Friday, July 07, 2006

I managed 7
hrs sleep. Sort of. My sleep was interrupted thanks to dripping water into a pail my wife put on the balcony. So I got 4 min there and the I decided to go watch Adam 12 and I came back into bed and listened to Coast until 3am. I slept until the thunder and lightning came out so I got up around 4:30pm and watched the lightning show, which lasted 30 min. No rain of course. So after doing the cbi thing I went back to bed around 5am and past out. My wife stirred a couple of times and cats running around woke me up here and there but I think I got 7 hrs sleep. Since I became diabetic 2 years ago I’ve never been able to have a decent full 8hrs sleep. Those days are long gone. Even at this hour my bsl is 9.4, Still too high.

Anyway, at least temps are more comfortable but we’re supposed to go back into the heat wave again next week. Way to hot for me.

On my 2nd coffee today. I watched HGWT and The Rifleman. Good shows. TV these days is crap. Not much that interests me. Just middle age settling in is all hehehe :-) The only thing I watch on TV is during supper and lunches, when I’m eating anyway and even less during the summer. I can’t get into shows like House, CSI, 24 or reality based TV shows. Even shows like Andromeda and Farscape I’m sure are pretty good but they are too far into their story lines for me to get into. Smallville, I can’t relate too. I can’t relate to most of what TV has to offer these days. Even wrestling is getting contrived if not for the return of DX on Raw. I did enjoy Smackdown with JBL running his mouth about how he hates Canada last night. Funny stuff. He’s playing his character well coming across as a loud mouthed far right might makes right joke. Total opposite to what I believe in but his character is funny. I don’t think inside he really believes half the tripe coming out of his mouth but it makes for good character copy.

Anyway, it’s into work tonight and it’s only 3.5 hrs. Still threatening to put some extra hours in next week. If I can. I need the money. I’ve got $13 bucks to my name so it looks like no batteries for my camera this weekend. I’ll get batteries next weekend. I can afford batteries but I want the rechargeable kit package. My wife says are available at Walmart for about $25 and I hope to get them next time.

This weekend I’m going to work on the rest of the characters for NW. Get that all done. About 2/3rds of these scenes are stated, so I know how it’s going to go and this will be in the first person pov. Anyway, off to Blog this and get ready for work.

That’s all for now.


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