Friday, January 27, 2006

I had a pretty good night
on the job. We were doing Alberta Association for the Deaf. AAD. I ended up doing $580 and a few $100 sales and a $100 on a credit card. Not to shaby. I did $125 in credit cards tonight and $160 in credit cards for a total this week alone. Not to bad if I say so myself. My employer paid me $136 and that includes a $15 bonus as well. After that we did OTH and I got another $50 in sales. I had a great night and I went home happy and feeling good with my paycheck. I got in to watch the rest of the 3rd period Oiler game. Actually the 2nd period was just winding down to the last 3 min. They were in LA on the road and got a short handed goal. The Oilers won, 5-3. Excellent. They needed that win and that's 2 wins in a row. I then watched the rest of Smackdown and I had a pretty good time. Anne made me a nice lunch and in an hour we’ll retire and I’ll listen to Coast and pass out. I lead a tough life :-)

On the weekend, Art Bell has a pretty good set of shows. He’ll be discusing HAARP on Saturday night and on Sunday Art again doing a show on alien bases. Good stuff and right now I'm enjoying a beer.

More later.


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