Tuesday, January 17, 2006

lack of sleep and stuff
I have a better understanding of ftp now thanks to Markus providing me with the FZ tutorial but I still can’t drop any files onto my webspace. I don’t know what’s going on.

Wrestling was way better then that friggin Oiler game.

I had a lousy sleep. I didn’t get into bed until 3am, and I tried to sleep but when 4am rolled around I was still wide awake. The topic on Coast was boring and couldn't hold my interest long enough to listen beyond the first half hour anyway. the only good part was when Richard Hoagland came on. I figured if I wasn’t going to get any sleep I may as well be up for awhile until I felt sufficiently drowsy enough to come back to bed.

So I did around 5:30am and then Anne kept on getting up or the cats were bugging me on the bed and she was coughing away, with coughing episodes here and there. I think I managed to get 3-5hrs sleep but more likely 3 and it was a bit here and a bit there and of course I had to get up and pee every hour, which didn’t help much.

Then around 8am I got this kind of a nifty idea for Lodge brothers and it works. I like the way the story could go. It has potentual. So I came out to the office and wrote something down on paper reflecting my thoughts on the story's overal premise.

Earlier when emailing Markus back and fourth there around 4;30amish or so my email went down. I had trouble making a connection, so I got up just before noon to watch the news and try and wake up and fired up this slow machine and composed a test email to myself and it came through okay. But that doesn't mean my email is back to normal either.

I was having some trouble with learning how to work this ftp this morning. The concept is pretty simple enough but I can’t open the friggen config php file. I can do it at OS hosting on Marks server and I know it’s there. Maybe that’s all it’s supposed to do is sit there and not on my website. After all Mark is hosting GL for me.

So Markus if your reading this, or anybody leave a comment, as my email lets me know a comment was left on my Blog. Markus, if you got your ears on please leave a comment on my Blog or try and send another message. We’ll get this thing ftp thingy working yet. Sorry if this reads kind of rough around the edges folks. I don't usually play the blame game, but in this case, I blame my lack of sleep on me and me alone, and that's not on my wife or anything either. Also, sorry about the typo's and spell-o's. Uggh, and I got to go into work tonight? Uggh.


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