Friday, January 20, 2006

I went and did my
Blogging today and fooled around with Weaverslave and I found where I had downloaded my public html and I can, at last, edit that config php line, properly. I think I'm going to like this. But I did go through all my blog links just now, if it was only to just scan the entries. Keith is talking about intelligent design and other interesting stuff. As for me, well I'm about ready to post this and then get my shower and a bite to eat and head 'er on into the job thing.

Jan is turning into a busy but interesting month, what with moving the office, the anticipated resource checks coming in hopefully soon, the emergent meeting tomorrow in the morning no less. I haven't been up that early to do anything on a Saturday morning no less since about June when I was actually working Saturdays. No More Saturday's. Also, we got the election on Monday and on the 29th Robert Sawyer is coming to town. This month is chalk full of good stuff.
Now If I can just get a story sold. LoL!!!


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