stat pay as welland when we get to the new office I’m going to put more hours in, at least 25 min/week like I mentioned. Now, if I do say Mon4hrs, Tues4hrs, Wed7hrs, Thurs7hrs, Fri3.5hrs is 25.5 That’s mainly 2 afternoons/week and I’d have my Sat off.

Everyday, I’m mucking around with “Lodge brothers” I’m doing something and last night I laid out a complete Chapter synopsis ready to edit. Anyway, I’m going to post this and get ready for bed. Maybe I can grab at least another 5hr if possible.


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