Saturday, July 29, 2006

I got my donut,
no problem. Yhoopie!!!! The shift held promise as I got a $20 credit card sale right off. There after, it was slow going. There were only 4 of us doing CHF and the others were doing CCSD, I ended up with 14 sales and a total of $355 and a $20 credit card. I couldn’t get a sale if I tried. I was glad to get out of there and to the lrt and then home.

My wife was waiting for me and she left out the door and I puttered around and worked on my written total amounts. I wrote, ytd $95,156. And the year is half over. If I even bank 40% of that, it’s still $38,000 bank. M/l.

Damn rug rat running around up there. I’d like to have a nap, but I think I’m flogging a dead horse.


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