Tuesday, July 11, 2006

well when we
left shortly before 4pm it was raining heavy out there. Even a loud thunder boom getting on the bus. Then another one at the station the rain eased off seemed to stop. But we were underground before I noticed anything. It wasn’t until I got outside on the train bridge over the river how severe the rain was coming down. It was just a beating down. So thick I could barely see the river. Underground again. Above ground at the Health Sciences Center. It was still beating down. When I got to Carona and above ground it was just pouring down. I met Dave Sullivan coming in through the automatic doors and he was soaked. I decided if I was to wait this out I’d be late. So I walked up Jasper Ave in the pouring rain. Our worst rain storm of the summer. It was kind of nice. I walked up to 106th and then West down 106th st to work where I met Will outside having a smoke. I went inside and got ready had a chat with JT. I was $140 by 6pm and I had a great evening. I ended up with a $100 sale and $745 by the end of the night. Not to shabby.

When I got off work and out to the sidewalk in front of the building the rain had long since stopped and it was sunny outside. A very nice train ride home and I got in about 9:40pm fired up the computer and prepared to watch Raw. Raw was on a scale from 1-9, I’d say a 7. It was a pretty good show. Not as good as last week but it had it’s moments. I had fun.

Anne came in and was quite excited about something. Seems her company wanted to recognixe her for being their top employee for June. They thanked her in a letter and will give her recognition in their staff newspaper they have. Very nice. I’m very proud of her and she’s going to go out and buy me the NIMH battery recharger kit tomorrow and I’m going to give her a small back rub tonight before I passs out.

So if this recharger works/ batteries, I’m going to try and post some outdoor shots later today. I’m looking forward to this and I hope it works. If not we can take it back but I’m sure it’s going to work okay.


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