Friday, January 13, 2006

12:37am well, last night while I was at work The New York Rangers retired Mark Messier’s #11 Jersey. Messier of course first entered as an Edmonton Oiler born here in 45 years ago. The Oilers won their first Stanley Cup May 19th 1984. I was 31 yrs old and living at Trudy’s place in the basement. Kind of a magical night last night. Messier may have been an Oiler for 1979-1990 but in those 11 years as an Oiler were his most productive.

12:47pm uggh. Anne gave me a gravel pillto help me sleep and I took it about 1:45am and watched Adam-12 and by 2:30, I was exhausted enough and I slept until 6am, fed the cats took my insulin and went right back to bed. I slept up until noon. I had a good 3.5hrs plus 5.5hrs after I went back to bed. A total of 9hrs. Not bad. There was no banging from upstairs. For once I got some decent sleep.

2:05pm still uggh. That gravil is still in my system. I’m bringing Chapter 9 of Underworld to work. I’m also, considering keeping the title because this is my Underworld. I just did another bsl reading and I’m at 8.9. It’ll stabalize after supper and drop.

Other then that, all I’m doing today is to head into work at 4pm and come home. Let the weekend begin. I don’t really have any plans except for watching the hockey game. I think Anne and I want to go out to dinner and a movie but I’d like to go out this weekend. Maybe Monday night before wrestling.


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