Monday, July 17, 2006

Lots to talk about today.
I went to bed about 2am after a marathon NW outline session. I got some good stuff and I completed the middle part of the outline. Once the framework is done I go for the characterization aspects of the story and then the subplots. Just the basics. I still need room for the unexpected. So I got up at 6am-ish and I was pretty grumpy and owly. I fed the cats and decided to do some reading in Mindscan. I climbed back into bed about 7am and fell asleep getting up for a bathroom break shortly after 9am and my wife was gone-unexpectedly. I had no idea where she was. I thought the worst. I had trouble sleeping after that and eventually I got up to watch The Rifleman and the news and about the 12:30pm mark she comes through the door. She went to the Veggie mart all the way out in the West end. Okay, my bad.

Anne suggested I stay home today and I will. I’ll call Will up at 4:35pm and or leave a message, that I’ll be off tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. My back is bothering me and I have a sinus headache. That type of thing but I will call in. This time I will and I want to get up around 10 am and leave around 12:30pm so I can start the afternoon shift. One or two of those/week won’t hurt me.

I’m onto my first coffee.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot one today somewhere around the 27* mark. Even then, that’s not as bad as what the folks in the US are going through. Crops are being damaged Temps approaching the 100F mark(35-40C). We’ve had it hot like that too, but more so in the BC interior and in the Toronto area. Way too hot for me. 20-21C is about right for my summer. Makes me appreciate our Alberta winters. Even those have been lame recently. I think we got 2 days where we’ve had -20C in the afternoons. Over-night it always gets cold but not during the day like it used to. I know I’m probably sounding like an old man here but it wasn’t that long ago 1996 I recall one week where we had -30C and ice crystals in the afternoon. Even the winter of 1995 it was cold. I remember snow banks three feet high and snow almost 2 feet deep. It wasn’t only until this decade that the weather patterns have been changing.

The space shuttle came down to earth this morning without any problems. The next one to be launched will be in August, next month. Apparently Nasa is to launch 16 more shuttle missions before they finally retire the shuttle program in 2010. That’s only 4 years away. I think the Kepler mission is supposed to launch in November 2008. That’ll be exciting.

On the NHL front, it looks like Eric Lindross is going to sign with Dallas for 2.5M. The Oilers only offered him 1M but that was way better then what Toronto was already paying him in the $700G range. Talk about under rated. But he’s 33 yrs old and that’s old for an NHL hockey player. He’s also prone to injury with a wrist injury that might yet keep him on the sidelines. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t get him but I think Kevin Low is still going to make a block buster trade before training camp. The next Regular Season Oiler Home game is Thursday Oct. 5th and I think they are going to raise Mark Messier’s #11 sweater and I think the Oilers get a Conference title banner, I’m not sure. But the banner will be raised at that Home game.

Of course the real big news is the trouble going on right now in the Middle East. Seems the Canadian Govt. is going to try to secure the release of Lebanese Canadians trapped over there in Lebanon. At The G8 summit US president Bush made an off the cuff comment into an unsuspecting open mic with Tony Blaire captured on tape regarding the crisis in the Middle East. I can't remember what Bush but Bush used the "S" word in his talk with Blair but I don't think the comment had any serious implications. Allthough political figures have been known to put their foot in their mouths before. Many analysts and critics feel the worst of the crisis is over with and there is some movement in the Iran situation, which lowered the price of crude oil by a buck and change to just under $74 and change, I don’t think we’ll ever see $30 barrel oil again and I hope not. Bad for Alberta's economy.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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