Tuesday, January 17, 2006

what a day.
I don’t feel to worse for wear right now. Anne and I went into work feeling rather drained and tired. I went the rest of the way into the Health Sciences center at the UofA and back. I climbed the stairs up and into work. Rob wasn’t there tonight and Dale was running the shift. Good stuff. I eneded up on a great night, doing $1,250 and a $10 bonus for anyone that did hit $1000 tonight. I got there by 7:30pm. I forgot my headphones for my Mp3 player. I boarded a crowded train home and I’m glad to be here. I’m exhausted and I hope to get into bed early. 1am is early for me.

I wanted to get Chapter 11 done for today but that’s not going to happen. Work just burned me out for tonight but if I’m up about 5am taking my insulin and feeding the cats then I’ll proceed. These are just the preliminary editing chorses, not the main revisions.

Anyway, my email is back. I’ve got something from the t93 newsgroup, so that’s okay. Anyway, I’d like to thanks those of you for dropping by to stay and read this dribble. Some of you are returning on a daily basis and many are reading for an hour or more! Wow. Either my rambling is amusing or I’m the only thing on tonight. Either way, I appreciate it it and btw, no one is making any money from this. It’s just me at the helm speaking off the top of my head.

The reason for this Blog is to keep “my readers” up to date on any stories which I publish and links to those stories and the whacky things that go on in my life and if I get something like a novel published, I’ll let you know that too. Lots of webzines pay bare min, like $10/$25story. The novels pay a bit more though if you can get them published in the big leagues like Tor. Ha, knowing me, I’ll be on my deathbed and my agent will let my estate know of my first sale. “Jim, I don’t know if you can hear me in this coma drug induced state youor in, but I have your first novel in my hands.” The story of my life. LOL.
‘night all.


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